Last updated: January 3, 2023

Overview: the best free floor plan software

Number 1: Planner 5D

ProductPlanner 5D

One of the top free floor plan programs is Planner 5D. This software is a great resource for novices thanks to its straightforward yet clear user interface.

The capability of installing this software on a tablet and working on projects while on the go is one of its strongest advantages.

A variety of templates are provided in Planner 5 so you may use them as a starting point for your floor plan and then customize it as you see fit. You’re sure to find the ideal template among the house plans, basement plans, and garage designs.

When you’re satisfied with your idea, you can make a stunning 3D model of it, share it online, and export it in a variety of file kinds.

Utilizes a straightforward drag-and-drop mechanismAccess to the entire item library requires payment.
Simple and easy interfaceLack of flexibility in client service.
Online accessibility is simple.The size of the application is substantial.

Number 2: Floorplanner


For both inexperienced and seasoned designers, Floor Planner is among the top free floor plan design programs. This is due to the fact that it provides a totally free version in addition to many readily available membership packages that provide additional functionality and higher quality exports.

The free version of this program can be used for an unlimited period of time. Designs are exported as SD in this version, but with a paid subscription, you may export in HD, 4K, or 8K quality and add additional layers to each project.

It doesn’t need to be downloaded and is available on all devices.For multi-story plans, it might not be the best.
It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.One level can be designed for each project under its free design option.
User guides, videos, webinars, and blogs are just a few of the many educational tools it provides.Without knowing the exact size of the furniture, planning settings might be challenging.

Number 3:  SketchUp 

Product SketchUp 

For interior design, landscape design, and floor layouts, one of the greatest 3D CAD modeling programs is SketchUp.

This software can only be used online and comes with an infinite free cloud version. Using a variety of graphic design tools, this free mapping program creates the ideal environment for producing cozy and precise layouts.

There is a significant selection of designs and models contributed by other users in the SketchUp Warehouse in SketchUp Free. This function works well as a source of ideas or a template for various projects or designs.

Software offered online with an unlimited free planCloud storage is limited to 10GB in the free edition.
Strong 3D modeling abilities are available.with Adobe products incompatibility
Text is simple to work with.Working with huge files presents challenges

Number 4: RoomSketcher

Product RoomSketcher

A useful yet cost-free software program for home and floor plans is called RoomSketcher. The real estate and interior design businesses can use the program’s vast features to create 3D house blueprints and representations.

The RoomSketcher app now offers a variety of subscription packages. The free subscription includes plan design with user-friendly drawing tools and a wealth of practical features that may be used to construct up to five projects.

You must try RoomSketcher’s paid memberships in order to run more than 5 projects or access more sophisticated features.

There are numerous formats for projects.Only five projects can be made using the free version.
Projects are synchronized between devices.When using pictograms, mistakes may happen.
 It is simple to use.It has a learning curve.

Number 5: Draft it free

Product Draft it free

When it comes to creating affordable CAD software and applications, Cadlogic is a reputable business. Making its systems available to everyone is the company’s key priority.

One of this company’s primary products is a free version of the superb software Draft It with user-friendly features. Every user, whether at work or at home, can utilize this 2D CAD program.

You can modify and resize your measuring units to your exact specifications with the use of the free Draft it software. You may produce accurate maps for your project that are of a high caliber with this tool as well.

In terms of speed and power compared to earlier iterations, Draft It Version 4 is the best and quickest free CAD program available.

It is an intuitive 2D architecture CAD system.Intuitiveness is lacking in layering tools.
For non-technical users, it offers simple floor plan diagramming skills.
It gives you unrestricted access and lets you create, print, and save all of your work.

Number 6: Sweet Home 3D

ProductSweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design tool made to aid architects and interior designers in producing more efficient house layouts and furniture arrangements.

With the solution, you may sketch your layout and play with with details like the size and thickness of the walls, the color and texture of the floor and ceiling, and even the placement and orientation of the furniture.

