Last updated: January 5, 2023

Overview: the best free Instagram tracking software

Number 1: InstaFollow


Instafollow is a free Instagram analyse apps that allow the user to check Instagram followers, unfollwers, fans and etc. 

Instafollow iis the most secured app for Instagram analyses to get the information of followers, stalkers, and the potential viewer who can transfer to leads. Besides the followers and unfollowers, it also allows users to publish posts on Instagram immediately or to schedule later. 

Instafollow is also an essential tools for users to increase user search ranking and increase sales by building better brand awareness and promotions.

Free analytics and effectiveNot refresh and Update
Able to reach support team Does not show stalker list
Huge amount of free featuresKeep logging users out

Number 2: Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a free social media analysis app and leading social media analytics tool with over 10 thousand customers worldwide which provides access to exclusive analytics from Instragram, Meta, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Iconosquare helps members keep track of their performance on social networks and support a huge amount of marketers in expanding their social media accounts. The visualization report enables the user to understand the pain point and improve. 

Besides, Iconosquare allows Instagram users to schedule posts in advance and publish them automatically.

Offer connection to 5 major social media platformNot in-depth insights
Easy to useLong time for report is generated 
Good to compare with competitors Limitation on auto pubishing

Number 3: Squarelovin


Squarelovin is a free detailed social media analytics tool that provides the user with the report of the history of Instagram posts and their individual statistic per month. 

Squarelovin is aimed at all entrepreneurs who conduct their primary business on Instagram and focus on visual marketing. It includes the likes, new followers, leads, and post-performance to evaluate the engagement rate of posts and account growth. 

Squarelovin also guides the users on the best and worst times to post on Instagram and details the plan to improve the post-performance.

Free with reliable analysisLack of social media tool
User-friendly interfaceHard to find reports
Reliable customer support team Trouble in finding social accounts

Number 4: Crowdfire


Crowdfire is an intelligent social media analytics tool that helps users grow their social accounts. It helps users to save huge amounts of time syncing and managing all social media accounts from one place. 

Crowdfire works across Instagram, Meta, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo, and more platforms. Crowdfire allows the users to schedule the post in advance and publish them automatically and automatically generate the recommended articles, images, and keywords the user audience is interested in and boost the engagement rate.

Able to link with different social media accountApp may freeze after posting to instagram
Advance analytics and reportingLack of response from customer support
Both IOS and Android app availableFrequent pop-up advertisement

Number 5: Pixlee


  Pixlee is a free Instagram scheduler mobile app not only provide the user with the function to schedule post but also help users to drive more post traffics. The schedule post function and the report it generates help the users design and optimise their marketing strategy to increase social media performance and engagement rate. This can also improve sales based on more brand awareness and engagement rates. 

  Moreover, Pixlee also provides the function to determine the image the audience is interested in to boost traffic and turn viewers into leads.

Easy to curate hashtagTook time to generate reviews
Simple and user-friendlyReport quality is questionable
Great tool to increase engagementSocial Media CRM tool are little buggy

Number 6: Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a free social media management tool to help users improve social media account performance. There are eight different categories that Brandwatch focus on, which are Publish, Advertise, Measure, Benchmark, Influence, Engagement, Audience, and Listen. 

Brandwatch provides solutions for users to better engage with their audience and boost consumer loyalty based on the recommendation from an industry analyst. Social media such as Meta, Twitter, and Tiktok are all covered.

Brandwatch also provides customizable features where user can better understand their target audience and design their social media strategy based on their goals.

User-friendly interfaceRestriction on number of term user can search
Restriction on number of term user can searchNot as accessible for smaller business
Reliable reportsUI sometime struggle with larger categorisation sets

Number 7: Emplifi


Emplifi is a free social media management tool for the user to create new posts, schedule publishes posts, and keep track of post-performance. 

Emplifi works across Instagram, Meta, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. It allows the user to download the post to create stories as efficiently as possible.

Emplifi also provides the community feature to enable the users to process and respond to diverse social media platforms with the customer with the app. Besides, it also generates custom response templates for the users to better reply to the audience and increase engagement. 

Easy dashboardLack of ability to compare performance
Good performance prediction featureNeed to change filter every time for login
Clear visualization for staticsNot clear engagement rate interface

Number 8: Social Status

ProductSocial Status

Social Status is a free social media analytics and reporting app for business agencies and brands. It provides reporting to save user efforts in competitors, profile, and influencer analytics.

Competitor analytics allows users to identify the competitor’s social media strategy for the user to learn and compete.

Profile Analytics allows the user to track all the social media profiles and explore every metric in one consolidated dashboard.

Influencer analytics enables users to solve the pain point of influencer reporting. It can also assist in engagement rate based on connection with influencer profiles and user campaigns.  

Simple setupUnchecked report send to users
Convenience on report download functionCredit system only exist for report
In-depth analysis not only on individual but also competitors and influencersNot able to customize the report

Number 9: SocialScan


SocialScan is a free Instagram tracking app which allows users to understand the audience better.

SocialScan provides the information of the follower by people who followed, unfollowed, people who blocked the users, and ghost followers who follow but lack interaction. Besides, SocialScan also provides post information about the most popular posts from the users, the most popular filters and hashtags, and the detail of the Instagram story analytics.

SocialScan also identifies the pain point of users social media account and provide recommendation for users to address the pain point.

Excellent instagram account managementSometime encounter app crashing
High quality reportsSecurity and reliability issues
Easy user interfaceNot up to date data

Number 10: Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a free social media management app that allows users to schedule and publish posts, monitor activity and mentions, and better track comments and messages.

Hootsuite works across social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It allows the user to schedule the post on all social media platforms. Besides, it also helps users monitor the keywords and most popular topics that can benefit them.

Hootsuite also reviews social media post performance and help users to generate automatic reply to create better engagement and user experience.

Clear visualization for social media performanceAnalytics sometime not up to mark
Analytics sometime not up to markNot user-friendly interface
Able to manage multiple accountConfusing information


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