Last updated: January 8, 2023

Insight Timer

ProductInsight Timer

A huge free meditation library is available on the meditation app Insight Timer. The user-friendly app is excellent for both beginning and seasoned meditators. Additionally, live activities like yoga, mood tracking, one-on-one coaching, and workshops are offered by Insight Timer.  Because of how extensive and varied its meditation library is, as well as all of the other features it provides, Insight Timer received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Insight Timer is a fantastic meditation software for all skill levels; the only area where it falls short of other meditation applications is in terms of how easy it is to contact customer care.

 The library has more than 120,000 free meditations, and there are no advertisements anywhere.When you first join, you might feel overwhelmed by the size of the free meditation library and a little bewildered.
 Numerous free introductory meditation classes on a range of subjects are available for those who are new to meditation.The premium subscription is the only way to access the multi-session meditation programmes.
 The app offers free, simple-to-follow live yoga courses.The live yoga events occasionally have glitches that either knock you out of the session or force the app to close.

 Smiling Mind

Product Smiling Mind

 To help you achieve balance in your life, psychologists and educators created the free mindfulness meditation software Smiling Mind. Mindfulness meditation is about maintaining mental health and taking care of the mind, much as we eat well and exercise to keep our bodies healthy.

Their programmes are created to help individuals manage the pressure, stress, and difficulties of daily living. Smooth and peaceful voices will guide you through meditations. There are several meditations in Indigenous Australian languages in Smiling Mind.

Includes regular meditation in the classroom routineNeeds a student or teacher account to register
Enables users to choose where and when they would like to meditateRestricted choices for alternate learning requirements.
FreeBackground sounds get too repetitive at a certain point

 UCLA Mindful

Product UCLA Mindful

With the help of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, you can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere, at any time, with this simple-to-use software. According to scientific study, mindfulness can nurture happy emotions, help manage stress-related physical illnesses, lessen anxiety and despair, and help with general physical health and wellbeing.

Through constant awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and environment, mindfulness is the discipline of teaching the mind to be present.

Openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with our experience are all encouraged by mindfulness. You can create a meditation practice and learn to incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life by practicing regularly as instructed by this app.

Advantages Disadvantages
Users reported it is the next best thing to actually being thereThe Speaking in languages other than English sound unnatural
Has relatable podcastsCan’t download sessions
Easy to useNot many meditations available

Healthy Minds Program

ProductHealthy Minds Program

The Healthy Minds Program trains your mind through meditation and podcast-style lessons to develop skills – to gain focus, reduce stress, and maintain positive social connections. It is supported by four decades of research from internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson and his team at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin – Madison & Healthy Minds Innovations.

You can transform your mind to manage stress, from family to the workplace and beyond, with the help of hundreds of hours of guided meditations derived from the scientific understanding of the mind, podcast-style teachings, and progress tracking features.

Easy to use for new usersYou can’t bookmark favorites
Excellently crafted training curriculumIt’s impossible to go back to particular meditations or classes that you might find useful.
This software introduces new practices graduallyThe tone and pace of meditations intended to get you ready for bed are identical to those of other meditations.



With the help of its many features, the app is designed to lead you toward a better and healthier life. Everyone can use this software from the Medito Foundation to practice gratitude, reduce stress and anxiety, unwind, and find positivity.

Because of the all-encompassing nature of this app, you may access both guided and unguided meditations from the Medito Foundation and numerous other institutions, like UCLA, Dhamma lectures, and Audio Dharma, all of which are based on both traditional and more modern meditation methods.

Use the different features of this app for just a few minutes each day to learn about the transformative, positive, and life-changing impacts of meditation.

Available on both iOS and AndroidNot all features are free
Has great designsDoes not sync with Health App
Clean and easy to useDoes not show how many days you meditated



By shifting your meditation practice from an experiment into a habit, Oak aids in your decompression. They offer many guided, as well as, unguided sessions, breathing exercises, and meditations on mindfulness, loving-kindness, and sleep to accompany you from your first to your 500th session. Set the duration of your meditations to your liking, and add quiet or soothing background noises to suit your preferences. Oak keeps track of your development and motivates you to keep developing a beneficial meditation routine.

Simple and effective meditation techniquesNot all speakers have syndicated meditation sessions
Great if you enjoy unguided meditationLimited functionality
FreeMeditation doesn’t differ from day to day

Atom App

ProductAtom App


With the use of guided meditations, breathing exercises, gratitude exercises, mindfulness practices, positive psychology, and other techniques, The Atom: Build a Habit of Meditation for Beginners app will help you enhance your mental wellbeing and attain greater mindfulness.

Creating habits is challenging. You may not feel driven enough, but we know that all you really need is a methodical approach. Atom assists you in developing a lifelong habit of mindfulness meditation by helping you create customized routines and beginning with small meditations.

Has a habit-tracking systemDoesn’t have a lot of meditation options
Daily meditation sessionsNarration quality not as good as other apps
No ads Limited virtual trees



Utilizing techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Sanvello assists those who are dealing with stress, anxiety, or despair. The guided meditations, journals, and courses on the app assist you in learning and using practical CBT techniques. You may support others by sharing your story on message boards and chat rooms. There is a free version of the Sanvello app as well as premium memberships that cost between $8.99 and $50 a month. Additionally, Sanvello provides video-based therapy through specific insurers and jurisdictions.

Free version offers a surprising amount of content & tools.CBT “Guided Journeys” course is only available in the paid app.
Journaling tools really help you focus on noticing your moods and thoughts.Guided meditations are not advanced enough for experienced meditators
Articles and courses have interactive elements that are very engaging and make difficult subjects easier to understand.Response times from coaches can feel slow and seem impersonal

Plum village

ProductPlum village

When Plum Village: Zen Meditation is launched, users are given a quick overview of some of the app’s key features, such as content download for offline access, bells of mindfulness, and the icons used to differentiate between video and audio content. Resources, talks, meditations, extras, and a about page are the five categories. Key texts, chants, songs, poetry, and films of mindfulness exercises are available on the resources page. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh himself presents a selection of content under the lectures category.

Splendid designBuddhist style of meditation takes time to adapt to
Wonderful contentNot user friendly
Excellent organizationNot very organized

Black Lotus

ProductBlack Lotus

The best meditation software in the world, Black Lotus has a framework to help you reach your full potential along with high-quality meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and meditation music.

250K impact stories, 1 million lives impacted, and 500K user meditation hours are all recorded in the app. You can learn relaxation and stress-reduction techniques from Black Lotus, which also helps you get better sleep. Use the app for free to see the results within the first few days.

To become nicer, happier, more thoughtful, and more at ease, meditate whenever and whenever you want.

Easy to useHas in-app purchases
Many fascinating and unusual exercises.Some users reported their progress got erased
Several categories, free to use.Can’t delete or modify recorded entries of sessions

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