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Overview: the best free screen recording softwares

(1) Free Cam:


Free Cam is a pro screen recording app with a built-in video/audio recorder for saving your desired video in almost any format.

Its distinctive interface lets the user record the entire screen or even a single portion of the screen, a video too. The best part of the app is it’s free but still there are neither watermarks nor pop-up ads, additionally, no time limitation so one can record as long as desired.

The remarkable interface lets the user experience a variety of ultra-modern tech tools while editing the output.

1.Neither pop-up ads appear nor time bounded recording sessions observed.1. Web Cam recording option is unavailable.
2. Recording of a desired portion or whole screen.
2. Saves recording to “Windows Media Video (WMV)” only.
3. Filters out disruptive background noises



Entargeted for advanced programming and tech-savvy users, this app aims at the provision of ultra-premium tools availability for any free user, sounds amazing doesn’t it? But a non-tech or newbie might get a bit derailed in various options to be ably used only by techy individuals.

It’s an open-source app supporting various URL  sharing services incorporated with a convenience to amalgamate powerful optional tools for production and editing purposes.

1.This app has an option for importing Video, audio or pictures through the device.
1.Chaotic for a new user/ non-tech background user

2. No pop-up advertisements

2. Fail to upload large files

3. Smart of this app, can incorporate hotkeys to make any task rapid and go to.

3. Video editing option unavailable



CamStudio is a genuine light interface and technicalities software best for occasional users or people who require minor changes to their recorded sessions.

Well, the simplicity of the software seems comfortable to the majority, some tech individuals think that it requires a bit more permutations to become an adequate version. The video is captured in AVI (audio video inter leave) format and could be later converted to a SWF (Adobe flash file) format if required.

1. Allows custom cursor options.
1. Reportedly routes viruses and malwares to the device
2. Adjustment options available for finalized recorded video.
2. Output incompatibility to some browsers (couldn’t open on some browsers)
3. You can  create small-sized files
3. Limited editing and enhancing features.

The app is short on editing options and tools available so one should align with another  supporting software concurrently.

(4) Ezvid:


Ezvid is a free video recording software specifically advanced to save user’s time for example: Gamers and Youtubers who need to upload gaming sessions or movie cut outs/scenes can record and straight upload the recording to their respective channels this way it contracts the average uploading time bringing much convenience to the user individual.

The app, despite of some glitches, claims to be one of the most popularly used screen recorders.

1. High quality video resolution1. Disruptive background noises reported by users
2. Well-brushed and modern interface look
2. Glitches in the interface
3. Direct uploading option to Youtube
3. A screen portion can only be recorded and not covers the whole screen.



If you’re looking for a multi-purpose snapshot and screen recorder app, TinyTake does it to a great extent for you. It allows users to capture screen, record videos and even share files to each other of course for free!

TinyTake app also has an output or documents saving gallery where you can access your material or save in advance maybe after editing for convenience.

This particular app is powered by “Mangoapps” which is a cloud-based company specialized in tech for validating and uplifting corporate’s technological experience.

1. Just like “ShareX” this app also possesses hotkeys incorporating options to make your tasks quick and handy.
1. Video files are saved in “MP4” version only
2. It uploads videos to Youtube straight
2. Pop-ups and advertisements
3. Different images, videos and documents can be viewed through built-in file viewer availability.
3.Not a variety of editing tools

(6)Debut Video Capture:

ProductDebut Video Capture

Debut is one of the best free recording apps for Windows with a little outdated interface but modern integrated functionality.

There are multiple editing tools available through which you can add logos, images, watermarks, colour adjustments and bring enhancements to the recorded video.

Moreover, the video background could  be replaced with images along with an ease of time-lapse recording option and scheduling upcoming recording sessions too, cool, isn’t it?

1. Video recording time is unlimited
1. A bit obsolete user interface
2. Sturdy output editing tools
2.Restricted editing tools.
3. Can record screen, webcam specimen and audio as well
3. Reportedly app slows down while uploading a video



Loom is an effective short video messages sharing app convenient to replace unnecessary e-mails or meetings through a contracted, subtle message by a team leader or anyone.

The app restricts users to produce up to 25 videos only with a  five minute recording  limitation too so a large-scale usage is not possible on the free version.

Furthermore, the video editing tools are not vivid so one definitely has to keep -up with an additional back-up in the form of an editing and video sharing software.

1. No watermarks and pop-up ads appear
1. Too little editing variety
2. Availability of “who viewed the video”
2. User can only produce up to 25 videos for free
3. Emojis and comments integration to the video
3. Five minute limitation per video

(8)OBS (Open Broadcaster Software):


OBS studio is an open source video recording and live streaming software suitable for Windows, MacOs and Linux which allows anyone to effectively download and record video on almost any of the operating systems.

This superb app is composed of a variety of editing tools with an option of integrating various PC texts, images, browser stuff, webcams integration, and a lot more.

You can switch from theme to theme whenever you want and can create your own version of audio by adjusting a vivid audio producing and editing scale. A wide array of configuration allows users to bring desired variations to their recorded versions.

1. Audio adjustments with audio mixer
1. Out-dated interface as per some users
2. No watermarks
2. Not feasible for short video recordings
3. Unlimited recording time

(9)Flashback Express:

ProductFlashback Express

Flashback Express is a quick and effective app for timely uploading of recorded videos with no watermarks. This app enables the users to record whole screen, videos, webcams or make short clips too for free.

The screen recording feature is not limited to a portion of the screen so you can record to whatever extent of your screen without limitations in a MP4 format, the best part is, it can also directly upload the video to linked Youtube feature which saves users’ time.

It might not be extravagant to call this app a universal one since its user accessibility applies to almost every individual be it a vlogger, student, gamer or any team leader, this software tends to provide the best flexibility possible in terms of recording and video editing.

1. Classy user interface.
1. Video editing features are premium
2.No distracting watermarks.
 2. Download video only in MP4 format
3. Can record both screen and webcam.

(10) Screencast-O-Matic:


A modern interface multifaceted in terms of usage and variety of tools equipped is what “Screen-O-Matic” is about. You can record whatever region of your screen, capture screenshots, save audios and almost whatever you can think of in the sense of  recording you can make it happen with this app.

To communicate your personalized message more clearly, you can add text to your videos as well, connect your audio or exporting audio connection is also available.

The remarkable editing features is what makes it  user friendly and the modern look to it adds to it as a distinctive one.

1.Paid versions are well-to-do and great to use1.Reportedly editing session might take a little bit longer than other editing softwares


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