Last updated: December 16, 2022

Overview: Best free Cloning softwares for 2022

(1) Clonezilla:

Product Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a free to use open source cloning and image application software. It is ideal for tech savvy users as the download process is slightly tedious. Using the application, users can carry out bareback and entire system deployment cloning well over 40 systems simultaneously.

Other features include BitTorrent support, multicast cloning, MBR and GPT partition supports as well as AES 256 encryption. All in all, clonezilla is a great free option for cloning of disks and files as well as fast backup, however, its interface can become slightly tedious to navigate.

Fast and reliable Online cloning is not supported
Community supportDifferential back is not supported
Free and very powerful tool Relatively difficult to navigate.

(2) Ease US todo backup:

Product Ease US todo backup

Ease US Todo backup is an easy to use and reliable cloning software which supports incremental and differential backup along with other features such as disk cloning, MBR clone function and more features suited perfectly for the average user.

Working on Mac and Windows, Ease US Todo Backup is by far the most popular free use cloning software as its cloud backup features makes it stand out of the crowd. 

Easy to use No support for GPT/GUID partition table
250GB free cloud storageMirroring not supported
Powerful free version File sync not supported 

(3)Macrium Effect :

ProductMacrium Reflect 

Macrium effect is a long-running and very reliable cloning software which has various paid versions along with a free version with limited features. The software can be used to clone disks, partitions as well as independent files while it can also recover damaged files.

It is particularly useful to restore partitions as it provides the option to back up files. This software, while completely free (free version), has a standout service for all recoverable files, OS as well as virtual cloning.

Powerful but simple interfaceNo support for incremental backup
Various licensing optionsNo backup sync
Support for SSD trim

(4)AOEMI Backupper:

ProductAOEMI Backupper

Free cloning software that can guard your system from crashes is called AOMEI Backupper Standard. Free network cloning and image deployment are made possible by the software. The image file allows you to boot numerous clients from the LAN. Individual files, programs, directories, and entire drive partitions can all be restored with the software.

The free program includes complex capabilities such as data compression, data partitioning, and backup encryption. All in all AOEMI supports various advanced features to backup disks and partitions.

Incremental BackupSlow Backup
Automatic back-ups and real-time syncs Slightly confusing for first time users
Smart cloning and Sector by sector clone

(5)MiniTool Partition wizard:

ProductMiniTool Partition wizard

There are free and paid versions of Mini-tool Partition Wizard available for both commercial and non-commercial usage. A trustworthy tool for disk management and cloning is MiniTool Partition Wizard.

It is particularly useful for users who wish to verify system integrity, align partitions, manage & clone disks, and convert MBR to GPT files, utilise the disk cloning software. The most recent disk technologies, such as GPT and Windows dynamic disks, are supported by the software.

Recovery of lost partitions and filesCluttered and ugly looking UI
Supports MBR and GPT files Can be pushy with other applications
Assess disk performance and fixing system errors

(6)Iperius Backup:

ProductIperius Backup

Iperius backup is a software useful for Windows users. Its features were developed with the maximum level of execution agility and configuration simplicity in mind, enabling it to perform many backup kinds on various platforms and hardware, including external drives, FTP servers, network PCs, and cloud systems.

Many features and solutions are offered by the system, which commercial, business, and private customers can use. Iperius Backup is a perfect platform for centralizing all backup tasks because it has excellent scalability for answering various and individual user requirements.

Simplified LicensingComplicated for average(beginner) users
Multiple devicesNo full system restore
Vast library of backup solutions

(7)Stellar Drive Monitor:

ProductStellar Drive Monitor

Stellar drive monitor has a free version as well as a pro version to access all features. Its major services include the foundation of Stellar Drive Monitor’s functionality as they allow users to check the state of their local hard disks.

Users may quickly glance at information about the condition and health of their hard drives thanks to the “Disk Status Module.” The “Disk Partition Module” contains comprehensive status information for all identified drives and partitions and is capable of managing all sorts of partitions.

The program “SMART Status” allows users to monitor the health status that each drive reports to the operating system, allowing them to identify when wear and tear or aging may start to affect drive performance or even result in data loss.

No effects on system performanceNo support for external drives
Ability to scan and detect bad sectors on hard driveLimited functionality in free version
Easy to useCrashes

(8)O&O Diskimage:

ProductO&O Diskimage

Professional disk management is made easy with O&O Disk Image. The reviewers claim that the software is simple to use and very adaptable. The program does not, however, have the sophisticated disk copying functionality that other solutions offer. It is an all-inclusive disk management program.

While the system is in operation, the application has the ability to backup the complete system. Administrators have the ability to copy and clone complete hard drives and restore even to a system with several machines. Other features include dynamic and GPT volumes and Windows boot system.

Incremental and differential backupsLacks certain advanced features
Creating virtual hard drives Slow backup/restore
User friendly interface Windows only

(9)Active @ Disk Image :

ProductActive @ Disk Image 

 Instead of backing up the entire disk, you can backup particular disk partitions. However, this software does not allow you to create backups at the file level, which is something we think is lacking. On the plus side, eliminating all backups except those at the disk or partition level eliminates the possibility of missing crucial files. Additionally, users can backup data on external hard drives that are linked to their computer.

Users of Active@ Disk Image can program automatic backup tasks to execute on predetermined schedules. By doing it this way, you can be confident that you’ll always have backups even if you forget to perform them manually or when you’re not near your computer. 

You can use this software to create image backups of actual servers. To use this feature, though, the server must be running the Windows Server operating system, and you must buy the Professional package.

Creates bootable disksError correction can take a very long time.
Server backup
Outdated user interface

(10)Mondo Rescue:

ProductMondo Rescue

Mondo rescue is an open source backup and recovery software available on Linux distributions as all as FreeBSD. It is a robust disaster recovery software for both home users and for semi-professional use.

Users can easily back up their Linux and Windows partitions to removable media and it is very flexible and easy to make snapshots of harddisks as it offers support for backups to CD, DVD, CD–RW, tape,  hard disk as well as NFS mounts.

The software competes with other products comfortably due to its support for LVM and RAID and boot managers GRUB and LILO. Users can also utilize the software to create multi-CD, however, there is an upper limit of 20 CDs per set.

Easy to backup windows and linux partitionsIssues when archiving Dos/Windows
Fast and time-efficient archiving with Linux Restore process is slow


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