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If you’ve ever looked for a musical instruction video on YouTube, you’ve definitely seen an advertisement for the Yousician app, which boasts over 1,500 well-known songs. But a large budget frequently results in an impressive production, and that is unquestionably the case here. It ranks highly on our list of the top online piano lessons(opens in new tab) as one of the better ways to study the piano at home. This is only held back from claiming a better score by a few minor flaws including modest latency and specific components of the learning journey.

Has great contentOnly one free lesson per day
Great to learn fundamentalsHas a bit of a slow pace to reach advanced lessons
Wide variety of songs to learn, that gets frequently updatedHas latency issues sometimes

Piano Marvel

ProductPiano Marvel

 Four times faster than conventional methods, Piano Marvel offers the quickest way to learn the piano.

It is marketed as a comprehensive piano instruction system for all ages and abilities and is used by individuals, piano teachers, schools, and colleges.

It links your computer or iPad to your piano to give quick lessons while monitoring your accuracy and development.

Piano Marvel is undoubtedly comprehensive with a wealth of diverse features like lessons in technique and ear training, sight reading examinations, and a sizable song library. As an added bonus, it also includes a drums course.

Allows a diverse range of practise Free version only available for level 1 lessons
Wide variety of songs to choose fromMany of the features are dependant on having a teacher with you
Has ear trainingDoesn’t teach posture and hand positions well

Chord IQ

ProductChord IQ

A fun and interactive approach to learn notes, guitar and piano chords is to play the music-based mobile game ChordIQ. A MIDI keyboard connected to your phone or iPad can be used to learn chords and scales. The framework for this quick competition features the following internal games.

ChordIQ is regarded as a music teacher. It’s the same with games designed to teach intervals, ear training, guitar, ukulele, bass, and piano chords, as well as notes, solfège, and other musical concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Advantages Disadvantages
Great to practice sight readingToo many ads
Helps you improve your music theorySometimes ads lock and you need to restart the app to get back
Has interactive games to help you learnSome users claim it is not great for learning rather than just playing the games and guessing notes

Piano Companion

ProductPiano Companion

The music theory app Piano Companion is useful for songwriters, producers, teachers, and their students. With user libraries, reverse mode, the circle of fifths, and a chord progression builder with typical patterns, it is a flexible piano chords and scales dictionary. This programme can assist you find a piano chord or scale by key or using an external MIDI keyboard if you can’t recall its name. For instance, if you simply press C and G, the first piano chord in the search result will be C major. You can develop a custom piano chord or scale and use it for chord charts or your user library if you can’t find a certain scale or piano chord.

Quick customer supportSearching for scales is not always helpful
Very helpful for beginnersNot all features are free
Simple to useSometimes the chord progression doesn’t sound the same as the actual progression

13 Hammers: Sight Reading

Product13 Hammers: Sight Reading

 13 Hammers: Sight Reading is an app offers a confidence-boosting curriculum of daily activities that last 15 minutes, giving you a straightforward, structured path with observable milestones and a sense of achievement that will impress both you and others at the start, middle, and finish of your journey. Get immediate feedback on your accuracy, rhythm, and tempo score! (needs piano to be connected via MIDI). Mixture of repertoire and classic songs performed for others 

Daily exercisesOnly on android
Various levels to guide you to become betterYou need to have a piano
Covers many aspects of playingNot all features are free


Product Flowkey

Flowkey is a piano learning tool for multiple platforms that allows you to learn and add tunes to your repertoire. It is a great resource for beginning students and includes music from many genres, including classical, pop, film and television classics, jazz, Christmas, rock, and works for joyful and melancholy moods. The software includes pieces that are intermediate and advanced, but it is primarily designed for users who are still learning how to read sheet music. Additionally, Flowkey offers instructional videos on learning basic music theory, sight reading, and piano posture.

Wide variety of songsWorks best only if you have a teacher
Easy to use Doesn’t have a metronome
Has a video of someone playing at the bottom of the screen while you are learning in real timeDoesn’t teach composing



The workouts and calculators for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have been improved using Tenuto. A user-friendly touch interface that is fully suited for all screen sizes on all devices is used by each of the 24 exercises and six calculators.

You can practise anywhere, at any time, and without the need for Internet access, so you can continue your musical education while riding the bus or unwinding on the beach. Send your teacher an exercise progress report as soon as you get home or are close to a Wi-Fi connection.

15 activities that you may customise to improve your musicalityNot all features are free
Recognize key signatures, intervals, and chords by yourselfOnly available on iOS
Contains five musical calculators for chords, analytical symbols, intervals, accidentals, and twelve-tone matrices. Most lessons are only in the key of C



The website Tonebase provides high-quality classical piano lessons. These are the works of 70 of the best professors from prestigious universities like Juilliard, the Eastman School of Music, and the Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory. The courses are available in PDF editions, workbooks, outlines, and video formats. The tonebase website keeps track of users’ advancement in their efforts to learn the piano or the guitar. Users remark that it is a highly intriguing tool that can help us learn and understand music better.

Beautiful demo videosNo obvious routes
 Wonderful live instruction and workshopsInaccurate assessments of aptitude levels
Excellent material for expert playersIt is better if you are rather advanced at playing the piano

HD Piano

ProductHD Piano

The easiest, cleanest, and most accurate piano instructions on the globe are produced by HDpiano, who created “Hybrid Piano Lessons.” Learn to play your favourite songs in HD without any pain in the convenience of your own home. At least twice a week, new songs are posted so you may keep learning. It is a top educational platform that uses technology influenced by video games and pre-recorded piano lessons to teach novices how to play their favourite songs accurately and quickly. Some even claim it’s compared to Netflix when it comes to studying the piano.

Great customer serviceNot many songs included
Can sing along to memorize tunesNot all features are free
Has a great loop functionGlitches sometimes


Product SeeMusic

Through the use of colour, SeeMusic enables viewers to visualise and comprehend musical harmony. Each of the 12 musical pitches has a user-selectable colour. The software visualises each note using the colour assigned to that pitch when notes are played. Any keyboard or musical instrument with a MIDI output can be connected to SeeMusic, which can record synced audio and MIDI data. Even without an instrument at hand, replay and create graphic representations of musical performances.

Renders quick on PCPerformance feature is not available in the free version
You can hear your playback while renderingSometimes the app crashes when you connect a MIDI device
Don’t need a screen recorderGets glitchy

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