Last updated: January 5, 2023

Number1: OBS Studio

Product OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free program for recording gameplay videos. Windows, Mac, and Linux machines can all run the open source application. With its quick video encoder, it can quickly capture videos in HD quality.

OBS Studio can record audio and video via a webcam or microphone. Any 2D or 3D video game can be recorded using this free game recorder, and there are no file size or duration restrictions.

It is mostly utilized for live game play and is adored by many players. It can operate with a wide range of formats and systems. OBS Studio may be a decent option if you’re searching for a complete gameplay recording solution.

Windows, Mac, and Linux are all compatible with it.The app doesn’t have a straightforward user interface.
Players can simultaneously record their screen and webcam using this feature.Only gameplay at 30 frames per second can be recorded.
It works with Facebook Live,, Twitch, and other streaming services.The ability to modify videos is not built-in.

Number2: Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder

ProductApeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder

For recording online games for free, the Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a fantastic and useful application. This utility is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and doesn’t require any installation of software to use.

You may instantly record music and images from your computer’s screen with the free edition of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder software. A video tutorial, a meeting, a game, and other events can all be easily and in high-quality recorded.

For everyone, this is a helpful tool. This free screen recorder can be useful for a variety of purposes, including helping you join a business conference like GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc., or understanding your computer activity to share with coworkers or from gameplay to upload to social networking platforms.

No desktop program installation is required, and it is completely free.There is no function for modifying videos.
The microphone and all of your computer’s sounds are captured.Only 1080p is supported; 4K recording is not possible.
This tool is quite easy to use.

Number3: Fraps


Another great free game recorder is Fraps, which works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Games that employ DirectX or OpenGL graphics technology can use this tool.

Although the frame rate display feature of the tool is its most well-known feature, it also comes with a basic but useful built-in game recorder.

It offers numerous parameters for adjusting the recording quality and enables users to rapidly start a recording by pressing a hotkey.

In addition to game recording, FRAPS may be used to benchmark the system’s gaming performance and take pictures of current games.

Lightweight and easy to operate.Compared to some of the other tools, it doesn’t have as many features.
The pointer can be highlighted while audio is being recorded from an external input sourceThe recorded file is quite big.
It is capable of taking screenshots.

Number4: Gamecasters


Gamecaster is a free video recording tool that allows you to capture any type of video in Full HD. The greatest choice for recording gameplay is this program.

This program is distinctive in that it enables you to monetize your streaming material by producing end-game content.

It also enables integration with numerous utilities that add features, such as Gamecaster Remote for live streaming from mobile devices and Gamecaster Link for projecting mobile game screens onto a larger screen.

You may edit films using this program and post them to well-known gaming social media platforms.

 It is user-friendly.The application only works on 64-bit Windows systems.
It is a game with several different requirements.
Scene editor is available.

Number5: Xbox Game Bar

ProductXbox Game Bar

The capabilities of the free Xbox Game Bar software are simple to use if you are running Windows 10. Windows 10 already has this pre-installed video recording program.

This free program makes it simple to capture screenshots and video from the game. Programs, especially video games, can be recorded using game tape.

This free program can be used to record the majority of PC games, provide rapid access to screen sharing and widgets, locate teammates via LFG, and communicate with pals using Xbox consoles and mobile devices. Furthermore, the PC continues to run the game.

It is the greatest free program for beginners.There are no breaks in the recordings.
There are no registration deadlines.The quality of audio recordings is poor.
There is no advertising.Recording of the internet, documents, streaming video, etc. is not possible.

Number6: Bandicam


Bandicam is a useful program that enables you to record video games at high bitrates and frame rates. Comparatively speaking, it’s one of the top game recorders available.

This software’s exceptional capacity to give users 480 FPS is one of its standout advantages. Gamers are also drawn in large numbers by the potential for HDMI recording. Game systems like the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and others are simple to record.

It is one of the best recording programs since it lets you delete the background and replace it with another one.

Bandicam is the ideal tool for beginners in game recording who want to produce high-quality films on Windows.

 It offers 480 FPS or more for gamers.For Mac OS devices, there is no Mac version available.
There are three recording modes available.There are no video editors.
The compression function is already installed.The unregistered version captures watermarked videos.

Number7: Action


One of the top game recording programs on the market is called Action. You may record games in real time and with excellent quality with this software. It supports numerous video formats, including AVI and MP4, and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Using hardware acceleration from Intel QSV, Nvidia NVENC, or AMD APP, it can capture HD MP4 clips at 60 frames per second. After registering, Action enables you to stream videos on a variety of websites, including YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, etc.

When recording games, there is excellent steadiness.frame rate that cannot be altered.
On several platforms, live streaming is supported.needs a reliable computer.
It features a straightforward interface.The maximum recording time for the free version is 10 minutes.

Number8: Medal.TV

Product Medal.TV

One of the top video game screen recorders is Medal.TV, which offers the crucial capability of replaying or recording the final 30 seconds of the game. By saving videos in folders, Medal.TV will automatically determine what a player is playing by pressing F8 while they are in-game.

This tool is totally free and records your gaming in an easy, quick, and beautiful manner without skipping a single frame.

You can upload as many Full-HD clips as you want to Medal, so you’ll never run out of storage space once more.

Videos of the entire gameplay can be recorded.Large gaming videos are produced by it.
It enables users to record in Full HD resolution.For Linux OS, not accessible.
Provides unrestricted cloud storage.Antivirus software can identify it as malware.

Number9: AZ screen recorder

ProductAZ screen recorder

For Android, AZ Screen Recorder is a reliable and cost-free screen recorder. This application is excellent for taking clean, sharp screenshots of the screen.

You may record gameplay on your Android devices with the AZ screen recorder software as well.

Due to its inclusion of all the best features for an excellent game recorder, this software is regarded as one of the best game recorders for smartphones.

Features like the annotation tool, face recording with the camera, built-in audio recording (for Android 10 and higher), and the ability to create GIFs from recorded videos are all easily accessible with a few simple taps.

It has an easy-to-use and attractive UI.It places a lot of demands on OS hardware.
Provides an internal editor for users. Sometimes there may be issues with the sound.
Users can utilize a facecam to broadcast their games live.

Number10: LoiLo Game Recorder

ProductLoiLo Game Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder is a very useful and portable program.  You can use this tool to capture video games as they’re being played and then use different editing options to enhance the footage.

Motion-JPEG is also supported. With this file format, the best file size and image quality tradeoff is offered, and it will suffer the least performance loss when compared to other competing products.

With the aid of this software, a fantastic Full HD film in the right file size can be produced.

There are several possible capturing methods.Windows 10, Vista, and XP are incompatible with it.
The ability to record in HD is supported.You must pay to use the video editor on it.
Sharing files on YouTube is simple.The Mac version of the program is not accessible.

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