Last updated: November 13, 2022

Overview: The best free plant identifier app

Number 1: PlantSnap

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Over 600,000 plant species, including flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti, and more, can be. There are now gardening guides for tens of thousands of different plant species.More than 50 million plant and animal enthusiasts from over 200 countries are part of the PlantSnappers Community. View pictures and posts of exotic flowers, trees, leaves, cacti, air plants, and mushrooms from all over the world and discuss gardening with your friends. The PlantSnap plant identifier is the only tool you need to bond with the natural world and people all over the globe.One hundred million trees are to be planted by 2021. Do you wish to lend a hand? Whenever a new user joins PlantSnap, the company will plant a tree .

Easy to useLess accurate sometimes
Available for android and apple users bothSometimes less customer support
 Wide database accessible for freeFrequent ads

Number 2: Garden Answers

ProductGarden Answers
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Garden Answers is a top choice among gardeners everywhere, and for good reason. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and boasts over 3 million users. It helps with things like figuring out what kind of plant you have, what kind of pests or diseases it has, and how to deal with them, as well as giving you access to gardening experts and answering your many questions. You can get started with Garden Answers without spending a penny, but if you want the most precise results, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account. This app accurately identifies over a hundred thousand different kinds of flowers using image recognition technology. In addition, you can find gardening care information and guides written by horticultural and gardening experts.

Available for both iOS and Android usersLimited features in free version
Rich DatabaseSometimes problem in choosing image
Easy to UseFrequent crashes

Number 3: LeafSnap

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LeafSnap, a plant identification app, using AI to determine the species of a plant solely from a picture of its leaves, which sets it apart from similar offerings.It can be difficult to determine the genus of a newly discovered wildflower or peculiar shrub. Take a picture of the plant and let the app identify it for you, and you won’t have to spend time researching it or bothering your gardening friends.Presently, Leafsnap can identify 90% of all plant and tree species, which is more than 90% of the species you’re likely to encounter in any given country.

Unlimited free snapsSometimes less accuracy
Discover the names of thousands of trees, flowers, fruits, and plants in an instant.Frequent ads
Easy access to massive plant databaseUnable to search multiple images

Number 4: Plantix

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Plantix is an agricultural app that helps farmers improve crop health and productivity.In a matter of seconds, Plantix can accurately detect pests and diseases on crops, transforming your Android phone into a mobile crop doctor. Plantix is a comprehensive software system for managing and cultivating crops.With just a picture, the Plantix app can identify more than 400 different types of plant damage across 30 different major crops. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times and is available in 18 languages. When it comes to identifying agricultural damage, preventing the spread of pests and diseases, and increasing crop yields, Plantix is unmatched.

Identify and track crop pests and diseases and learn what to do about them.Available for android only
Detect upcoming disease outbreaks in your area immediately.Need to Focus on proposing cost effective solutions
Get your crop-related questions answered by 500+ members of the community.Sometimes get stuck

Number 5: iPlant

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iplant, an AI-powered app for identifying plants and flowers, is lightning-fast and highly accurate.For instantaneous plant identification and discovery, simply take or select a picture of a plant using your mobile device.Iplant is an iPhone-only app that can be used to identify plants, as its name implies. Capture and determine the species of flora with this user-friendly app. In addition to discovering new plants, you can also use the app to recognize plants in photos you’ve previously taken—handy if you’re trying to remember which species you saw during your last trip to the botanical garden. If you own an iPhone and are in need of a plant identification app, look no further than iplant.

Saves identification records automaticallyNot available for android users
Easy to useSometimes false predictions
Integrated with wikipediaWhile taking picture sometimes focus from object shifts and captures background

Number 6: Agrobase

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For agriculturalists and farmers alike, Agrobase is the app of choice. It contains a database of agronomic information, such as a list of pests, weeds, and diseases, as well as a catalog of all pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides registered in a specific country.Discover a simple method of crop protection after quickly recognizing any pests, diseases, or insects plaguing your field. Rather than spending money on costly pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, try focusing on increasing yield instead.Increased farm output is possible with the help of Agrobase, which is used by farmers of all stripes.Developed with input from crop advisors, gardeners, trainee agronomists, and agricultural students, this app is streamlined for use in the field. Effective eradication begins with proper identification of the offending weed, disease, or pest.

Interface is EasyAvailable only for androids
Rich databaseNeeds to be updated continuously
Authentic info from expertsFrequent ads

Number 7: iNaturalist

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The iNaturalist (iOS/Android) app and website are both available for free, and can be used for plant identification. Numerous reviews have ranked it as one of the top free apps for plant identification. Among the best free plant identification apps, it has received widespread appreciation. iNaturalist is a powerful tool for spotting and cataloging local wildlife and plant life. Be a part of a group of over 400 thousand knowledgeable people who are happy to share their insights with you. And furthermore, by writing up and publishing your findings, you’ll be giving scientists access to valuable information that can be used to better understand and safeguard the natural world.

Available for Android and iOSOutdated look & feel of app & website
Accurate resultsSometimes app is slow
Wide range of infoApp crashes sometimes

Number 8: PlantNet

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You can use your smartphone’s camera and the PlantNet app to quickly and accurately identify plants. Incredibly useful when you can’t get your hands on a botanist.PlantNet makes great use of the plants you photograph in order to better understand the evolution of plant diversity and to preserve it.Any plant you come across in the wild, whether it be a flower, tree, grass, conifer, fern, vine, wild salad, or cactus, can be identified and learned more about with the help of PlantNet. Identifying cultivated plants (in places like parks and gardens) is not PlantNet’s primary purpose, but it is a useful byproduct. PlantNet users in particular are needed to help catalog wild plants, including those that grow in less-than-ideal places like the middle of a vegetable garden or the middle of a city street.

Over 20,000 species can be recognisedSometimes less accurate results
In image galleries, taxonomic hierarchy navigation allows you to view images according to various categories.Navigation not smooth
There are many links to useful fact sheets.Issue uploading multiple photos

Number 9: What’s that flower

ProductWhat’s that flower

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Maybe you’re walking through the park and you spot a stunning flower and you want to know its name. Which flower is it, exactly? will be of great assistance in your efforts to determine. By selecting a desired flower’s color, habitat, and petal count, one can narrow down a list of over a thousand possibilities to just a few dozen. If there are multiple options, scroll through until you find the one you need. Learning more about it will empower you.What’s that flower is, an app designed for the sole purpose of identifying flowers. Yet there is a catch. What’s that flower, in contrast to similar apps, asks you to recall specific details about the flower in question. The app will also quiz you on your knowledge of the flower by asking you questions about its color, preferred climate, petal count, and more. The list is filtered until the most suitable option is identified. Aside from the app’s reliance on your memory, it’s a fun way to go on a flower hunt.

Resolves Curiosity for knowing a flower nameOnly for Android
Fun & InterestingUnable to identify plants
User’s memory required to feed characteristics of flower,hence ensuring the desired searchLimited Database for flowers

Number 10: SmartPlant


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The SmartPlant app has more uses than just assisting with plant identification. As an added bonus, you can add your own plants and use the included care guides. Despite offering a paid “premium” version, the app also has a free “basic” version.Discover new plants and learn how to maintain them with SmartPlant. Get your plants added to SmartPlant to build your digital plant collection while you identify and browse thousands of plants, add the ones you love, and kick back and relax while we give you the information you need to care for them.The app takes care of everything, so you can sit back and enjoy your plants.

Accurately identify plantsFrequent crashes
Diagnosis of plant disease accuratelyLimited free features
Easily add new plants to your database by scanning themSlow at times

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