Last updated: January 3, 2023

Overview: the best free mind mapping software

Number 1: XMind


A straightforward mind mapping tool called XMind can help you come up with ideas, objectives, and tasks.

Although XMind seems like a psychic mutant from the X-Men series, it isn’t particularly unique.

Zen mode facilitates concentration on a single mind map.

You can add mathematical and chemical equations using the equation feature.

accessible mind map templates for varied purposes.

Using several branch colours to distinguish between nodes.

Protect your mind map files with passwordLarge mind maps can take a lot of time
Export the mind map as PNG, PDF or markdown filesNo free plan available
Mobile app is availableNot suitable for agile or scrum teams 

Number 2: ConceptDraw MINDMAP

ProductConceptDraw MINDMAP

Your unstructured ideas can be put into order with the idea management and diagramming programme ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

However, this simple mind mapping application is really just Microsoft Office Word with more features.

A timer is included in the brainstorm mode to aid in concentration.

Adding numerous hyperlinks and notes to a single map using the hypernote feature

MINDMAP editing tools make it simple to create presentations.

You can add images and icons using the graphics functionality to your mind maps.

supports 20+ mapping themes to make it simple to rapidly construct a mind map templatecostly pricing strategy
able to include attachments in a mind mapOld interface that looks like MS Word
MS Office and other mind map software allows for the transfer of mind mapping datahas no support for mobile devices

Number 3: MindManager


The mind mapping tool MindManager is most effective for lengthy brainstorming sessions. You may easily build a key idea and draw associated fresh ideas because to its drag-and-drop feature.

However, using this mapping programme to show hierarchies is difficult.

Create a diagram from scratch or use one of the 25+ built-in designs.

Using a Gantt chart to map project timeframes.

You can apply algebraic computations and other functions with the MAP 3 add-in.

Co-editing function for in-the-moment cooperation.

Simple onboarding with instructional videosNo free plan is offered
creates concept maps, org charts, and flowchartsGantt chart functionality is limited
supports rapid mind map creation via keyboard shortcutslimited number of available images and icons

Number 4: Edraw Mind Map

ProductEdraw Mind Map

A collaborative mind mapping programme called Edraw Mind Map (formerly known as MindMaster) aids in providing your thoughts with much-needed organisation.

Mode of brainstorming for a useful brainstorming session.

12 unique mind map designs, including radial, treemap, and fishbone.

The ability to construct a Gantt chart from a mind map.

You can display your mind map as a slideshow in presentation mode.

enables a variety of node designs and connection typesOnly the pro version’s Gantt chart mode is accessible
Mind maps can be exported as JPG, PNG, and PDF filesmapping layouts have less flexibility because everything is built on a template
accessible as a mobile app for devices running Android and iOSonly XMind, MindManager, and Edraw Max files can be imported

Number 5: Miro


Miro is an easy-to-use, free mind mapping programme with teamwork capabilities. Distributed teams can use it to collaborate on organisational diagrams, brainstorm, and other tasks.

supports a variety of design idioms.

video and chat features built-in with @mentions.

downloadable mind map templates.

Presenting your map as slides in presentation mode.

provides an endless whiteboard for ideas and the creation of potent free form diagramsBoard administrators cannot grant visitors permission to modify
readily integrates with additional programmes like Jira, Asana, and SlackThere are few designing and transition options in presentation mode
Mind maps can contain spreadsheets, papers, and PDFsPaid services are pricey

Number 6: MindMeister


With the popular web-based mind mapping tool MindMeister, you can work together in real-time to plan tasks, take notes, and brainstorm new ideas.

However, using this tool to connect various ideas can be cumbersome.

mind maps can be shown in full-screen presentation mode as a slideshow.

History mode to view the development of your map.

several themes with options for colours, styles, and formatting.

Features for voting and comments to facilitate teamwork.

To mind maps, you can add notes, links, icons, pictures, and videosFree plans come with little features
Publish mind maps in Word, PDF, or PNG formatunable to produce freely flowing maps
Utilize MeisterTask to incorporate mind maps into project managementYou lose formatting if you undo a move

Number 7: Coggle


An online programme called Coggle has robust mind mapping and flowchart features. This mapping programme can be used to design procedures, frameworks, and algorithms. Unfortunately, as your mind maps get too large, Coggle might start to feel clumsy or slow.

Image dragging and dropping onto mind maps.

Texts and photos that float to annotate specific areas on the map.

Branching and looping together to depict several processes.

Several places to jump off to connect relevant topics.

saves all modifications so you can go back to a previous version at any time.No whiteboard functionality
encourages real-time teamworkNo specific desktop or mobile applications
Send links to mind maps to othersLack of a branch-auto-arrangement option in mind maps

Number 8: Lucidchart


A diagramming tool for complicated systems, processes, and organisational structures is called Lucidchart.

However, novice users of this mapping tool could find it complicated.

500+ mind map designs.

Drag and drop shapes from the shape collection onto your maps.

automated layout to produce data-based diagrams.

Co-authoring tools, shape-specific comments, and in-editor chat are examples of collaboration tools.

a platform based in the cloud that may be accessed on any deviceNot available offline
integrates with tools for productivity like Slack and Google Apps & WorkspaceBasic package only offers a few features
Data import from other applications like Salesforce, Zapier, and ExcelInteraction is dated

Number 9: Mindly


You can make stunning online mind maps using Mindly for brainstorming, idea collection, project planning, meeting preparation, and other purposes.

Windows users, meanwhile, would vehemently object to Mindly.

various colour schemes for map components.

the ability to add icons, notes, or images to any element.

Visual clipboard for content mapping and idea reorganisation.

Passcode to secure your ideas and maps.

Make a hierarchy of all the elements limitlessfew integration possibilities
supports a variety of devicesNo task management tools
Export mind maps as text, PDF, and OPML filesThe amount of maps and elements you can add is limited in the free version

Number 10: ClickUp


One of the top mind mapping and productivity tools, ClickUp is utilised by effective teams in both small and large businesses.

ClickUp is the ultimate solution for managing remote projects, from assisting you in overcoming the problems of a virtual team to monitoring local or remote team performance.

To assist teams across all industries in enhancing their teamwork and workflow, ClickUp provides hundreds of customisable features. In actuality, ClickUp offers two effective and strong mind mapping tools: mind maps and whiteboards.

Custom mind maps may be made, stored, and linked to tasks within ClickUp, keeping all of your work in one location and conveniently accessible.

Multiple ViewsLimited free version 
Mobile appNo table view in the app 
Real time reporting


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