Last updated: November 14, 2022

Overview: The best free graphic design software

Number 1: Pixlr  

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Pixlr is an online collection of image-editing programs available at no cost. It’s a one-stop shop for making animations, editing photos, and making simple graphics. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a graphic design app before or if you’re a seasoned pro; the apps are fantastic for users of all skill levels and the interface is straightforward. Pixlr is a brand that encompasses three distinct applications, each of which serves a distinct purpose. Pixlr X is designed for novices who just want to make a few simple adjustments. Photosmash Studio is another option for making stunning visual assets with minimal effort. The free version of Pixlr is ad-supported, but you can pay to remove them and gain access to all of its features, including its extensive editing tools, templates, and massive asset library containing millions of graphics, fonts, photos, video, and 3D files, as well as its support for images up to 8196 x 8196 in resolution and its unlimited access to stock content.

Easy to use Filters not updated
Works QuicklyHas a watermark
Modern LayoutLimited options in free version

Number 2: PhotoDirector

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Even if you’re not a graphic design pro, PhotoDirector gives you the tools you need to realize your creative vision. It’s the best free option for graphic designers of all skill levels, which is why we recommend it. PhotoDirector has you covered whether you’re just starting out in graphic design or are an experienced pro. It has advanced features like automatic sky removal, color gradients, color correction, masking, and layer editing in addition to the fundamentals like cropping and resizing. Making logos, brand assets, illustrations, and even basic animations is a breeze. One more thing that’s great about this free design program is how quickly and easily it handles complex editing features like layering and masking. This free design software is suitable for any type of graphic designer, whether they specialize in typography, branding, marketing, animation, or any other area of the field. It has a streamlined interface that is easy to use and provides helpful editing features like guided tools and express mode editing. Numerous options for image editing are available, including a large library of premade layouts and a variety of specialized tools. Therefore, try out PhotoDirector, the best free graphic design software.

Regularly updatedRequires more storage
Many ready made templatesEffects not look realistic
Variety of stock photosLimited features in free version

Number 3: Adobe Express

ProductAdobe Express
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To those seeking the best free graphic design software, we recommend Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Previously known as Adobe Spark, this latest addition to Adobe’s design suite provides both amateurs and pros with a complete set of tools for creating professional-quality visual communication.This app is available for no cost on the App Stores for both iOS and Android, and it provides access to many of the core features found in Adobe’s more comprehensive photo and video editing software.Logos, social media posts, and other graphic elements are all part of the vast library of company assets. Adobe provides access to thousands of different templates, the Adobe Stock library of royalty-free photos, and the Adobe Fonts collection.

Available for both android and iOS usersLimited features for free
Easy to useQuality of image not so good
Available in many languagesCan have more professional editing options

Number 4: Vectr

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If you prefer to keep your work in a web browser, Vectr, a free program for creating vector graphic designs, is for you. Due to its real-time collaboration feature, which allows anyone to view a project in progress through their browser while someone is designing, we consider Vectr to be one of the best free graphic design software options. Also, the chat feature allows for input from team members as you work, rather than having to wade through notes after the fact. When you first launch this free design software, you’ll be greeted by a helpful tutorial and walkthrough. This free program is great for making simple web graphics, and it works with SVG, PNG, and JPEG files. Also, Vectr’s layer editing is simple to use, and the program itself doesn’t take up much room on your hard drive.

Feature to collaborate liveFrequent ads
Easy to use interfaceNot so good for advanced designs
Variety of design toolsNeeds internet connection all the time

Number 5: SVG

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SVG-Edit is the best option if you want to make scalable vector graphic (SVG) images quickly and easily without downloading any additional software. Simply launch it in your browser to begin working with our template. There are two main parts to SVG-Edit, an editor and a canvas, and they complement each other beautifully. As a professional graphic designer, you likely have several projects to complete in a single day. SVG-plethora edit’s of shortcut keys makes it a speed demon. By pressing a few buttons, you can quickly and easily navigate between several different panel layouts and styles. More than a million public domain photos, infographics, and illustrations are available for use in SVG-image edit’s library. They are simple to resize and drop onto your canvas for instant inspiration. Whenever a new document is created in this graphic design program, it will save as an SVG file. When you import new images or graphics, the format will be converted to SVG without your intervention.

