Last updated: January 7, 2023

Overview: the best free Guitar tuning software

Number 1: GuitarTuna 


This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a variety of tuning modes, including standard, alternate, and custom tunings. It also includes a metronome, chord library and a bunch of games to help you learn how to play guitar. Tuning can be done both manually and automatically. You can easily and accurately tune 15 different kinds of instruments by using the microphone on your phone.

It assists you with layer management animations and 3D modelsThe free version is only offered on web browser 
Advanced tuning options.Advanced features are only available in paid version.
Easy to use.Difficulty in detecting low frequencies.
Built-in metronome for precise results.Good for beginners only.

Number 2: Fender Tune

ProductFender Tune

This app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to tune their guitar using a microphone or by connecting their guitar directly to their device using an interface. It includes a variety of tuning modes and a chromatic tuner. There are four tuning modes available in the app, which include Auto mode, Manual mode, Chromatic mode, and Pro Tuner mode.

Sleek design.Not compatible with all devices.
Auto tune mode.Noise detection issue.
Available for free.Cord detection is not efficient as per some users.

Number 3: Guitar Tuner- Chromatic

ProductGuitar Tuner- Chromaticome 3D

Guitar Tuner- Chromatic is a popular mobile app that helps musicians tune their guitars accurately and quickly. It uses a built-in microphone to listen to the sound of the strings and provides visual and audio feedback on how close or far the string is from being in tune.

Musicians no longer need to carry around a physical tuner or rely on their ears alone to tune their guitar. They can simply pull out their phone and use the app anytime, anywhere.

The app will also make it easy for you to switch between varieties of tunings, a feature that will be helpful for both beginners and professionals. 

Advantages Disadvantages
User friendly interface.Always require a stable internet connection.
Accuracy in detecting the pitch.

App contains advertisements.
Variety of features like pipe pitch.

Number 4:  Pano Tuner


This iOS and Android app includes a variety of tuning modes and allows users to tune their guitar using a microphone or by connecting their guitar directly to their device using an interface. It also includes a metronome and chord library. One potential pro of this app is that it has a clean, minimalistic design, but a potential con is that it may not be as accurate as some other tuner apps. To disable advertisements and allow non-standard tunings, in-app purchases have to be made.

Clean and minimalistic user interface.Additional features and quality tuning in paid version.
Chromatic tuner with detection system.Advertisements in free version.
Easy and enjoyable user experience.Suitable for beginners only.

Number 5: gStrings


gStrings is a guitar tuner app that allows users to accurately tune their guitar using their smartphone or tablet. The app features a chromatic tuner, which allows users to tune to any pitch, as well as a variety of alternate tuning options. The app also has a variety of customization options, allowing users to adjust the reference pitch and choose from different temperaments.

Overall, the gStrings guitar tuner app is a reliable and user-friendly option for guitarists looking to tune their instrument on the go. While it may not be as precise as some physical tuners, it is a convenient and budget-friendly option for musicians of all levels.

Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.Free version of the app includes ads, which can be annoying for some users.
Multiple tuning modes, including standard, open, and custom tunings.Some users have reported that the app can be prone to crashing
Free to download and use, although there is a paid version that offers additional features.Only available for Android devices, so iOS users are out of luck.

Number 6: Boss Tuner

ProductBoss Tuner

The Boss Tuner guitar tuner app is a digital tool that helps guitar players tune their instruments with precision and ease. It utilizes a microphone on the device to pick up the sound of the guitar and display the pitch on the screen.

This free guitar tuner app gives you the look of the TU-3 on your smartphone or tablet. It works fairly accurately and in the settings, you’ve got the option of changing the reference pitch from 440Hz, if you want those in-between tunings. 

 Portable and easy to use.Not as precise as a physical tuner
 Multiple tuning options function well.
Unwanted notification icon
Free application

Number 7: Fine Tuner

ProductFine Tuner

Fine Tuner is a guitar tuner app that allows users to easily tune their guitar on the go. The app features a simple interface with a tuner display that shows the user which string they should be playing and how close they are to being in tune. The app also has a built-in metronome, making it a convenient tool for practicing and performing.

The app uses a high-quality microphone to pick up the sounds of the guitar, ensuring that the user is getting an accurate reading of the pitch. The app also has a wide range of tuning modes, including standard, drop D, and more, making it useful for a variety of different instruments and music styles.

Accurate Tuning.Not available on all devices.
 Simple layoutNeed to pay for advance tuning options.
High quality microphone.Requires stable internet connection.

Number 8: Guitar Tuner Pro

ProductGuitar Tuner Pro

Guitar Tuner Pro is a mobile app designed to help musicians tune their guitars quickly and accurately. The app uses an advanced algorithm to detect the pitch of each string, and provides a visual representation of the tuning status. Users can adjust the tuning manually or use the app’s automatic tuning feature. There are loads of different genres so there will likely be something for everyone. 

While there may be some limitations to the app’s accuracy, it is still a valuable resource for musicians looking to get their instrument in tune.

Accurate tunerAdvertisements in free version.
Backing tracksPaid version subscription is for the entire year.

Crashes very frequently.

Number 9: Smart chords and tools

ProductSmart chords and tools

Smart Chords and Tools is a music app designed to help musicians of all levels improve their skills and learn new chords and melodies. The app offers a variety of features including a chord library, a chord progression generator, and a chord progression player.

The app also includes a chord progression player, which allows users to hear how the chords sound together and practice playing along with the progression. The app even allows users to record their own playing and share it with others.

The chord progression generator is another useful feature, allowing users to create unique chord progressions with just a few taps.

Extensive Chord library.Random Ads.
Different types of strings.Cluttered interface.
Classic and electric guitar both free with a good user base.Don’t have diverse features.

Number 10: Martin guitar tuner

ProductMartin guitar tuner

The Martin Guitar Tuner app is a convenient tool for guitarists to easily tune their instruments on the go. It features a built-in microphone that listens to the sound of the guitar and displays the note being played on the screen. The app also includes a variety of different tunings to choose from, including standard, alternate, and open tunings.

It includes a fully chromatic tuner and ear trainer to help you dial in your guitar whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Chromatic tuner and ear trainer.Over reliance on inbuilt microphone.
String change and custom shop configurator. Not reliable as a traditional tuner.

Simple and easy to use.


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