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Overview: the best free cad software for 3d printing

Number 1: TinkerCAD


TinkerCAD, the best CAD online 3D modeling program from Autodesk, is aimed at absolute beginners. 

A set of fundamental forms can be used with the software’s straightforward modular idea to create patterns.

Users can choose the forms that best fit their needs and edit them at will using the internet software’s collection of millions of files.

Additionally, it offers direct communication with independent printing providers. This app is mostly geared toward individuals who have zero prior knowledge of 3D modeling.

fairly basicfor some designs has constraints
free and browser-basedis inoperative without internet
 simple, intuitive interfacesSometimes it’s challenging to determine measures.

Number 2: FreeCAD


Drawing actual objects of any size is possible using the open-source, completely free parametric 3D modeling software known as FreeCAD.

A parametric element of it facilitates editing. thus users can change a model’s geometry by adjusting various settings.

To get a different model, you can also look back at the model’s history and alter its settings.

FreeCAD makes it simpler to prepare models for printing, even if it isn’t primarily designed for 3D printing, thanks to its STL and OBJ file export choices.

This software is a useful tool for practice even though it is not designed for business use. Although it only gives a few alternatives, they are a decent place to start if you are a beginner.

 Free to useSometimes unstable
full-featured 3D previewa steep learning curve
 open-sourceComplex user interface

Number 3: OpenSCAD 


OpenSCAD is a 3D solid model creation tool that is open-source and free.

It is appropriate for power users searching for a platform for a complex project. 

Additionally, because of its 2D profile extrusion and Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), this software is simple for programmers and coders to use.

For already determined parametric basic shapes, it works fantastically. Due to the program’s complete reliance on descriptive language, it is by no means intuitive for everyone.

It concentrates on the CAD parts of 3D modeling rather than the creative ones, like many other free 3D modeling programs. Therefore, it may be the ideal tool when planning to generate 3D models of machine components, but it is not the ideal tool when planning to produce computer-animated films.

Free and open-sourceIts programming language must be learned.
Modeling using algorithms is functionality for previews
GUI interfaceIt can be difficult to work with complex shapes.

Number 4: Blender


One of the potent 3D printing CAD tools is the software called Blender. Due to its various features and adaptability, this software, which is a professional 3D modeling program, is among the top choices in this area.

Bedlander is an excellent 3D modeling tool, but it’s also a strong tool for creating 3D animations or special effects.

Simply download the program from the official website and install it to start using Blender. You can pick from a huge selection of both paid and free training when it comes to using the software. Naturally, you can export any of your designs in an STL file and print them.

open-source and cost-freesteep learning curve
Several Resources For LearningNewcomers to CAD may find its numerous features perplexing.
Different Rendering OptionsBugs may appear

Number 5: SolveSpace


SolveSpace is a free 3D modeling software. This tool’s primary purposes are around two-dimensional designs and parametric modeling. Using a variety of dimensions, restrictions, and other factors, you may use this capability to change, adjust, and modify model geometry. because every dimension has an automatic parameterization and can easily be changed.

In addition to exporting to G-code directly, SolveSpace also outputs to all popular formats, including STL. It is lightweight and operates without difficulty on older platforms.

The design environment and user interface have been condensed to a straightforward graphical interface with surface-based component management.

compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS XSeveral constraints make it slow.
 simple to understand
helpful tutorials

Number 6: Morphi


It’s simple to build your own 3D designs using Morphi, a robust 3D modeling program.

This software’s primary platform of use is tablets, but it is currently accessible via smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Numerous applications can benefit from using this 3D printing software. Aside from 3D printing, Morphi also offers a variety of design paradigms, including animation, architecture, AR/VR decorative projects, games, and STEAM themes.

Touch functionality is one of the great advantages this software offers. Access to specific features and updates—which are, of course, free—is this CAD software’s most significant benefit.

free to useSteep learning curve
large number of tools
features automatic saving

Number 7:  SketchUp free

Product SketchUp free

With the aid of the free, browser-based CAD program SketchUp Free, it is possible to produce 3D models and designs of a professional caliber.

SketchUp Free is a useful and wonderful application for beginners due to its fun and reliable 3D design for 3D printing processes.

Its fundamental navigational functions are quick and easy to understand.

The program is simple to use in any browser and includes a SketchUp Viewer app for viewing models on mobile devices.

The tool’s free library of user-made and automatically generated 3D models can serve as a source of inspiration.

 For non-commercial users, it is totally free.Things like bolts, chamfered edges, and screw threads won’t be simple to make.
also downloadable for Windows and Mac.
equipped with Trimble Connect.

Number 8: 3D Slash

Product 3D Slash

With the help of a new software program called 3D Slash, non-designers of all ages and skill levels may learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling on a platform that is similar to a video game.

You may make models using this user-friendly software by building them out of blocks in a straightforward manner.

Even if you have no prior knowledge, you can, after a brief 30-minute training period, quickly construct your own 3D-printed model using the application.

The app is free and available online and offline on all devices and operating systems.

the ease of use and simplicityBugs and crashes can occasionally happen.
using it is surprisingly entertainingmostly for novices.
freelacking some elements necessary to perform intricate customization.

Number 9: Fusion360

Product Fusion360

Another program for 3D design and printing is Autodesk Fusion360. For three years, startups and students may use this software for free.

For a comprehensive, team-based platform for innovation and product development, Autodesk Fusion360 combines CAD/CAM/CAE technologies. It combines all aspects of the manufacturing process, from design through production, into one whole.

Fusion360 is cloud-based, so you may access your work from anywhere in the world and utilize the program independently of the operating system.

Fusion 360’s user-friendly cloud CAD software makes it simple to explore numerous variations fast.

straightforward and simple to useneeds a strong, quick internet connection
Design using parametersutilizes a significant amount of system resources
customer supportUsers without CAD skills face a steep learning curve.

Number 10:  Vectary


Vectary is 3D CAD browser-based software with cutting-edge functionality. It is very quick and practical for 3D modeling. Create objects from a library and modify your own projects or templates. Vectary is linked to databases with various 3D models, including Google Poly.

You are permitted to use the free CAD software for 3D printing for up to three personal projects. You will have many other features and resources in addition to this. Nevertheless, exporting projects is only possible if you purchase their packages. 

For kids and teachers, the app also has a free instructional version.

It’s simple and intuitive to produce high-quality 3D visuals.It cannot function without internet.
UI that is simple to use and clear.Due to the fact that it is relatively new, subject to rapid alteration.
No installation is necessary because it is browser-based.


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