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Overview: the best free seo software

Number 1: Google Search Console

ProductGoogle Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool by Google that is useful for managing your website presence in Google Search and detecting related issues that might arise.

This tool will help you learn more about which of your pages are attracting clicks and for which keywords. 

Over the previous 28 days, the total number of clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and average position are all visible. Along with seeing the keywords the page is ranking for, you can drill down into the devices, countries, and more.

In addition, Google Search Console offers a wealth of information about any coverage, page experience, or security issues. By making these improvements to your visitors’ overall user experience, you can raise your position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Simpleness of useComplicated Keyword Search Protocol
Provide dataData samples were taken slowly
Displaying Index StatusHTML sitemaps cannot be accepted.

Number 2:  keyword surfer extension

Product keyword surfer extension

Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension which is so popular both for experts and beginners .  When you perform a Google search for anything, it is used to evaluate how well any given site performs.

With the help of this tool, you can view the search volume, CPC, estimated traffic, word count, precise number of keywords used, and a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions along with overlap score and search volume for your competitors’ websites.

Sometimes, Surfer and Keyword Surfer are confused. But in reality, Surfer is the parent company of Keyword Surfer, which provides a variety of tools for various jobs. One of its SEO tools is called Keyword Surfer.

Rapid data displayTraffic analysis is inaccurate.
An entirely free pluginThe Chrome browser is the only one that supports Keyword Surfer.
User interface that is simple and clearThere are no options for features like keyword difficulty or backlinks.

Number 3:  Google PageSpeed Insights

ProductGoogle PageSpeed Insights

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights, a free tool, to learn more about the PageSpeed score of your site and how to raise it. All the issues that cause the site to load slowly are instantly identified by this tool.

This tool is an intelligent way to optimize the success of your website because it provides simple recommendations for site modifications together with estimates of how much time can be saved by putting them into practice.

Even if you are not particularly technically savvy, you will be able to identify the major issues slowing down your site’s performance, such as server issues or the time it takes for images to load, as well as the places where everything is going well.

Utilization is entirely freeNot possible to evaluate statistics from several global places
User friendlyWhen reparsing the same URL, it could produce various results.
On both mobile and desktop platforms, you can easily compare how quickly a site loads.Sometimes, Its recommendations for enhancing the website are extremely technical.

Number 4: Screaming Frog

ProductScreaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider  is a quick and sophisticated application for SEO audit which Installed locally on any computer.

In order to quickly use it as a foundation for SEO recommendations, SEO Spider lets you export important on-site SEO elements (URL, page title, meta description, headers, etc.) to a spreadsheet. 

Screaming Frog is a fantastic tool for collecting a list of URLs and scanning them for pertinent data like broken links and meta tags. This platform reduces time spent on SEO.

Useful for both extremely small and very large websitesFor new users, the interface can be a little confusing.
The tool’s “lite” version can be downloaded and used without cost.The premium version is a little expensive.
Looks over every page of a website.It doesn’t give any details on backlinks.

Number 5: Moz Link Explorer

ProductMoz Link Explorer

To improve marketing efforts, MOZ is a tool for analyzing website performance. This method of earning clients is more beneficial and less intrusive.

For increased traffic, visibility, and ranking on search engines, search engine optimization is primarily the focus. The representation is determined by the listing’s overall web visibility rating.

Accuracy, completeness, and duplication content are evaluated on both direct and indirect partner sites. For investigation and detailed data visualization, MOZ link explorer is a fully equipped desktop environment.

Local MOZ SEO is one of the greatest content marketing and analytic tools available with cutting-edge features to boost traffic and draw clients in order to grow revenue and enhance the ranking in local search engines.


Establishes domain authority.The Pro version of this program is pricey if you don’t use it frequently.
UI is simple to use.Learning every feature takes a while.
Being able to assess how competitors’ backlink profiles compare to your own.Data exports take a while.

Number 6:  SEMrush 

Product SEMrush 

In 2008, Semrush launched as a SaaS platform. Any marketer must have this tool. Search volume and cost per click are two indicators that are frequently used to investigate keywords and other internet ranking information.

provides information about a site’s backlinks and traffic percentage. Additionally, this technique is capable of performing in-depth competitive analyses, keyword research, and subject research.

It also enables you to conduct a ” SEO audit ” on your website to see if there are any technical changes you can make to rank higher on Google.

 It offers the chance to advertise brand-name goods.Its huge keyword list and database maintenance require time-consuming management.
It offers backlinks to your website as well as internal and external links on your website.Absolutely Technical
Expands a user’s reach on social networking.
White Label Reports are not present.

Number 7: XML Sitemaps Generator

ProductXML Sitemaps Generator

The XML Sitemaps Generator allows users to create sitemaps online for free. You can easily set up and utilize your sitemap without registering.

By utilizing this software, you will receive the created sitemap through email to subsequently upload to your website.

The findings also include information on the number of pages, broken links, the contents of XML files, and sitemap file instructions.

Sitemaps improve a website’s ability to be crawled. You may create different HTML and XML sitemaps with XML Sitemaps, which is advantageous for both users and search engines.

Configuring them is simple.The free version does not include all features.
Automates the calculation of metadata.
improved search outcomes for your website

Number 8: Ubersuggest 


Among marketers and SEO experts, Ubersuggest is one of the most used tools for SEO and content marketing. It is an adaptable SEO tool that aids in helping you thoroughly analyze the SEO techniques of your rivals and develop your own SEO strategies in line with market inefficiencies. 

With the help of this tool, you can improve your strategy and correct any issues with your website that might be preventing you from succeeding by accessing the greatest keyword databases and hundreds of millions of content ideas available.

 Ubersuggest performs much more than just keyword research. You can use it to create beneficial keywords that you can then utilize to create content that will rank highly in search engines.

has a Chrome plugin for quick use.There is no mobile Ubersuggest application.
provides comprehensive training It demonstrates some restrictions on target markets.
delivers quick outcomes and metrics that are simplified.

Number 9:  Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Product Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs is a powerful backlink tool for marketing that is largely used by SEO and marketing professionals to understand Google ranks by examining the linking structure, SEO health, and keyword positioning of any particular website.

Ahrefs provides a variety of useful tools for SEO professionals in addition to its backlink checking feature. SEO experts can do content analysis, improve anchor texts, and analyze rivals to track rankings with the aid of Ahrefs’ backlink checker.

You may quickly assess the most important backlinks pointing to any domain using Ahrefs’ link checker, and then plan your link-building strategy appropriately.

Show all links, both follow and no followWhen scanning big sites, it occasionally slows down.
Export data in the CSV and PDF formats.The premium edition is pricey.
Capability of data filtering for each report.

Number 10: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

ProductGoogle Mobile-Friendly Test

Making the site mobile-friendly is crucial to enhancing the user experience, especially in light of the fact that mobile search demands are constantly rising.

One of the top free programs for assessing how well a website performs on mobile devices is Mobile-Friendly Test. You can rapidly determine if your website is mobile-friendly with the use of this tool.

If a website is inappropriate, it provides a number of tools and techniques to enhance how well it works and appears on mobile devices, such as adjusting the font and image size.

easy to useThis tool does not support varying page sizes.
 In less than a minute, the test results are displayed.For web developers, this tool’s output is fairly inclusive
 A live website or URL can be easily tested.The recommendations can occasionally be too vague.


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