Online resources available for learningNo app available
Smooth navigation through interfaceNot suitable for images with fine details
Easy to useOld browser may not support SVG

Number 6:  Lunacy

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In the realm of user interface and user experience design, insanity can prove invaluable. To top it all off, Lunacy is feature-rich and simple to use, and it doesn’t cost a dime or include annoying advertisements. Lunacy has everything you need to make stunning graphics that convey your ideas clearly, including a vast font, icon, photo, and illustration library. If you’re already using Sketch and Lunacy in tandem, you can save time by importing Sketch assets directly into Lunacy. It also comes with a premade UI kit that streamlines the process of creating user interfaces. It’s free to use, but more advanced users can benefit from the likes of an image upscaler, an avatar maker, and more. With Lunacy, it’s simple to work on a project with a group of people by sending around a document and then commenting on it in real time. Because of this, Lunacy is also a fantastic tool for collaborative projects.

Easy to useSome plug-ins are missing
Built in collection of UI-KitsApp may crash while opening large files
Software is updated regularlyCutting tool missing in software

Number 7: Canva

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Among available free alternatives, Canva is the fastest graphic design software. It’s a fun and easy way to collaborate on visual projects or work on them independently thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. There’s no need to start from scratch whenever you want to make something new because it comes with a huge library of ready-made templates for any purpose. The platform has both automated tools (such as pre-made layouts) and manual ones (such as the ability to resize images and apply filters and effects) for creating content. Your own assets, or any of Canva’s millions of free assets, such as images, videos, graphics, and audio tracks, can be uploaded to your project. It’s possible to make notes, delegate tasks, and work together with others in the free version.

Easy to use for beginners as wellPremium features have watermark
Has a variety of stock photosLimited settings for export
Gives professional lookCan have more variety in free version

Number 8: Gimp

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Incredibly powerful editing and design features are included in GIMP, a free, open-source photo editor. For those without a significant budget but an ambition to one day work in the design industry, this is a top pick among free graphic design programs. With no entry cost, newcomers will be able to test their skills and see if they like it.Since its inception, this open-source photo editor has been maintained by a committed community of programmers. The brush tools in GIMP are fantastic for free-form illustration, and the program comes with a huge collection of plugins that can be used to alter its behavior. As a bonus, GIMP supports RAW files and can convert colors to CMYK for printing.

Enhanced tools for creating visualsLimited features for free
Easy to useLess online resources for learning
Smooth navigation through interface Limited 3rd party plugin available

Number 9: Blender

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Blender is among the best graphic design software for rendering, composting, video editing, simulation, animation, and modeling. It provides a wide range of options for making 3D models from scratch and modifying them later. The software’s advanced features and functionality can be better understood with the help of the available guides and tutorials.

Updates are regularly doneLag in high detailed project
Exporting can be done in various file format A little time taking to get habitual to the interface
Customer support quite goodSometimes slow and has glitches

Number 10: Inkscape

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No matter your skill level, Inkscape’s powerful yet intuitive interface will make quick work of editing vector graphics like logos, illustrations, and drawings. Cross-platform support and a helpful user community make Inkscape ideal for beginners, while more advanced users will appreciate the program’s robust capabilities. Users are able to create more complex works of art with the help of this program’s versatile drawing tools, including clones, markers, path manipulations, bitmap tracing, and alpha blending. One of Photoshop’s main competitors, but with a friendlier interface, simpler controls, and support for Illustrator files.To add to its versatility, Inkscape supports a large number of file types. It’s worth a look if you want to make professional-quality designs quickly and easily, especially vector graphics, and you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Wide variety of drawing toolsEditing limit restricted to a single page
Customer support quite goodLittle effort required to learn the tool
Large number of file formats supportedDesign processing at final stage can be a little speedy

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