Last updated: November 8, 2022
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Description1Password is a password management software that helps to keep track of users’ passwords. It stores all of the passwords in one secure place and provides an easy-to-use interface for managing them. 1Password also includes features such as password sharing and recovery, so you can rest assured that your passwords are always safe and sound.LastPass is a password management software that helps you keep track of all your passwords in one place. It’s simple to use: just create an account and add your passwords. From there, LastPass will autofill forms and logins for you. And if you need to generate a new password, it can do that too!LastPass makes life easier by taking the hassle out of password management.
Gitnux RatingFairTop-Notch
Pricing ModelFlat-Rate PricingFlat-Rate Pricing
Freemium AvailableNOYES
Pricing RatesPersonal
Teams Starter Pack
Could be betterPassword sharing/Two-factor authentication Customer support
No free plan
Confusing interface
Frequent crashes
Customer Support
Outdated User interface
Key featuresClipboard management
Code signature validation
Watchtower vulnerability alerts
Phishing protection
Secure Remote Password (SRP)
Browser Extension
Automatic Data Recovery/Autofill
Encryption Two-factor authentication
Password Generator & Management
Two-factor Authentication
Browser Extention
Password Vault
Digital Wallet
Dark Web Monitoring
Email support
Support Community
Free New Users Training
Email Support
Support Articles/Videos
24/7 Phone Support (Not for Basic Plan)
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Best forIndividuals, families and enterprises that need to keep track of passwords and keep their accounts safe. The software ensures a secure way to store private passwords, manage them and share them with the other members of the family or business team.Individuals and families who need to keep track and keep safe their private passwords, login data and generate new ones.

Feature Overview: 1Password Vs. LastPass

Multi-Factor AuthenticationYESYES
Password GeneratorYESYES
Data storageYESYES


Both software provide a service of encryption, through which every information or confidential data is converted into a secret code. Only the person directly involved has access to data by using the primary password and, even during the transit of information, they’re secured by End-to-End Encryption technology. This system guarantees password management in complete security and the impossibility of deciphering sensitive data from others.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Both software add extra layers of protection to their users’ accounts. This way every access to the web or applications requires an additional form of authentication, sometimes a combination of two or more, in order to verify users’ identity and protect sensitive data from cyber thefts.

Password Generator

In order to reduce the exposure of their users’ passwords, both software have a strong system of random password generator. People tend to choose passwords that are easy to remember, and they use to choose the same one for more than one account. With the password generator, it is possible to rely on hard-to-guess passwords, that are easy to remember but still cryptographically strong.

Data storage

Data storage works like a secret vault. Sensitive data, like credit cards or login information, are stored on the personal device or an encrypted copy of that is stored in the cloud, protected by an algorithm, and inaccessible without the master password. This allows users to access or share passwords in complete safety.


This feature enables users to automatically fill in login information and data instead of manually entering them. This option has many advantages, among them saving time, avoiding mistakes, and improving security.


Both software offer fee-based solutions both for individuals and families, but only LastPass offers a free plan that nonetheless provides many valuable features like unlimited passwords, autofill, one-to-one sharing, password-less login, and password generator.

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