To produce photorealistic photos, Sweet Home 3D makes it simple to annotate the plan, manage the sunlight effect, and adjust lighting.

Plugins allow you to increase Sweet Home 3D’s capabilities. The best aspect is that the solution is free, whether you use it for business or personal purposes.

It is open-source.Its library includes a variety of tiny items.
There is an online version of it that functions flawlessly in every browser.Simple visuals are present.
It is compatible with Mac, Solaris, Windows, and Linux gadgets.For outdoor design, it provides a small number of tools.

Number 7:  PlanningWiz Floor Planner

Product PlanningWiz Floor Planner

One of the best 2D and 3D floor design programs is PlanningWhiz Floor Planner. Real estate brokers, home builders, furniture sellers, and interior designers all utilize this program.

Users may explain floor plan concepts to clients using this simple-to-use floor planning application. There are both free and paid versions of the solution. You are only permitted to create five 2D/3D projects under its restricted free plan, and depending on the project type, printing or even exporting the drawings is not permitted.

It produces high-quality floor plans and works best for designing outdoor spaces despite having a limited collection of design tools. The ability to incorporate your logo on completed projects with PlanningWhiz Floor Planner is one of its strengths.

It gives drafting and designing tools that are tailored to the business. Your version may have a cap on how many plans you can store.
The platform facilitates the planning of both interior and outdoor spaces.There are only two ways to share a plan: by saving it or downloading it in medium resolution
It is able to create both 2D and 3D designs.There should be more “help” options available.

Number 8:  SmartDraw

Product SmartDraw

A capable tool for creating floor plans is the integrated design software SmartDraw. Anyone who needs to produce charts can use this program, from architects and engineers to real estate firms and project managers, as an organizational chart creator and flow chart software.

The most significant characteristics of the SmartDraw floor plan application include its more than 4500 diagram templates and file sharing and collaboration tools.

An accessible and cost-free online editor is available from SmartDraw. Additionally, quick-start templates and clever, automated formatting make it simple to construct beautiful layouts.

Additionally, you can quickly generate floor plans with SmartDraw Floor Builder’s CAD-like drawing skills and more than 34,000 architectural design symbols.

With its clever formatting, it streamlines designing.For PowerPoint, there is no export option.
Printing scaled diagrams is simple.After the workflow is finished, there is a difficulty with file sharing.
It easily incorporates with Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.Sometimes it’s challenging to use the user interface.

Number 9: Roomle


A digital 3D configurator called Roomle was developed to aid furniture makers in showcasing and marketing their goods.

High-quality, appealing photos can be used to generate interactive floor layouts by real estate brokers and interior designers.

With Roomle’s sharing features, you can start virtual walkthroughs and share your incredible floor plan ideas to improve your floor planning process and spark innovation.

The virtual reality (VR) feature on Roomle makes use of user-friendly technology to deliver interactive, virtual walkthroughs that allow anyone to explore and interact with your design.

You’ll have a better concept of how the parts of the construction relate to one another and be given some inspiration by the VR Capabilities feature.

It is a free web app that works with iOS devices.Only straight walls can be created using it.
Floor plans can be shared, saved, and printed.Few features are available in the free edition.
HTML, iOS, Android, MX, and other platforms are all supported.Design simulation is not possible.

Number 10:  Home styler

ProductHome styler

HomeStyler is an online interior design tool developed by EasyHome that includes companion mobile applications for iOS and Android that add augmented reality features so users may test out various floor plan concepts on actual photographs while using a tablet.

Your 2D and 3D floor plans can be created with HomeStyler with the highest degree of accuracy.

Thousands of furniture items, paintings, and floor patterns are available to decorate your space, and you may also design your own patterns. You can enhance your design by using the furniture library.

Virtual walkthroughs, stunning visualization, and photorealistic 3D renderings will allow you to experience your design.

Your plan can be exported in DWG format for use with other programs.It  runs slowly.
Your default resolution can be changed to HD or Ultra HD.For Windows and macOS computers, there is no desktop application.
Use of the basic version is free.


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