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Overview: the best free gym workout app

Number 1: MyFitnessPal


For a while now, MyFitnessPal has been dominating the rankings. This fitness app is for someone who wants everything: It helps you modify your behaviours to achieve personal health objectives, tracks exercise statistics and records calorie intake, and provides unmatched personalization for each of its assets.

The app syncs all of your workouts with more than 50 different applications and gadgets, and if you need some inspiration, it provides a library of over 350 cardio and strength workouts.

In addition, MyFitnessPal has a vast food database with over 11 million different items, including a restaurant logger.

Has a database with more than 11 million food itemsTo access the full spectrum of services, a fee-based premium package is necessary
Keeps track of your food intake and exerciseNot a provider of training services
Customizability based on health objectivesSome tracking services could be unclear or wrong

Number 2: Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

ProductDaily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer is a great fitness app option for individuals on a budget, regardless of whether you’re just starting out in a daily workout programme or are an experienced fitness enthusiast. It was created by a licenced personal trainer who leads you through randomised exercises made up of more than 95 of the most effective exercises to energise your body. It offers anywhere-accessible workout sessions that range in length from five to thirty minutes.

Reviewers laud the workouts’ ability to strike a mix between being simple to follow and challenging enough to feel the burn, as well as the fact that each session includes simple-to-follow video instructions.

Created by a trained professionalNo calorie or nutrient tracking
Exercises at home are offeredFewer features than those of several other programmes
Free fundamental servicesThe pro edition is far more feature-rich yet not free

Number 3: Zones for Training

ProductZones for Training

By connecting with Apple Watch to monitor your pulse, this app assists you in maintaining the heart rate zone while exercising. In order to help you decide whether to push yourself or stay in the fat-burning phase, Zones for Training meticulously tracks your resting and active heart rates. It then gives metrics to help you determine when you’re burning fat and when you’ve hit your peak activity level.

It’s the ideal mate for the Apple Watch, which comes with a superb heart rate monitor. The greatest users of this app are those who are seasoned exercisers looking for more precise data to aid in goal-setting or those who desire added heart-monitoring tools and smooth Apple Watch connection.

Calls to more seasoned exercisersNot recommended for novices or people taking heart-rate-altering drugs
Providing feedback on fat-burningProvide information on exercises but no actual exercises
Combines well with the Apple WatchCustomizable features cost an upgrade price

Number 4: Alo Moves

ProductAlo Moves

Alo Moves, the luxury yoga gear company Alo Yoga’s first venture into the fitness industry, has made sure to locate instructors for just about any activity you can think of, from yoga and barre to meditation and HIIT. The duration of workout videos varies from five to 150 minutes. Finding the ideal trainers for you may take some time because there are over 80 available on the platform, but you certainly have a lot of options.

Since the app’s main strengths are strength and mindfulness, it doesn’t include any aerobic activities. Particularly the barre routines may be done with or without equipment, and there are adaptations for all skill levels.

There are several options for professional fitness instructors’ workoutsThere are several options for professional fitness instructors’ workoutsFinding the most qualified coaches might be difficult because there are so many accessible
All-levels barre classes with adjustmentsNo live lessons are available
Weekly new coursesNo available cardio classes

Number 5: Glo


Glo is a fantastic software for beginners who are striving to master the tree pose or for more experienced students who are eager to increase their practise. It provides daily, carefully chosen lessons to help you achieve your objectives, be they better sleep, stress relief, or general muscle training. For information on their most recent classes, you can follow your favourite yoga instructors.

This app receives five stars in many positive reviews for its collection of knowledgeable lecturers. Other reviews praise Glo for its highly customised sessions, the option to download classes and use them offline when travelling, and the top-notch customer support. Glo also integrates with the Apple Watch, enabling you to seamlessly watch classes across your wrist while collecting fitness statistics.

Appeals to yogis at all levels, including beginnersLimited emphasis on Pilates, yoga, and meditation
Accessible daily sessions and updatesSubscription required following a trial period
Incorporates Apple Watch

Number 6: Sworkit


Due to its adaptable services, Sworkit is a customer favourite on iTunes and Google Play: Choose your objective from the categories of stretching, yoga, or aerobic exercises (or pick from sets of curated classes for monthly challenges, different skill levels, or specific trainers). Then, after entering the amount of time you have to exercise, Sworkit will generate a routine for you.

This is a fantastic option for beginners who wish to attempt different workouts because of the diversity of programmes and gradual increases in workload. With the variety of routines, you won’t get bored, and you can privately chat the app’s coaches with any queries or worries.

Numerous exercises are adaptableNo food tracking or dietary advice
Adaptable direction depending on individual objectivesFull access requires a subscription
Combines with other applications and devices

Number 7: JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

ProductJEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

Anyone who struggles to remain on track during their fitness journey can benefit greatly from the mobile and web-based app JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log, which is a Google Play Editor’s Choice pick. The software enables you to design personalised weight-training programmes and track your workouts with others, building on the scientifically supported principles of progress tracking and peer support to get you going and keep you motivated.

Take it to the gym and use the app to time your breaks while you work out and record them step by step. This function is very helpful while taking breaks between bouts of weight training.

Allows you to construct a workout that is adaptedNo rood tracking or dietary advice
User sharing of body stat tracking is possiblePayment is necessary to access all features
Exercises from an evidence-based library are offeredLimiting attention to pursuits except weightlifting

Number 8: Headspace


You should download Headspace if you need to include stress management in your fitness and wellness plan or if you need assistance with concentration and mental clarity before working out. The best physical health comes from taking care of your mental health, and Headspace has emerged as the leading meditation app.

In order to ensure that its software is an effective, helpful influence in the lives of its users, Headspace is dedicated to developing the greatest mindfulness app available. To this goal, it uses independent, scientifically validated research on its own product.

In order to teach you how to meditate, the application walks you through a thorough “Basics” package rather than merely throwing you into random sessions. This is because meditation involves more than just sitting still and breathing deliberately.

Meditation instruction for newcomers is offeredNo typical exercises, only stretching
Can be applied to a variety of health and wellbeing problemsThere is no specific dietary advice
Reduces day-to-day stressNo tracking capabilities

Number 9: Aarmy


One of the few exercise apps available, AARMY offers thorough spin and bootcamp sessions, as well as rehabilitation, in several programme styles. Each programme mixes strength, cardio, and stretching and is designed to develop a specific set of abilities for each type of exercise, whether it be ballistic weightlifting or long bike rides for endurance. You ought to be prepared to proceed to the next programme once you have completed each one. Additionally, AARMY uses affirmations and mindset training to keep you motivated, and the exercises are always changing so you never get bored.

The programme offers top-notch coaching if you require more individualised support, and the membership allows you access to live Zoom classes that you can add on at an additional cost.

World-class instructorsLive classes have an additional fee
Offers both cardio and strength training programmesFor cycling workouts, a spin bike is required
Series aids in gradual skill development

Number 10: The 7 Minute Workout

ProductThe 7 Minute Workout

The 7-Minute Workout is the ideal programme for folks who frequently travel, don’t have time to work out in the gym, or are just starting out in fitness and need to establish more manageable goals. Three workout videos are available on the app’s home screen: a standard workout, a seven-minute abs-only workout, or a seven-minute high-intensity sweat session.

Fans of the app laud its practical pre-exercise demonstrations, manageable session lengths, and affordable price.

There are exercises suitable for beginnersNo food tracking or dietary advice
suitable for individuals with hectic schedulesWorkouts require a subscription for full access
No equipment is necessaryExercises can only be done in a 7-minute style


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