Last updated: January 11, 2023

Number 1: RECUVA


It is among the most popular recovery software, it can ,basically it is easy to use, even it has some advanced features. It can recover files in any type of hard drive, like CD’s DVD’s hard disks and USB, or music players like Ipods or any MP3 player.

There is an installable and portable version of this App, it is very efficient to use it for recovering files. The programme can run under most operating systems from Windows XP  to Windows 11.

Accepted by all operating systemsSlow execution
 Easy to use Updates not frequent
 Wizards help affordedSome advanced features are a bit complicated

Number 2:  EraseUs Data Recovery Wizard

Product EraseUs Data Recovery Wizard

This programme is also good to undelete files or recover those mistakenly damaged or erased. Its interface is very easy because it looks like windows explorer which makes it familiar with most users in the world. It works with optical drives, cameras and  memory cards under Windows, IOS or Android operating systems, there is an extra feature it that it can perform partitioning for drives.

Initially you can recover around 512 MB of files size, if you want more you’ll need to share on social media about the App.

Possibility to backup scan and recover laterCan only recover 2 GB
Possibility to sort files by date and typeOnly installable version
Work on most operating systemsNo Windows XP 

Number 3: Puran File Recovery

ProductPuran File Recovery

This App scans all drives to search for files that might be recovered,, it has been recorded that some missing files by other Apps, were found and restored by Puran file recovery, it is a very powerful scanning App.The App is installable and portable and works with both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions, from XP to Windows 10.

This programme can also recover partitions if these ones were not rewritten, this can make you save time in scanning files. . 

Portable optionNo professional and commercial use
Can manage NTFS and FATfile systemsNo update lately 
Can check if the file can be recovered Can’t run with windows 11

Number 4: Glarysoft File Recovery Free

ProductGlarysoft File Recovery Free

The software is that simple so there are not lots of options to use, it firstly scan a drive and then undelete the files a user want to recover, the good thing is that recovery can start while the App is still scanning, it is a real gain of time. The user can also pause the scan and carry on later, the operation can be filtered using time of deletion, file type or keywords.

There is also a possibility to pick up by file extension belong to categories as for images or videos. The App works with FAT, NTFS and EFS file systems  

Possibility to view list of deleted filesNo portable version
Easy useWhile installing it suggests other additional programmes
Recovery to chosen folderCan’t see the recoverability odds of a file

Number 5: Disk Drill

ProductDisk Drill

The first thing to point out is the very simple design of this programme, it can recover data of around 500 MB, from any storage device and under any operating system categories. It can also perform files preview before recovering them as it can pause a scan and resume it after a chosen time.

It also does partition recovery and can backup a whole drive, other operations are possible like filtering files by size and date and run a quick scan or a full scan.

Viewing files by categories for recoveryCan recover only an amount of 500 MB
Filtering scan resultsNo portable version 
Two scan modes Does not work under Windows XP 

Number 6: SoftPerfect File Recovery

ProductSoftPerfect File Recovery

The search for recoverable files with this undelete programme is very simple, even  beginners cannot complain about this simple App, it can recover files deleted from any hard drives, USB drives, memory cards  except CD/DVD supports of course.

The App is  a very small, which make it a very  portable one, easy to run from a USB drive within a file of about 500 KB, it works with all the versions of Windows under 32 or 64 bit file systems.  

Easy and simple Only the two popular file system are supported
PortableNo preview for images
Restore many files at onceCan’t show the recoverability odds

Number 7:  Wise Data Recovery

Product Wise Data Recovery

Simple undelete programme for recovery files with some basics compared to more complicated programmes, it takes few time to be installed and to make a scan for all drives and removal ones also. To start using it, it shows a search function which will scan and retrieve deleted files, with two options of scan depending if we need a quick or a deep scan.

The App runs with most versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 11  and MacOS and also it has  a portable version.

Easy to useOriginal folder can’t be retained after files recovery
Scan rapidlyRecoverability unknown before undeleting files
Existence of portable version  Lack of some advanced options 

Number 8: Restoration


In this App there is no complicated menu about recovery or buttons and procedures.It is an easy programme running under windows like those tiny App included with windows. like the rest of the same category of Apps it can restore files in all sorts of drives.

The App can be portable because of its small size, which is advantageous for more mobility, like when we need to use this restoration while we are traveling or far from our computer.

Easy to use Does not work on all windows versions
 Possible search of empty deleted filesCan restore only files not a folder
Can overwrite the deleted files Impossible to know recoverability of a file

Number 9: iCare Data Recovery

ProductiCare Data Recovery

This App has two options, in scanning methods, the user can choose a quick scan or a deep  , the difference is that the first option may not catch everything, whereas the deep scan can find more results of deleted files. This App can preview text files and image files it also allow to see files in a folder in order to choose which ones you want to undelete, globally it can recover most types of known files.

The programme is supported by all versions of windows beginning with Windows 7.

Portable version availableDoesn’t work with MacOs
Possible previewCan work under Windows XP 
Supports lots of file types It is not possible to pause a scan 

Number 10: Windows File Recovery 

ProductWindows File Recovery

This included tool of microsoft is not easy as the rest of similar Apps, it needs to type a line to make it work, it may seem complicated in the beginning but it is not that difficult.

We need to install windows fiel recovery and then find it in the start menu to use it, after you open the App you type the command line which must contain the name of the drive the type of the file to undelete, the line must start with the command “winfr”.

Officially approved by MicrosoftWorks only in the two last versions of Windows
Can be used with all types of drivesCommand line complications
Offers many optionsCan’t restore files in the same drive where they were

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