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Overview: Best free sleep app

Sleep Cycle:

ProductSleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an excellent app for those who wish to monitor their sleep cycle and improve its quality, by tracking the patterns of one’s sleep cycle and providing suggestions for better rest through guided meditations and coaching programs.

The app records sounds made during the night, whether we are snoring or talking in our dreams. The recordings are then arranged on a graph so that we can better identify what is happening at night and any short- and long-term trends.

By analyzing the data, the app is able to figure out whether we are in the REM phase or in a light phase of sleep and set the alarm at the right time to start the day rested and refreshed.

Optimized Alarm ClockNeed to Manually Start and Stop the Sleep Tracking
Sharing Data OptionsBattery Drain
Overlay of Audio RecordingsIt may Pick Up Movements of Others (Partner; Pets)



Calm is the right app for relaxing and relieving the day’s stress before bedtime. It is super easy to use and compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices.

The app is known for its section dedicated to bedtime stories: its library contains numerous passages read aloud, even by famous personalities, and lullabies suitable for cradling little ones to sleep.

Alongside these features, the app offers a selection of relaxing music and exercises to train to breathe and stretch. In short, it is the right choice if you seek mindfulness, physical and mental well-being.

Regular UpdatesTime Commitment
Relaxing InterfaceBad Customer Service
Great Both for Beginners and Experienced MeditatorsLimited Meditation Courses for the Free Version



AutoSleep for Apple Watch is the ideal tool for keeping track of your sleep cycle in a convenient and easy way. By simply wearing the smartwatch or leaving it on the nightstand, you will be able to keep track of the quality of your sleep hours. 

Data collection also allows you to mark in a graph, through different colors, the nights when we slept little or those of abundant sleep. This function links directly to the Sleep Bank, a system that informs us whether we are in sleep credit or debt and suggests the appropriate time to go to sleep and get the best rest. 

Apple Watch Automatically Tracks Your SleepWeak Alarm Clock Vibration
In-Depth Data Analysis and StatisticsComplicated Interface
Sharing Data OptionsOnly for Apple Devices



Pzizz is the perfect app if you have difficulty falling asleep. Its features are designed to meet the needs of those who suffer from insomnia and those who need help calming their brain. It is perfectly suited for both short afternoon naps and long nights of sleep.

The app is based on psycho-acoustic principles and provides the user with soundtracks that replay the so-called binatural beats, frequencies of sound that induce four particular types of brain waves, thus going to calm the mind and gradually relax the muscles. The songs offered change daily, and the various features, including voiceover and sound effects, are customizable according to preference.

Offline UseLarge Download Size
Customizable Voice-Over SettingsSome Voice-Overs are based on Neurologic Programming
Frequent UpdatesEarphones May be Necessary



The Pillow app is used to monitor sleep cycles and works with iPhone and Apple Watch devices. It tracks sounds made during the night, when we talk or when we snore, and movements, collects them, and over time helps paint a complete picture of our habits.

The app can track the three stages of sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM phase, so that we wake up in the best stage to face the day with more energy. 

After the alarm goes off, the app prompts the user to send feedback on the night just passed: this systematic monitoring helps, in the long run, to improve mood and brings numerous health benefits to our lives.

Many Features Available with the Free PlanOnly for Apple Devices
In-depth Data AnalysisBattery Drain
Automatic Sleep TrackingA few Instances of Inaccuracy



BetterSleep is an application that aims to help its users to improve their sleep quality. Its main features are based on studies that recommend the sound frequencies of white noise, mild but constant sounds, to fall asleep faster and more peacefully.

The app offers a library of sounds and music, daily meditations for stress and anxiety relief as well as guided relaxation and breathing exercises. Among the main features, we find the section dedicated to user customizations, who can create reminders and alarm clocks, goals for sleep regularization, and playlists designed to suit their tastes.

Customizable Sleep PlaylistsSleep Tracking Data are not as In-Depth as Other Apps
Great Variety of SoundscapesLimited Features with the Free Plan
Mindfulness FeaturesSome Compatibility Issues

White Noise Lite:

ProductWhite Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is one of the best free applications on the market for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. It assumes that our brain never stops scanning for sounds, even when we are asleep. The app offers a huge selection of white noises, sounds over a wide range of frequencies that play in the background and allow the brain to relax and rest well.

Is highly valued by users because even the free version offers a huge library of free sounds, from a thunderstorm to ocean waves. It also allows you to put them into your own customizable mix and change their pitch.

Besides eliminating distractions at bedtime, the app is used to calm children, reduce stress and migraines, and mask tinnitus.

Great CompatibilitySounds May Seem Repetitive
MixPad Editor for New Soundscapes CreationBattery Drain
Background Audio SupportAds with the Free Plan

Relax & Sleep Well:

ProductRelax & Sleep Well

Relax&Sleep Well, created by Glenn Harrold, an expert in insomnia treatment and hypnosis, ranked first as the best app for insomnia in 2020. It does not require registration in order to access the hypnotherapy recordings and be able to begin your own path to stress relief and sleep cycle healing.

Users will experience healing meditation to induce both physical and mental relaxation, reduce feelings of anxiety, and increase awareness and self-esteem.

Hypnotic suggestions come from the studied choice of sound effects and musical frequencies using state-of-the-art recording technology. In addition, the app provides two free eBooks to guide the user toward self-hypnosis.

User-FriendlyCompatibility Issues
Offline ModeAds
Background Audio SupportYou are given just One Program for Free



SnoreLab is a free application that helps its users improve sleep quality by tracking their snoring patterns. It is specially designed to record and track the times of the night when snoring, or labored breathing, and provide suitable and personalized solutions for well-being.

In the morning, it will be possible to check at what stages of sleep the noise intensifies and listen to part of the recording. The app is highly appreciated by users because it is not limited to data analysis, but provides a highly personalized user experience. It is in fact able to assess the impact of changes in daily life, such as drug and alcohol intake, or weight loss, and recommend remedies and devices to reduce snoring, enjoy good rest and all the benefits that come with it.

Clinically RecommendedLimited Customizable Features with the Free Plan
Intuitive DesignPoor Customer Support
Helpful HintsIt does Not Detect Sleep Apnea



Tide is an excellent app for those who want to improve sleep quality, train concentration, and relieve stress. The app combines features that integrate breathing training, meditation, analysis of data collected during sleep hours, and treatment of anxiety states.

Thanks to its features, you will be able to leave your hectic and stressful life behind so that you can take a restorative nap or spend a night of deep sleep, being lulled by the sounds of nature. You will be able to carry out mindfulness practices, fall asleep quickly, maintain a good sleep cycle, and improve your mood and productivity.

Frequent UpdatesSome Features are Missing
Clear InterfaceSlow User Support
Sleep Tracking and Data AnalysisPrivacy Issues


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