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Best free App to learn German


LogoAndroid Apps by Grammatisch on Google Play

 Grammatisch is an app created to help you master the German language with included lessons which you can learn the most important topics through. The app has thousands of exercises as well as summaries, tables and lists for the key topics of German grammar.

You don’t need to take levelling tests, just pick any topic and start learning it. You can solve dozens of exercises in a row to memorize concepts and grammar rules in a short time. When you finish an exercise session, you can check your score and a detailed correction of your answers.

The app is focused on grammar rules so there is not much space for vocabulary and also speaking and listening tasks are rare.

Does not require an internet connectionThe paid membership option is expensive
Grammatisch has the best grammar-related lessons compared to other languages learning apps Vocabulary learning is limited (the app is grammar rules centred)
Clean interface and straightforward lessonsThe paid membership option is expensive


LogoAnki (software) - Wikipedia

The app is designed to help you master new vocabulary through flashcards that you can work with anytime on your smartphone. Anki App is a cross-platform mobile and desktop flashcard app. You can Study flashcards Make your personalized ones with text, sound, and images, or download pre-made ones. You can create your decks or choose from pre-made options sorted by subject.

Anki can also be used to study German cultural and historical facts, in fact the app website boasts that you can use their app to memorize just about anything. Studying is super efficient thanks to the app that has been developed, AnkiApp automatically performs backups and syncs to all your devices, via the cloud.

The core of the Anki App is an advanced algorithm, developed and refined by our lead neuroscientist, to save you timeNo charge for computer and Android devices, but charging an extremely high price for the iOS option
Anki App lets you make your flashcards, on any deviceNot being the best in terms of User Experience Design
 Anki App seamlessly synchronizes to the cloud, so you can create flashcards on one device, and then study on another. ios version is too expensive

 Deutschakademie APP


This app is more of a useful learning language learning box that contains a variety of tools that can help you learn a language. It allows users to practice by level (A1-C2), textbook, and theme.  It tracks your learning statistics and includes 22,000 grammar and vocab exercises and over 800 hours of interactive online courses.  In the forum, German teachers can answer questions and the entire course is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages

Numerous exercise on all grammar topicsBeginner may struggle to use this app, as there are no grammar exercises or English translations beyond the home page.
Practice German by textbookThe app is not a standalone resource to learn German, but rather a supplement to your current German studies to help you practice grammar.
Much Talking & Communication



Babbel is one of the most language learning apps on the internet. The Lessons are very well structured and you can reach a very high level of the Language since the lessons cover the whole wide spectrum of learning a language: grammar, listening, vocabulary and all the rest. There are 4 pricing tiers: 1 month ($99), 3 months ($209), 6 months ($359) and 12 months ($599). I have to say, the 12-month tier is actually incredibly good value (an entire year of unlimited language lessons with a teacher).

Lessons developed by in-house linguists A bit pricy
Covers a wide variety of languagesTedious lessons
High quality services offeredDoesn’t live up to well-marketed hype


LogoLirica - Learn Languages with music

Lirica is a language learning app which stands out compared to the other ones cause it allows one to learn languages through songs You download it for free, select a language, get to listen to hit songs in that language, and then get tested from your understanding of the lyrics/story.

Through Lirica, you listen to songs whose lyrics are then explained by the app which also set up questions about the meaning of the song and grammar rules that are involved in the lyrics.

Fun way of learningOnly covers English Spanish and german
Free trial, $8.49/mo, $19.99/quarter, $24.99/yearDoesn’t teach every aspect of a language
Very well graphic designedThe app only works for mobile

Learn German by Mindsnack

ProductLearning German by Mindsnack

This is a videogame more than an app, the learning part is very well “hidden” in the gaming experience There are nine games in this version that will build your vocabulary and ability to hold a conversation. There are no flashcards, no boring lessons, and no kicks, just easy and fun lessons and games. There is one free lesson to get you started, and 49 more are available for purchase. Whether you are old or young, experienced or beginner, this app will help you learn how to speak to people, order food or shop, travel around, and more.

Gives you several different games to play, keeping it fun and interesting and giving you lots of ways to challenge yourselfGame that is time dependent start out painful slow and then speeds up to insanely fast way to quickly
 Easy to get engaged in learning a new languageIt gives the option for multiple users and then Requires each person to pay to unlock the app
No much effort neededSeveral bugs


LogoPagina per la stampa con informazioni sulla società, logo, foto, screenshot  - Busuu

Buusu is a learning language app that is different from the most common ones, it follows an internationally recognized scale for assessing language learning fluency, but primarily uses a comprehensive placement test when you sign up for a new language. It also allows users to connect with native speakers for conversations and feedback on lessons.

Courses are designed by in-house educational experts and focus on developing foundations for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

It teaches each part of the language (grammar rules, vocabulary, writing etc.)A lot of ads in the free version
 Each lesson screen helpfully gives you an estimate of how long it’s expected for you to complete the lessonLimited to an intermediate language level
 Lessons centred around specific conversational scenarios to help make them more relevant and easier to grasp No offline learning ability for the free version

Wie Geht’s German

Product:Wie Geht’s German
LogoLearn German by Wie Geht's for Android

 This is the best app for those who are introducing themselves to the german language. In this app, the basics are the focus of the whole learning experience. Content is divided by skill level and topic. You can also learn useful German phrases for travel, business or health, or peruse the grammar section.

There are lessons on even more particular topics. You can also enjoy learning through some minigames so you can see that the user is the very centre of the app. It is free, as are the first four lessons of the beginner course. After that, you’re prompted to buy access to additional lessons, which include higher-level content and vocabulary related to travel and business situations.

Great for absolute beginnersOnly available on iOs
Works well as a simple phrasebook resourceFree version only provides a beginner course
Well developed UI A lot of ads


LogoBrainscape Flashcards - App su Google Play

Brainscape is a verb conjugation flashcards displayer app that delivers flashcards in a pattern customized to your level of confidence, helping you cement even the subjunctive tense in your brain much more quicker.

What you get is basically a collection of flashcards divided into eight decks, one for each of the German tenses. Brainscape also lets you add your own flashcards, which you can even share with friends and fellow learners for a remote study sesh.

Focus on one of the more complex aspects of GermanPrimarily focuses on German verbs and little else
Well designed UILimited in content and exercise types
Adjusts difficulty based on the userA lot of Ads


LogoLearn German with Seedlang on the App Store

Seedlang is a  Video-based German learning app in which you listen to native speakers and repeat to practice speaking but instead of playing an audio track, you play a video of a native speaker pronouncing the expression. It does help most people in the learning process just by focusing on the visual element in order to consolidate things that get learned. After you submit your spoken attempt, you can then compare it to the original audio and see exactly where you might have made a flub. Seedling provides a full breakdown of each word down to its grammar. It is the best for speaking improvement.

Makes learning effortlessNo generated feedback for recordings
 Incorporates humour into lessonsNot very detailed courses offered
May not suit non-visual learnersMay not suit non-visual learners


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