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With Alarmy, create a productive morning for yourself! May you imagine that a simple alarm clock could improve your life slightly? Alarmy is the only one who can solve your problem, though! Having difficulties getting out of bed in the morning? Sleep too much? Do you desire an early awakening? Your morning can be improved with a variety of quests, Soft to Loud ringtones, and other features.

You may rely on this free loud alarm clock to wake you up gently or fiercely. Choose your favourite song to set as your ringtone, then mix and match missions and other useful features as you please! This is the modern method for creating a revitalized morning.

Wake up on time for a changeCircumventing the alarm is fairly easy unless you challenge yourself
Customize how “alarming” you want the alarm to be based on your morning scheduleCan’t force close
Easy to use interfaceLimited options for alarm ringers

Talking Alarm Clock Beyond

ProductTalking Alarm Clock Beyond

 This app is one of the best available free alarm clocks available. There isn’t much to say about it other than that it simply works. Does what it’s supposed to without interruption from commercials or pointless notifications (there are adverts, but they aren’t at all annoying). without attempting to take over my phone, attention, or life, offers a useful service. difficult to come by nowadays.

You can use your own ringtones and musicNotifications only show up in notification windows when a current alarm is going off. So if the current alarm is dismissed, the app on the desktop still shows the number of passed alarms.
Volume can fade in to start a bit quieterSome users reported it can go off a bit late sometimes
Lots of options that you can preset as defaults Doesn’t play through bluetooth headphones

Just Reminder

ProductJust Reminder

Just reminder will assist you in remembering and notifying you of any event before and at the time it occurs. To store passwords, secrets, contacts, or simply to keep your journal private, Just Reminder also supports touch ID or a passcode.

Just reminder is a simple method to stop worrying about remembering anything. Additionally to offering a straightforward method of reminding, it offers fantastic benefits including passwords to protect your info, as well as, having widgets for your daily events.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can search for your events on the app from a listAsks for way too many permissions
You can set names for your eventsToo many ads
Your events can be colour coded Won’t save new reminders after they are dismissed

Simple Clock

ProductSimple Clock

This clock software includes a variety of timing-related features. It can be used as an alarm clock or as a clock widget. It is designed to assist you in bettering your sleep and daily routine. When running for fitness or any other reason, you may also utilize the timer in this app to keep track of your time. You may also add this app to your home screen for simple navigation.

You can utilize a basic, customisable, and resizable clock widget or enable the display of times from various time zones. The clock widget’s background colour, text colour, and alpha all have customizable options.

Access to my contacts or  network is not necessaryTimed alarms wouldn’t sound while the phone was locked and in battery saving mode.
It functions as a clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer in addition to a timer.The alarm won’t sound if the phone is on but you haven’t launched the app or switched it back on after turning it off.
Runs fastNew alarms are assigned using the prior input.



The Schabi-created Terminightor Android app is classified as “Health & fitness” 7. the most recent version, published on April 5, 2019. Terminightor reportedly received more than 20 installations, according to Google Play. There are now 3 ratings for Terminightor, with an average rating value of 2.7.

A straightforward alarm clock with a spicy bonus: You must hold an NFC tag onto your phone in order to set off an alert. The alert won’t cease till you do that. Therefore, setting an alarm with a tag that you place in your bathroom, for instance, will guarantee that you actually get out of bed in the morning.

You can put the NFC tag in another room so you need to get up to turn it offNo custom file alarms
Can have multiple alarmsComes with just one theme
Alarms are repeatableOnly works with NFC

Sleep Cycle

ProductSleep Cycle

Sleep serves as the foundation for nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. But if your sleep isn’t functioning, these foundations of your health aren’t nearly as effective. Some animals sleep a lot, such as the adorable sloth, which averages 15 to 18 hours per day. But the powerful elephant barely sleeps for two hours each night. But how do humans go through a typical sleep cycle? We fall somewhere in the middle, with the majority of us requiring 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to heal and replenish.

Great tracking featuresThe alarm snoozes when you take up your phone to turn it off before you can do so permanently.
Has ocean sounds to help you sleepSome users report that it can access your microphone
FreeAlarm can’t be disabled from watch



An alarm clock with many settings and functions is AMdroid. In addition to typical functions, the application contains a few intriguing ones. For instance, the alarm clock will determine the most effective time to wake you up based on the interval you specify when you need to get up.

You’ll need to do some math or remember the Wi-Fi password if you want to stay in bed for “five more minutes.” Still, more sleep time must be earned. But these are only the application’s key features.

Challenges to unlock alarmGets buggy
Doesn’t interrupt callsSometimes alarms won’t disable
Good customizable optionsLouder than usual alarms

Gentle Alarm

ProductBody Shape editor

 Every day, gently and comfortably get up.

You can wake up and get out of any deep sleep by gradually increasing light and sound in the morning. This will help your body get ready to get up.

Faster rate of sleep

In the evening, gradually fading light and ambient noise will help you fall asleep. Breathing slowly is a sleep aid.

Get more restful sleep at night

You can stay asleep by playing relaxing sounds from your house or environment at a low volume.

Nature Sound featureSometimes when you slide to turn it off it doesn’t actually turn off
Video option for quick, easy stretches in bedWhen you open the app to snooze the alarm, it does it automatically. After waiting for five minutes, you can attempt disarming it once more. This may be annoying, especially if it is set up to generate a lot of noise.
Alarm starts quiet and volume increases graduallyGets buggy sometimes

Puzzle Alarm Clock

ProductPuzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock is the perfect solution to our problem. Existing alarm clock apps just don’t do the trick, and we needed an app that guaranteed we would wake up on time. Now this application is available.

Do you create a lot of alarms and don’t know when the next alarm will go off?

That’s okay, now you’ll be able to see the next alarm times in the same place. Can’t get up in the morning? Add puzzles to solve before you can turn off the alarm. Choose from the basic puzzle house, and if it’s not enough, buy additional, more difficult mini-games.

No adsDoes not ring sometimes
Multiple languagesDoesn’t work in the background sometimes
Easy to useSometimes rings at the wrong time

 I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock

Product I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock

With this alarm clock, you may set up to eight different wake-up tasks, and you won’t be able to turn it off until you complete them all.

Body or mind stimulation Or perhaps having to get out of bed? While we’re at it, how about getting some language practise in?

Last but not least, for those particularly cunning morning self, there are a number of Alarm Quitting Prevention choices to ensure that the alarm is not turned off by forcing the app to close or by turning off the phone, rather than by completing certain tasks.

Has puzzlesSometimes alarms don’t go off like they’re supposed to
Puzzles are versatileAds have loud videos
Is freeBuggy

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