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Best Bartender App


Product  Highball
Logo Highball by Studio Neat su App Store

Highball is an app for sharing and collecting cocktail recipes. When you share a recipe, the app generates an image of a “recipe card,” which is super easy to share on Twitter or iMessage or whatever.

The app generates and of course also reads the QR code, which contains all the recipe data (via a url to a database entry), and imports it as a fully editable recipe, rather than a flat image.  it is focused on storing your own recipes . The recipe storage already contains a variety of classics cocktails.

Great looking and functioning programPoor recipes categorizing ability (Currently the best you can do is by color of the cards you dont have the ability to organize it into folders or alphabetically)
Completely Free difficult to use.(The app does not retain any of the formatting when copy/pasting, and it does not allow to add paragraph breaks in the directions)
Sharing (Using a small QR code on each drink recipe, you can send your favorite or personally customized recipes to friends or share on social media No unit of measures automatic conversion

Cocktail Art

Product Cocktail Art

 Cocktail Art is a cocktails recipes repository where you can find more than 700 cocktails recipes with the right dosage of every single ingredient, description and step-by-step guide. This is the best app for both bartenders and Drink connoisseurs.

The app also gives you interesting and useful facts about the drink as well as its history. Moreover, the app contains not only a description of cocktails but also of the alcohol which is used for making the drinks. You can create your cocktail list with your favourite drinks all saved in a folder.

In addition to that it has an incredibly beautiful and easy to use interface with the easy navigation system for users to explore cocktails.

Huge list of cocktailsNot a lot of Customization possible
Easy to useA lot of Ads
Clean designed UIA lot of Push Notifications

Cocktails Flow-Drink Recipes

Product Cocktails Flow-Drink Recipes
Logo Icon image

 Is one of the best bartender apps, it is really multifunctional and convenient to use. You can easily find out which cocktails can you manage to make up with all the categories and the mixing and dosing instructions. You can also browse cocktail recipes by categories and discover drinks in a way you never experienced before.

Cocktails are also divided into groups for different occasions so you will know the right time for the right cocktail. All the products are accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

 Drinks are well categorized Lack of an ability to filter for cocktails
Endless List of CocktailsToo many pop up ads
Detailed InstructionsCan’t make your own list

My Cocktail Bar

Product My Cocktail Bar
Logo Immagine dell'icona

The detailed and comprehensive catalogue is the key point of this App. With an interface designed to help you make new cocktail recipes and introduce new ingredients showing it and adding interesting facts and knowledge about it. The Interface is very easy and practical letting the User experience very enjoyable. You can search for different cocktails and their ingredient details and manage your favourite drinks from this app.

Clean and easy InterfaceLack of recipes for cerain flavours (such as flavouerd vodka)
Customize your own drinks listInstructions miss a step sometimes
 Large List of cocktaiswhen adding a new cocktail the ingredients list will not allow you to add half, or fractions to the ingredients amount.

Shaken and Stirred

Product Shaken and Stirred
Logo Shaken and Stirred su App Store

Shaken and stirred also includes video lessons and tutorial on how to create cocktails you fancy. The mixology list contains more than 200 recipes and With the detailed instruction you really can not mess up. 

The Interface and the concept reminds to a proper learning app such as for languages or whatever so its goal is to teach on how to make cocktails and not on solving the need of the moment to make a certain cocktail.

Video tutorials includedSome minor bugs especially while showing videos
Clean and practical interface A lot of ads


Product Mixel
Logo Icon image

What makes this app stand out is its wide selection of Cocktails which reflects what a cocktail bartender might get asked for.

The other Keypoint is definitely the User Experience regardless of the 8-bit which is a distinctive trait of the app. The level of customization that you can have in this app is remarkable comparing to similar apps. You can set  your actual bar, fridge, and pantry in a digital format

Huge variety of cocktailsRequires a subscription($12/year.)
Uncommon UIThe 8bit interface might be annoying
Detailed instructions and info about drinks

Cocktails Guru

Product Cocktails Guru

This Cocktail recipes repository app shows an unlimited list of drinks that contains a detailed description of recipe preparations and the different ingredients used to help new bartenders learn and professionals comprehend easily.

One of the most interesting features is the Bartender academy whicht provides new knowledge in the theoretical aspect of mixing cocktails and proper bartending techniques for beginners.You also have the chance to browse cocktails with an in-app search function, get useful information regarding bartending tools like cocktail glassware and garnishes. 

User-rated recipesNot available on iOS
Completely freeAds might be annoying
Email support available

Bartender’s Choice

Product Bartender’s Choice
Logo Bartender's Choice Vol. 2 on the App Store

The goal of the App is to give the best recommendations about everything regarding Cocktails, on how to make it and which one to choose. Especially valid for newbies are new to cocktails or just need a little help deciding what to drink.

The app tries to figure out your taste through prompt questions such as “What’s Your Spirit Choice?” and “What’s Your Style?” and offer a list of cocktail choices that meet your criteria. Other features include handy tips on “how to swizzle,” how to incorporate syrups and juices, and how to use ice.

For those who don’t need as much guidance, you can still use this app as a cocktail library to store all your favorite recipes.

 Personalized drink recommendationsNot easy to navigate through ingridients
Helpful “how-to” lessonsNo custom recipes

Lush Cocktails

Product Lush Cocktails
Logo Lush | The drink mixing app

This simple and beautiful drink mixing app focuses on making recipes look pretty, with colorful animations that aren’t just fun to look at.

The visual part is the most developed element of the whole app trying to offer a new and an enjoyable time through a visual content. It also help you keep your place in the process.

You can start by choosing a recipe from the app’s alphabetical catalog or selecting the ingredients you have on hand and getting a list of recommendations. Then, you can check off each ingredient as you go, and Lush Cocktails will add it to your “glass,” helping you visualize the proportions that go into each drink. You can even switch between metric and imperial measurements to suit your preferences.

Animated drink visualizationsNot available for Android
Alphabetized catalogMetric and imperial measurements
Personalized recommendations

 8.500+ Drinks Recipes

Product  8.500+ Drinks Recipes
Logo 8,500+ Drink Recipes on the App Store

The purpose of the app is clear straight away with over 8,500 recipes to choose from, this might not be the largest recipe collection on the list, but it does have the most variety, with options for beer, coffee, tea, and milkshakes in addition to cocktails. There’s even a “random” drink feature if you want to take your chances and roll the dice instead of browsing the library. The 8,500+ Drink Recipes app is free to download, but costs $4.99 per month to keep using it after your free trial expires.

 Includes non-alcoholic drinksLimited free trial (4.99$ monthly)
Random “dice roll” featureNo custom recipes


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