Last updated: December 22, 2022
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Description1Password Business is a password management software that helps businesses keep track of their employees’ passwords. It stores all of the passwords in one secure place, and provides an easy-to-use interface for managing them. 1Password Business also includes features such as password sharing and recovery, so you can rest assured that your business’s passwords are always safe and sound.Keeper is a password management software that helps users keep track of their passwords and other sensitive information. It uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect user data and has a variety of features to help users manage their passwords. Keeper is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
Gitnux RatingFairTop-Notch
Pricing ModelTiered-PricingTiered-Pricing
Pricing Rates-1Password
-1Password Families
-Teams Starter Pack
-Business Starter
Could be better-The desktop app and browser version have significantly different UI
-No free plan
-Can be difficult to master
-Works in browser apps but not in desktop apps
-hard to manage multiple accounts on the same website
-UI not as refined as other competitors like 1password
-not able to create sub-folders in already existing folders
Key features-Password Generator
-Multi-device Use
-Quick Login
-Password Generator
-Multi-Device Use
-Quick Login
Support-Email/Help Desk
-Knowledge Base
-Phone Support
-Email/Help Desk
-Knowledge Base
-Phone Support
-24/7 (Live Rep)
Extended Review
Best for1Password is a great password management solution for individuals and companies of all sizes.Keeper serves to protect the digital assets of companies by granting strong password security.
End-to-end encryptionyesyes
Multifactor securityyesyes
Unlimited password storagenoyes
Data storageyesyes
Password Importingyesyes
Password Sharingyesyes

End-to-end Encryption

Both softwares use military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect user data. It is a powerful cipher that is currently considered the industry standard. Moreover, both services conceal sensitive user data from their employees as they have a zero-knowledge policy. 1Password also uses 128-bit secret keys to further assure the security of users’ data.

Multifactor Security

Multifactor authentication is a very important level of security that serves to protect 1Password and Keeper from security breaches. Both softwares have several two-factor authentication methods. 1Password only supports authenticator apps while keeper allows the user to choose between authenticator apps, hardware tokens, U2F-based physical keys, smart hardware like apple watches, and SMS verification.

Unlimited Password Storage

Keeper allows the user to store unlimited amounts of passwords in its password vault, 1Password has limits set to the amount of data that can be saved based on which paid plan the user owns.

Data Storage

Both softwares allow the storage of user’s data like documents, pictures, etc. This service is however very limited in 1Password as the software only allows the user to use 1 Gb to 5 Gb depending on the chosen plan. On the other hand, Keeper offers secure file storage that offers 10 Gb, 50 Gb, and 100 Gb plans. The storage limit goes up to 10TB. The possibility to store large amounts of files in Keeper means that its users are not limited to passwords and document storage as they also have the possibility to save their pictures and videos in a secure storage.

Password Importing

1Password and Keeper both offer a service of easy password importing. However, while 1Passwords only supports direct importing from most web browsers, Keeper also allows the user to import passwords from a long list of other password managers including 1Password. 1Password supports importing of passwords indirectly through the use of .CSV and .1pif files. Keeper supports .CSV, Excel, JSON, and Commander CLI files.

Password Sharing

Keeper has a One-Time Share feature that allows the user to send login credentials and encrypted files with a link through different channels such as QR codes, SMS, and email. One-Time Share is device-locked so that the records are decrypted locally. 1Password also supports credential and file sharing via link with the option to choose when the link expires. The 1Password Family, Team, and Business plans also allow the users to share entire password vaults with the possibility for all users to add new passwords and files to them.

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