Last updated: November 16, 2022

1) Hole 19

ProductHole 19
WebsiteHole 19’s Website

Hole 19 is a golf tracker app which is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. Its gorgeous interface that helps you keep track of distances makes it stand out from other apps right away and it is completely free.You can also use this app to store all your scores in one place. You can connect with other golfers by creating your golfer profile and using the app to share feedback and participate in discussion. It can be integrated into smartwatches.

Can be integrated into smartwatchesApp Crashing
Great interfaceThe distances on the watch keeps reverting to the GPS on the phone
Scorecard functionA lot of messages encouraging you to switch to premium

2) GolfShot

WebsiteGolfShot’s Website

GolfShot is among the best. It is best for casual and professional golfers. The integration into smartwatches is also possible with this app. It has 3D display options. The free version is pretty good at tracking your shots and progress. If you want to upgrade to professional versions, you will have access to real-time distances to all critical hazards. The app provides satellite images with ability to zoom and pan. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Integration into smartwatchesRequires extra cost for more features
Wide variety of preference settingsIssues on the front page
Provides accurate informationCan consume the entire battery during a round

3) TheGrint

WebsiteTheGrint’s Website

TheGrint is one of the best golf tracker app which provides the ability to keep track of their handicap in the simplest way possible. It has a digital scorecard and leaderboard feature to help you create and manage your own tournaments. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. TheGrint is often compared to Golfshot because both apps are famous. But both apps offer the similar features. Accordingly the biggest difference between them is TheGrint is cheaper than the GolfShot.

Ability to compare live scoresShots cannot be tracked from smartwatch
Live leaderboardComplicated interface
Free membership works fine and offers a lot of featuresDo not show accurate scores sometimes

4) SwingU

WebsiteSwingU’s Website

SwingU is also a golf tracker app which has a freemium option and that you can find both on Google Play and Apple Store. It has all the basic features which you except from a golf tracker app. The premium version of this app has more useful features like zoom function for course maps but of course you have to pay for it. Its interface can sometimes cause difficulties such as hard work, but it is a situation that can be overcome.

The yardages are closer and consistentDifficult interface
Digital scorecardProblem with locating sometimes
The interface works very well with the Apple WatchFree version offers limited features

5) Tag Heuer Golf

ProductTag Heuer Golf
WebsiteTag Heuer Golf’s Website

Tag Heuer Golf app become prominent with its brillant graphics and it’s easy to track shots and input data. Its GPS renders the most realistic 3D bird’s eye view of the golf course with actual depth and utmost detail. In addition its usage is very clear and comfortable however the only problem is players has reported that they had trouble to connect their smartwatches with mobile app. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Very comfortableConnectivity issues sometimes
Can be used with smartwatchesWatch software is a little bit difficult and difficult to navigate
Detailed images of the golf courseDifficulty in detecting the application by the smartwatch

6) Golf Pad GPS

ProductGolf Pad GPS
WebsiteGolf Pad GPS’s Website

Another good free golf tracker app is GolfPad GPS. GPS rangefinder feature provides players accurate measurements of distances at any point of the course. Watching the progress and imrovement over time is possible. Nevertheless tracking shots is possible about 6-7 yards on average. What’s more, you have to pay extra to integrate the app into smartwatches. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Allows you to measure distancesDrains the battery
You can take notes as you playIn App Purchases can be costly
You can watch your progress over timeTracking your shots is about 6-7 yards on average.

7) Mobitee Golf

ProductMobitee Golf
WebsiteMobitee Golf’s Website

Mobitee Golf Software’s detailed map is remarkable sure enough. But it is the PIQ sensor which makes the software special. It provide a real-time swing analysis. The GPS feature tracks accurate distances, and the scorecard feature also records your statistics. Besides, its interface is reported to be user-friendly. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Real-time shot distance trackingConstantly freezes and crashes
Swing analysis featureCustomer support
User-friendly interfaceYou need to take your phone with you on the course

8) GolfLogix

ProductGolf Logix
WebsiteGolf Logix’s Website

It has all the basics of a golf tracker app. It has also a unique feature which is zoom-able 3D, topographical and in-depth map of each green. This feature is setting GolfLogix apart from the others. The software also shows you elevation changes on the green and where to aim It has a freemium option but you may be interrupted by overwhelming ads and you have to pay for the other versions. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Good statistics trackingYou need to pay or watch a lot of ads for the most of the features
Ability to determine distance to any pointThe GPS isn’t user friendly
3D ViewLoading error on Android

9) 18 Birdies

Product18 Birdies
Website18 Birdies’ Website

Another golf tracker application is 18 Birdies. It has a noticeably clean and clear interface. Integration into smartwatches is also available. It allows you to create and manage live tournamnets. 18 Birdies’ low-battery feaure allow players to use their application longer. 18 Birdies has also secured many giveaways to keep you interested and engaged to use this app. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Clean interface and clear satellite imagesToo many redirects in the free version like “share this, join the premium” etc.
Video trainingThe saved shots are not displayed in the proper order
Friendly on battery usageDifficult manually editing

10) Free Caddie

ProductFree Caddie
WebsiteFree Caddie’s Website

The FreeCaddie is a reliable golf tracker app with its freemium version. FreeCaddie is a completely free app but you may be exposed a lot of ads because of it. But its impressive accuracy and functionality is a status confirmed by its users. Also its virtual scorecard feature help players to track their scores. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Accuracy and functionality is goodCustomer Support
Keeping score for the entire groupOverwhelming ads
Accurate GPS distancesPoor update

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