Last updated: January 2, 2023

Overview: the best free photoshop app for iPhone

Number 1: Snapseed


Google’s Snapseed is a powerful app that competes with desktop photo editors thanks to its extensive feature set and simple user interface.

This free picture editing app has a variety of preset filters, as you might expect. You may modify these filters and even make your own from start, unlike most other programmes.

Free to useLearning process
Several professional editing toolsDifficult for beginners
Ad freeNot very intuitive

Number 2: VSCO


VSCO combines a camera, editing software, and an online community, just like Instagram.

But the filters are what matter most.

This free photo app offers a selection of gorgeous filters that give the impression that your photos were captured with an analogue film camera. Compared to many overly filtered Instagram presets, these gentle and delicate filters give your photographs a sense of class. And a straightforward slider can be used to change them.

Variety of choices for editingOnly mobile app
Can directly share photos to social mediaAdvanced filters and tool kits are unlocked on the premium version only
Grid community where users can share photosDoes not support the dark mode version

Number 3: Prisma Photo Editor

ProductPrisma Photo Editor

Using artificial neural networks, or whatever they are, this free photo editing programme “allows users to make photos appear as though they were painted by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali.”

Try it out; you could be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy it. Although there is a sizable set of filters offered without charge, you can pay to access more. There are more than 500 creative filters available in total.

fosters artistic experimentation and helps you produce photographs that stand outNot the best for enhancing photos and improving a decent shot
Many editing available tools in free versionCannot directly share to social media
Most editing tools and features only in premium version

Number 4: Adobe Photoshop Express

ProductAdobe Photoshop Express

Many of Photoshop’s top photo editing features are condensed within the Adobe Photoshop Express mobile app. Additionally, this free photo editing app is simple to use on a little touchscreen even if it offers a tonne of sophisticated functions.

To begin editing, just upload a photo from your device, capture a new one with the camera, or select one from your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Clear interfaceRequires a creative cloud subscription
Lots of photo editing optionsWeak retouching option
Good social media meme tools

Number 5: Foodie


At some point, everyone has been guilty of photographing their meals. Foodie embraces this need and assists you in elevating your food photography to a whole new level.

The editor resembles Instagram’s in some ways, but all 30 of its filters and editing tools are designed with food in mind.

Additionally, it makes the colours stand out and assists in aligning the ideal bird’s-eye shot.

Can take food photos to extremely new levelApp designed keeping food in mind
Similar to InstagramLimited features and templates
Good app for photos of food

Number 6: Adobe Lightroom

ProductAdobe Lightroom

The well-known desktop program’s mobile app gives users mobile access to expert editing features. Additionally, it supports RAW files, a popular high-quality image format among photographers.

The fact that this top picture editor app doesn’t strive to be everything to everyone is one of its many wonderful features.

Instead, it focuses on offering a collection of excellent adjusting options that are displayed as straightforward sliders. These enable you to change the photo’s lighting, detail, colour, distortion, and grain.

Organizations with galleries and collectionsNo layer or blend modes
Easy and fast syncing of editing stepsLimited editing options
PresetsMinimum graphical design elements

Number 7: Collage Maker

ProductCollage Maker

Simple collages can be produced using a number of free picture editing programmes (like Photoshop Express). Collage Maker, though, takes things a step farther.

There are countless layouts available in this photo collage maker, so you can always pick the perfect one for your requirements. There are many different styles and fascinating backgrounds. Additionally, you can change the fonts, colours, and sizes as well as add text.

To make the ideal collage, you don’t need to jump between apps; the programme also offers simple photo editing features.

Exciting collagesBasic photo editing tool
Lot of layoutsLittle complicated
Wide range of styles

Number 8: Visage


Your portrait images can be easily and swiftly retouched using our free selfie photo editing programme. You can specifically smooth skin, lessen skin lustre, whiten teeth, use makeup, and more.

To enhance your selfies, the app also offers a variety of eye-catching backgrounds and effects.

Applies eye and skin makeupDoes not work without internet
Removes red eyeNeeds UI improvement
Better featuresEditing does not work sometimes

Number 9: Photoleap


The best free artistic photo editing tool available is Photoleap by Lightricks.

The capacity to combine photographs to produce striking effects is one of its most well-liked capabilities. Your photographs can also include graphic components.

Although it shares many of Photoshop’s capabilities, such as layers, the learning curve isn’t as great. Having said that, you’ll probably need to watch a lot of Photoleap’s introductory videos if you want to get the most of it.

Good features for editingNo proper direction
Easy to use for beginnersNeed to pay for the upgraded version
A little experience can work wondersLess flexibility

Number 10: Afterlight


It offers all the typical fundamental functions, such as controls for exposure, hue/saturation, contrast, and tone. Additionally, there are several ways to add and edit text.

Additionally, there are more than 20 advanced tools available, including grain, selective colour, special curves, and many others.

Wide variety of toolsOnly available in English
No internet is requiredLack of frame options
No bugs or malwareUnnecessary features and tools


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