Last updated: January 8, 2023

Overview: Best Interior Designer Software in 2023

Floor Planner

Product:Floor Planner
Website:Floorplanner – Create 2D & 3D floor plans for real estate, office space or your home.

Floor Planner is an easy-to-use software which has a clean interface and provides the basic necessity for designing like 2D and 3D models. Users can add different objects by using credits which are to be paid separately. It has three pricing plans, Basic which is free, Plus which is priced at 5 USD per month and Pro which costs 29 USD per month. The Basic version can get you access to many 3D models and export them in 2D and 3D in standard resolution for free. 

Easy to operateDoes not provide all the features
Works on Web, tablets and desktopHas a complicated pricing plan with credits
Clear interface

Planner 5D

ProductPlanner 5D
Website:3D Home Design Software | House Design Online for Free – Planner 5D

Product description (80-120 words): Specially designed for amateurs, this software can be a good place to start designing virtual interior architectures. It has many in-built templates for various rooms in a house, this gives flexibility to new people in this field. It does provide 3D model services but high-quality 3D models are to be paid for. This app runs on Windows, Apple, Android, Web etc. The pricing model is a bit confusing as it includes premium account, educational user, personal user, commercial user and then with HD-image based pricing it is a bit unclear.

Simple for amateursMost of the features are paid
Fast performanceFree trial only for iOS and MacOS
Offers many other services like hiring a Designer etc.


Website: Free 3D design software | HomeByMe

The software does provide very realistic results, and it comes with a cost. Though the app’s interface is minimal there is still a scope of improvement. The app is pretty well-equipped with a bunch of features, and the results are very high-quality. The only thing is if you want to use the app further you have to buy it further as it gives you only limited projects to work on. They have many pricing plans but all of them are clearly shown on their site, so are quite clear. It is a web-based software so it runs on desktop and laptop, in addition it also runs on Android and iOS.

Gives realistic objectsOnly 3 renders are free
Can view other ideas for inspiration3D view is slow
Objects are customizable

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

ProductRoomstyler 3D Home Planner
Website:3D room planning tool. Plan your room layout in 3D at roomstyler

The app is Web-based so it runs on a laptop or a desktop, and is free to use. The website cuts the formality and enables the user to directly start working on a project. This app mostly provides only 2D functionality and you can only click a 3D snapshot of your work, the 3D model image is not of high-quality. It can be a good place to start if you are learning to operate an Interior Designer Software. It has a good catalogue of furniture and can be successful in giving you an inkling of your room design.

Free to useLack of control
Decent amount of collection of itemsNo 3D design mode
Very simple to useNo local save or file export

Easyhome Homestyler

ProductEasyhome Homestyler
Website:Homestyler – Free 3D Home Design Software & Floor Planner Online

The software can do a range of things from 2D plans to 3D model rendering. The app is pretty generous with its Basic plan as it gives users up to 1K free renders. and plenty of free materials and 3D models. The software is Web-based but works on desktop and mobiles as well. Users can share their renderings to a community and for the beginners there are guides and video tutorials for floor planning, lights for rendering, wall designing etc. Some people face minor glitches, but for the pricing offered it is good.

Decent range of objectsMinor interface issues
Works on Web, Apple, Android and Windows
Has video tutorials and a collection of other’s work on it

IKEA Home Planner

ProductIKEA Home Planner
Website:IKEA Kreativ – Virtual and mixed reality room design

The app is very simple to navigate, and can be used by the general public who are not professionals. And this app won’t be suitable for professionals as it does not have many advanced options. But this app has an advanced feature which is “Scanning the room”, this function can help you scan your room and design according to yourself. The site does give you some pre-uploaded rooms to work with, but they won’t be suitable for everyone.

Can be used by general peopleOnly supports IKEA products
Easy-to-use and clean interfaceOnly three rooms to work with
Advance features like scanning the roomNot for professional use


Website: 3D Design Software | 3D Modeling on the Web | SketchUp

It is mainly a Web-based software but users can view their work on mobiles. It works on Apple iPad as well but requires a subscription. With the basic version you can still avail many functions but only on the web. It has a huge library of objects and tools and the rendering is clean. It has many pricing models, but the Pro version is quite expensive. One does need some skills with 3D modeling and rendering in order to use it efficiently. Overall, it can be a good place to start and as you need you can unlock other features to upgrade yourself.

Range of tools and modelsRequires a bit of experience
High-quality renderingPro version is costly

Sweet Home 3D

Product:Sweet Home 3D
Website:Sweet Home 3D : Features

It is software which can be used by anyone, even people with no experience in house designing can learn it in a short amount of time. The website is operated in various languages, the design of the website is retro but it is easy to navigate around. The app is Web-based, so it only runs on the web. For most part the service is free, and the site offers video tutorials, guides etc. and supports 3D models, plug-ins, textures etc. People who want to learn 3D modeling, planning this can be a good start.

Suitable for everyoneVery small object collection
Does not require to register/signupGraphics are basic
 Mostly freeLimited outdoor design tools


Website:magicplan | Construction & Floor Plan App For Contractors

The app is specially designed for mobiles. People who want to design and plan on mobile can avail its feature, even though it provides web services as well. This is one of the few apps in the market that can function on a mobile, and it brings an AR tool on the table. The app lets you finish two projects for free and then it charges you. The pricing model has three plans Sketch, Report and Estimate, they start from 42 EUR to 375 EUR billed annually.

Runs on mobileAR is not the best
Easy interfaceSome minor bugs
Imbedded AR Tool

Chief Architect

ProductChief Architect
Website:Chief Architect | Architectural Home Design Software

This advanced software is specially built for experienced Interior Designers. The tool provides many advanced features which do not require external plug-ins. As this is a high-end software it comes with a learning curve. The software is expensive but there is an Interior-Only version available for a cheaper price. To order your trial version you need to contact the team to send you the link for it. And for tutorials and references you need to pay extra.

Advance featuresMinor Roof-Rendering issues
An Interiors Only version is at cheaper priceOnly for professionals

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