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Overview: best free editing software

Number 1: DaVinci Resolve 18

ProductDaVinci Resolve 18

DaVinci Resolve 18 is among the most popular and comprehensive software known in the world. It offers an easy and intuitive design and tools’ set for novice users while being the ideal solution for professionals. The editing interface has a multitude of hotkeys customizable for every need, transitions, effects, and allows for convenient file and timeline management.

It is the ideal solution for small and large projects: it provides solutions for monitoring, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production.

It’s known for carrying out projects in a limited time frame. It is used for the production of documentaries, feature films, and television commercials. It also allows for easy sharing of files once completed. 

Intuitive Interface and Easy EditingLaborious Learning Curve for Beginners
Great Color Correction and GradingLarge Space required
Great CompatibilityRequires a High-End professional PC

Number 2:  LightWorks


Lightworks is a professional software for editing, mastering and optimizing video content, in 2K and 4K. It is known to be used among Hollywood studios and for managing social media channels. It is used either by experts in the film industry and non-expert users.

Among the main features, we can list a large library of movies and music, options to crop and adjust the speed of the video, and visual effects that do not use pre-set filters.

The interface and features are presented as simple, intuitive, and time-saving. In addition, many tutorials are provided free of charge for ease of use and understanding.

Beginner friendlyLimited Export options (720p with free plan)
Many features with the free planRandom Crashing
Free trial version without the Watermark4K video support only for paid version

Number 3: VSDC


VSDC Free Video Editor is a non-linear video editing software, which allows you to set any type of sequence while working. It is a great tool for creating high-definition products including 4K, UHD, 3D, and 360-degree VR and for shooting with the GoPro.

The software has many tools including color correction, video capture from the screen, voice recording and post-production effects. It also provides chroma key functionality for green-screen video effects. The interface consists of lots of options for trimming, rotating and splitting videos, adding subtitles or hiding elements we don’t like.

VSDC also allows easy saving and sharing of the finished product, including pre-configured formats for uploading to popular platforms.

Several Output FormatsNo Mac version
Beginners friendlyRestricted Media Library
Great for GoPro FootageHardware Acceleration and Audio Waveform are not Available for the Free Version

Number 4: OpenShot


OpenShot is an open-source program for nonlinear video editing. It is the ideal tool for those looking for software that does not require too much effort for video editing. Despite its extreme handiness, it is a very powerful tool, capable of reading any audio, video and image format, and compatible with high-definition video such as HDV and AVCHD. 

The interface, editable to suit each personal need, offers numerous features including 3D animations, audio waveforms, numerous transition effects, real-time previews, chroma key, and desktop integration. Other appreciated features include the unlimited layering option and the audio-mixing.

Frequent UpdatesWeak Hardware Acceleration
No WatermarkFew Video Tutorials
Unlimited LayersSlow Response and Bugs

Number 5: Shotcut 


ShotCut is an open-source and cross-platform program for nonlinear video editing. It is a versatile and handy program, suitable for beginners and more advanced users. It is able to support a lot of formats both video and audio, 4K resolution, FFmpeg, ProRes, DNxHD, and AV1 decoding and encoding.

It has a long list of features that makes it very enjoyable to use and among which we include text effects even in 3D, many filters, transitions, high-quality audio filters and editing options, advanced keyframe management.

Great File Format SupportNo Direct Upload to Social Platforms
4K Resolution Support for FreeLimited Features for Advanced Projects
Advanced EffectsUnusual Interface, takes time to understand

Number 6: iMovie


iMovie, the nonlinear video editing for MacOS, stands out for its extreme ease of use. It was, in fact, designed for amateur use, by those users with limited computer skills. It offers two main options, “trailer”, i.e., pre-made videos, and “movie”, both designed for quick but impressive editing of videos.

The interface is user-friendly: you can import files from your devices, apply audio and video effects and filters, transitions, stabilize shaky footage, and reduce background noise. It also has a precision editor that makes excellent performance and offers several options for video sharing.

Although it is not the ideal tool for professional makers, it is an elegant stepping stone for those who decide to approach video-making.

Beginners FriendlyOnly for MacOS
4K Resolution SupportIt takes plenty of Storage Space
Easy personalization and sharingIt is missing Advanced Tools

Number 7: VideoPad


Videopad, a professional video editing program, integrates other software for editing and mixing sound and an image editor. It allows the import of several file formats, both audio and video, and it is compatible with major operating systems.

The interface has an intuitive and simple structure, and although the features in the free version are limited compared to the paid version, it still offers a wide range of options. These include a large number of effects and filters, color keying, brightness and tone adjustment, insertion of subtitles, including voice recognition, and music tracks, and video recording from the screen and audio from a microphone.

Video sharing can also be done easily, and the software also allows burning to DVD and Blu-Ray.

Easy SharingLimited Advanced Features
Double Built-in ScreenContinuous and annoying Notifications
3D Video EditingNo Slideshow making with the Free Plan

Number 8: HitFilms Express

ProductHitFilms Express

HitFilms Express is a valuable choice for enthusiasts and those just getting into the world of video editing. It offers a complete set of basic tools, the bare minimum for importing, cropping, and combining audio and video files. The basic features are then joined by a number of more sophisticated options that make editing smooth and fun, thanks in part to the ability to access full editing history and to the drag and drop option. 

The interface is not as basic as in other similar programs, but many tutorials are easily searchable and there’s a guide manual accessible directly from the program. 

Features include unlimited track editing, numerous filters and transition effects, 3D effects, voiceover recording, color grading and audio adjustments, animation and motion tracking.

Unlimited video/audio Timeline Track CreationIt requires Plenty of Storage Space
3D Video EditingComplicated Download Process
Built-in Youtube UploadComplex Interface

Number 9: Avidemux


Avidemux is a free software, accessible even to the less experienced, simple to use but dynamic and creative. It allows quick processing of videos, has powerful encoding tools and enables conversion to numerous formats including Avi, Mpeg, Mp4, MKV and Flv.

The interface is streamlined, basic but effective: you can trim and edit video clips, copy and delete files, rotate and flip, apply filters, transitions and effects, experiment with simple audio tools, and take advantage of the subtitle processing already built into the program.

Many Exporting OptionsFrequent Crashes
Excellent for Encoding and Converting VideosLimited Creative Features
Simple and Intuitive InterfaceBatch Process Unavailable

Number 10: Blender


Blender is an open-source software designed to meet the needs of users with intermediate and advanced skills. It was designed and is known for its features indicated primarily for animation, motion graphics, and 3D effects, although it incorporates a video editor. It has a fairly long and complex learning curve and, for this reason, is not recommended for beginners.

A wide range of tools is available to the user. Among the most important features, we name live preview, audio mixing, and waveform visualization. In addition, there is speed control, level adjustment, keyframes, many effects and transitions.

Flexible and Customizable SoftwareHard Learning Curve
Sophisticated Tools for AnimationSlow Rendering
It Supports all types of VFXLimited numbers of Tutorials


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