Last updated: November 7, 2022

Overview: the best free photo editing apps

Number 1: PhotoDirector app

ProductPhotoDirector app

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Available in Android and iOS .With PhotoDirector, you can add various AI-powered effects to your photographs and quickly and easily create animated images . As an added bonus, you can quickly and easily modify your images by erasing items, switching out backgrounds, and more.

Prepare to utilize bokeh and dispersion, and make your edited photographs more grandiose and striking. Complete artistic freedom, an intuitive interface, and a built-in library of royalty-free stock images from Shutterstock and iStock are all features of PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector’s expert-level features make it easy for anyone to turn a mediocre photo into a great one.

Simple to useFrequent Crashes
Add filters and effects quicklyBackground editing faces glitches
AI Technology (Tools for light and color adjustments)Free version has watermark

Number 2: VSCO app

ProductVSCO app

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VSCO is the go-to app for editing photos and videos, thanks to our extensive collection of over 200 top quality presets and tools. In addition to our global community of exceptional producers, we also provide a user-friendly video editor and a curated library of photographs covering a wide range of subjects, techniques, and aesthetic preferences.You can snap pictures, modify them, and then share them all within the same app, making it a convenient one-stop shop. The best part is how fast and simple this procedure is. The app works together with the worldwide photography community known as VSCO Grid. You can share your photos with them and they can do the same with theirs, creating a mutually inspiring environment.

Extensive library of video and photo color effects.Very less features available for free
Available for android and iOSFrequent ads disturb user experience
Great support for LUT filtersMobile based only

Number 3: Canva app

ProductCanva app

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Canva is a freemium graphic design app that also functions as a photo and video editor. Construct spectacular content for your social network accounts, including videos, cards, posters, photo collages, and more. Make your Instagram stories and collages stand out with simple animations and catchy tunes.

Have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to design? Sure thing! We developed it so that anyone, wherever in the world, can use Canva to create stunning designs in a matter of minutes using our suite of powerful tools, which includes a photo editor, collage creator, and logo builder.

Number 4: YouCam Perfect app

ProductYouCam Perfect app


More than 800 million people have already downloaded YouCam Perfect because it is one of the top selfie photo editors and beauty camera software. Get YouCam Perfect for a full suite of photo editing tools and a high-quality beauty camera, including: face retouching, picture effects, camera filters, stunning collages, fonts, stickers, frames, animation effects, and more!

You want to know the best part? The app costs nothing to download and use. You may back up your pictures to the cloud and then access them from any computer or mobile device. Use YouCam Perfect to take stunning selfies and unleash your artistic side.

A variety of animated effects and stickersSplit-tone editing is currently not supported.
Fun effectsSometimes app crashes
Automated item removal using AI on a single tap Limited features for free

Number 5: Pixlr app

ProductPixlr app


Pixlr (formerly known as Pixlr Express) is a simple and free photo editor that will help you express yourself. There is no need to register for an account, you can just get the software and start modifying right away. Record life as it unfolds and enhance it with an unprecedented number of FREE overlays, filters, and effects from the moment. Easily send your images to family and friends via email or post them on social media.

Pixlr excels at giving its customers just what they need in terms of options. When faced with choices, you will never feel lost. You may convert your pictures to black and white, film, or sepia tones with the use of intuitive brushes, preset effects, overlays, and style filters. 

Available both for Android & iOSPixlr’s free version is loaded with ads and offers few features.
Creates nice collagesSome Glitches spoil UX
Many color schemes,stickers ,bordersImage distortion problem while saving them

Number 6: Youcam Makeup 

ProductYoucam Makeup 


YouCam Makeup is the most popular virtual makeover and selfie retouch editing tool. Make sure you’re using the greatest beauty camera makeup filters by experimenting with high-quality cosmetics. Use our hair coloring tool for the best virtual hair salon experience ever.

You can instantly airbrush your skin, smooth out any wrinkles, whiten your teeth, and fine-tune your facial features with these retouching tools. Beauty Cam is the best cosmetics editor out there, whether you’re looking to perfect your cosplay or costume makeup, or add some extra drama with a dramatic eye or smoldering cheekbones.

Wide options available for Editing facial featuresEditing focused mainly for selfies
Easy to UseSome glitches with UI during registration
Available for both iOS and Android Loading time is more sometimes

Number 7: Picsart app

ProductPicsart app
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Join the more than 150 million Picsart users all over the world. The Picsart video and photo editor makes it simple to express your individuality. Create professional-quality collages, customize stickers, rapidly change the background, experiment with common edits, and select from hundreds of filters including blur, retro VHS, and Y2K. Picsart is your one-stop-shop for editing and collage-making, with all the features you need to add that special something to your content and make it stand out.

Plenty of Editable Images Available for DownloadImages saved takes a lot of storage space
Ready made templates make it simple to get started.Lack professional touch in free downloadable content
Easy  to useSometimes app lags and less reliable

Number 8: Adobe Photoshop Camera App

ProductAdobe Photoshop Camera App

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The free Adobe Photoshop Camera app is a camera app that functions as a photo editor, letting you apply filters and effects to your photographs before you even capture them. Use one of more than a hundred beautiful lens effects and filters designed to help you stand out on Instagram, all of which were conceptualized by your preferred artists and influencers.

There’s no need for photoshop or other modifying software to show the world how you see it.With the help of Adobe’s cutting-edge AI technology, Photoshop Camera enables users to create stunning photos in a variety of situations, including group selfies, food and landscape photography, and even portraiture. It’s easy to create one-of-a-kind photo effects with the help of quick auto-tone corrections and portrait adjustments.

User Friendly interfaceMemory usage high
Wide variety of options availableSometimes phone gets heated
Image Auto enhancement features availableSimple features like Zooming pic while editing not easily done

Number 9: Airbrush photo editing app

ProductAirbrush photo editing app

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A perfect picture? Who says we can’t have that? We think everyone should have access to cutting-edge editing tools, which is why AirBrush is always getting new features and effects added. AirBrush was made with the intention of being the best picture editor available. It has intuitive retouching tools, fun filter options, and stunningly gorgeous natural outcomes.Selfies and portraits both benefit greatly from the editing capabilities of AirBrush, a powerful photo-processing tool. It comes with a plethora of photo editing and enhancement features that may be used to make selfies seem their best.

In addition to the standard editing tools and virtual hair and makeup effects, there are several novel features like Relight and Prism. You can also select a new background for your images and delete unwanted elements. Similar to the aforementioned apps, a paid subscription is needed to unlock the majority of the app’s capabilities.

It has User friendly InterfaceDesigned primarily for use on selfies, it has few options for modifying more generic shots.
Easy selfie editing and retouch features No automatic updates
Subtle and Natural effectsLimited options in free features

Number 10: Adobe Lightroom app

ProductAdobe Lightroom app


Photoshop Lightroom is a free, capable camera app and image editor from Adobe that enables you to capture and edit professional-quality photos.

Lightroom is an all-in-one photo and video editing system with simple features like sliders for retouching photographs, applying photo filters, and fine-tuning backdrops, as well as transformative presets for fast adding distinctive tweaks that bring your photos to life. For experienced photographers who are already comfortable with other programs in the Adobe family (Photoshop, Lightroom, and more), the Adobe Lightroom app will provide no significant challenges. As with the other Adobe products, this one could be useful if you already know your way around them, but newcomers would need time to get used to.

Smooth controls, great masksAbsence of features of stickers, backgrounds, beautification options
Camera features at professional levelRetouch features absent
Photo editing like ProfessionalsSometimes Slows down during editing

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