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Overview: The Best Free Home Workout App

Number 1: FitOn


FitOn is a wonderful fitness software that provides a ton of free tools and training videos. The majority of the software is totally free, however there are a handful of premium features you could buy if you’d like. They provide a selection of at-home workout programs and videos that require little or no equipment.

FitOn offers a variety of beginner-friendly at-home workouts that can help you increase your muscle mass, tone your body, feel energised, boost your health, and feel totally awesome.

Majority of features are freeNon-refundable
Celebrity trainersDifficulty canceling premium membership
On-demand videosProblems with login

Number 2: Strong


An app that makes it simple and straightforward to keep track of your workouts You may add your own routines and programs in addition to those that are currently included in the app. Establish your habits and monitor your development over time. Additionally, the app lets you keep track of your weight and other physical stats.

Furthermore, you have quick access to all of your prior exercises, which you can evaluate, share, and keep track of to see how you are doing. It might also be enlightening to see how many exercises you’ve finished when you view your profile.

Ease of useMostly for people with knowledge
FreeLimited workouts
Simple interfaceLimited guidance/tutorials

Number 3: Jefit


This software lets you keep track of your workouts, much like Strong. For newbies, the app’s already-registered workouts and routines are a benefit, and you may add more. You may also create your own routines, monitor your development over time, and keep track of your weight and other physical parameters.

Strong does not provide you access to the stuff Jefit does, such as user community or the custom training plans they design. They nonetheless allow for the creation of one’s own distinctive workouts because of the virtually infinite number of exercises that one may utilize to organize their gym session.

CustomizationFree version is limited
Best for comprehensive tracking & statsAds on free plan
Relatively cheap than othersUser interface is complex

Number 4:  Nike Training Club

Product Nike Training Club

A Nike app containing more than 185 workouts in subcategories including mobility, yoga, strength, and endurance. The software also generates plans based on your objectives, the quantity of equipment you wish to utilize, and the frequency of your weekly exercises. The app includes exercise tutorial videos and workout ideas based on your training experience.

The app also provides advice on recuperation, mentality, sleep, and nutrition from coaches and other professionals. While some of the programming is challenging, NTC also provides modules geared at beginners.

Offers tons of workout varietySome workouts are full videos while others are specific videos
Expert Nike trainersIntense workouts
FreeBecause you have to first download the videos on your phone the app takes a lot of space

Number 5: Adidas Training

ProductAdidas Training

One of Adidas Runtastic’s two applications is called Adidas Training. The software concentrates on workouts and strength training, instructing you on how to carry out various exercises properly.

The fact that all of the workout’s activities can be performed at home is a plus. As a result, you don’t need to travel to the gym to finish the workout if you have a hectic work schedule and little free time.

In addition, the majority of workouts don’t require any special tools, but as you develop, you’ll need kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, and more.

FreeThe app has a complicated and crowded interface
Most exercises don’t require any equipmentOffers only healthy meal tips but not recipes and meal plans
Community within the appExercises have to be watched on a screen for you to follow along

Number 6: Strava


One of the most well-liked fitness applications for people with a competitive edge is Strava. The program not only logs your runs and bike trips, but it also pits you against other users who do the same routes.

You may use this app for sports like jogging, swimming, and cycling. With Strava, you can track your advancement and performance over time. To keep you motivated, it also includes a number of pre-planned running and cycling courses as well as monthly challenges and contests.

Rich set of featuresPrivacy concerns
Strong emphasis on communityExpensive Premium membership
Supports many fitness trackers

Number 7: MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter which allows you to record everything you eat. You may access the largest food database of any calorie counter with this app (more than 6 million foods available). In addition, you may design meals that don’t already exist in the database if that isn’t enough.

It is a tool that you will eventually learn to utilize on a regular basis. It will walk with you as you work to lose weight or boost your health, giving you access to all the data, metrics, and historical monitoring you’ll need along the road.

Free tier provides more than enough functionality for almost all usersDoesn’t allow free users to track carbs or fat in “Quick Add”
App becomes easier and quicker over time thanks to built-in customizationsCan occasionally pull up incorrect nutrition info when scanning barcodes
Provides activity logging for mundane activities as well as common exercisesMost functionality still relies totally on manual input the user can easily skip or forget

Number 8: Daily Yoga

Product:Daily Yoga

For beginners and experienced users, ages 18 to 50+, daily yoga is preferable. Daily Yoga is fantastic for both beginners and experienced users seeking for a challenge because it offers a huge library of exercises, programs, and information from highly qualified teachers. It’s a great app for people looking to advance and improve their skills because it also includes educational tutorials, enlightening blog posts, and skills testing.

Daily Yoga’s free version has limited functionality and frequent pop-up ads, but these are only minor drawbacks given all the other features it offers. Daily Yoga has undoubtedly cemented its position among the top yoga applications on the market with its vibrant, user-friendly UI, educational materials, and supportive community.

Supportive communityFree version is limited
User-friendly interfaceSubscription Pop-Ups
Informative resources

Number 9: Freeletics


According to its motto, the exercise software Freeletics provides “intense workouts and individualized training.” Once you download it, you discover that it uses AI and data from sports scientists to generate customized training programs and modify routines to suit your individual requirements.

Additionally, the variety of its routines allows you to target certain muscle areas and decide if you want to run, lift weights, perform bodyweight exercises, or do all of the above. The Freeletics app has a simple UI and is really simple to use.

Easy to useAI coach comes with Premium plan
14-Day money-back guaranteeThe training subscription plans come in 3 tiers
Designed to help you achieve specific fitness goals

Number 10: Sworkit


Sworkit is the app for you if you’re seeking for varied workouts to strengthen your core. It offers straightforward, practical strategies that are intended to help you achieve your fitness objectives as quickly as possible. Downloading Sworkit is cost-free, and all Kids material is also cost-free. All other exercises demand a current membership.

It is a workout-on-demand app featuring a variety of workouts you can perform with no equipment almost anywhere. You are guided through each session with voice coaching and videos of each motion. You may create your own workout programs or use ones already created. Even if it isn’t the most sophisticated workout-on-demand app, it is still extremely good and among the top fitness applications.

Trainers available to support and guide youNo dynamic adjustment based on progress or fitness level
Wide range of exercises


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