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Overview: Best free sleep tracker app for apple watch



SleepScore is an app that tracks and measures your breathing rate, body movement, and body temperature using only your smartphone’s microphone and speaker.

It also offers insight into your sleep environment and offers a thorough breakdown of each sleep stage. And they never make any recordings.

Sleepscore app is a tailored software with suggestions for bettering sleep based on your sleep data. After achieving your sleep goals, SleepScore assists you in continuing to have restful evenings so that you feel and look better.

According to users’ reviews, they’ve tried several sleep tracking devices and apps and sleepscore is by far the best tracker. Also, it provides advice that is actionable.The app is not very accurate according to users review
According to review made by users, the app should be recommended because it makes you sleep quite betterProblems may arise when trying to access the app, like issues with login. Data could be lost as a result
The app has a great feature. When used for a while, it makes your head clearer and allows you to be more focused.According to the user’s review, the app is kind of buggy. Screen disappears if they try to navigate.



Even if Advanced Tracking is not turned on, SleepWatch will still track your sleep when you merely wear your Apple Watch to bed. You may gather more data on how long it takes you to fall asleep using advanced tracking.

As of September 2021, SleepWatch had over 283,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars on the App Store. A good job is done by SleepWatch in precisely monitoring your sleep and providing you with information that makes sense.

The charts are simple to understand, and it’s clear when you’re doing well and when you need to get more sleep.

Most accurate app that helps track sleep with you wearing your watch to bedWorks only when you’re using the server
It makes users of the app feel more relaxed and sleep wellHas privacy issues. A also, you can’t see your reports in your apple watch
According to the user’s review, it’s one of the best apps to use in tracking your sleepThere’s issues with sleep detection sensitivity according to the user’s review.



Using the smart alarm clock and the Sleepcycle app, you can unwind, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed. The app that makes getting out of bed in the morning just a little bit easier lets you track your sleep from bedtime to morning and provides thorough analysis.

With our smart alarm clock and sleep tracker, you can monitor your sleep on your phone and begin the day feeling energized. Due to its innovative design, it only wakes you up when you are still in a light sleep stage.

Additionally, as Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep habits from the time you go to bed until you get up, you’ll receive comprehensive reports. Track your sleep and utilize the information to your advantage.

Advantages Disadvantages
It’s a app that should be recommended to anyone whore having challenges with sleeping according to users review According to the user’s review, the app sometimes is inaccurate. It’s quite disappointing and the sleep recording records way too much static background noise
The app interacts effectively with its users. The app is worth using according to review It’s kind of difficult and challenging to use.
The app is reliable, user friendly, and absolutely fantastic according to the user’s review.The app sometimes doesn’t work and it’s not doing its job the way it’s supposed to



By calculating the deep and light periods of sleep, Napbot provides extensive sleep phases analysis. It offers a sleep trend feature that monitors your sleep patterns to help users better understand how they sleep.

It also offers a sleep heart rate feature that displays a summary chart of your sleep heart rate based on your HR zones. It offers a sleep history feature where you can examine beautifully designed overviews of your whole sleep history.

NapBot examines your exposure to the outside world to determine how it affects the quality of your sleep.

The app is freely accessible to everyoneThe app is sometimes inaccurate and it’s buggy
 The app works pretty wellThe app has poor development according to the user’s review. The app doesn’t do a good job of tracking when you wake up in the middle of the night or how long it takes to fall asleep
It’s a good app for shift workers according to the users reviewThere’s a problem with usage and editing. Sleep analysis rarely matches perception of sleep.



To check both the quantity and quality of your sleep, Sleep++ makes use of the Apple Watch’s motion and health tracking features. The software’s creators recently updated the app with the major addition of automatic sleep tracking into Sleep++.

The original concept behind Sleep++ was to track your movements throughout the night and utilize that information to determine how well the user slept.

This works pretty well, however due to Apple Watch technological restrictions, users must manually open the Apple Watch app at the beginning and end of their night in order to inform Sleep++ when they fell asleep. 

It’s an excellent sleep tracker. It gives users comprehensive look at their sleep and where they can improve on themThe app is not consistent and has a poor execution according to feedback from users 
It’s the most useful apps compared to others It’s not very accurate with the recent update on the app
The app works well for the automatic sleep trackingIt’s also very limited in terms of development



For your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad, Pillow is the greatest sleep tracker software to help you discover the medically validated advantages of getting enough sleep.

The app’s fundamental features include audio recordings, smart alarms, and sleep stage analysis. You can also listen to great sleep aid content to meditate and fall asleep.

Blood oxygen levels, environmental audio levels are basically part of the features it offers. The sophisticated technology in Pillow tracks your heart rate and movement to wake you up at the lightest possible state of sleep.

The app is great and convenient to useThe app is not very accurate, according to user’s review
The app helps in improving sleepSince the recent update, the work isn’t working as it supposed to
The app is worth paying for according to the feedback gotten from usersThe app is inconsistent. I.e. it stops showing the users night wake time and gives exactly the same reading multiple consecutive days.



 The greatest sleep tracking software is ShutEye, which can help you understand your sleep pattern. ShutEye is a sleeping app which can be used to monitor your sleep without a watch and get better sleep.

The app offers a sleep quality score, which is a general sleep assessment, and customizes CBTI sleep coaching to help you gradually raise your score. Shuteye offers individual insights depending on each sleep through real-time biometric data collecting and analytics.

A feature of Shuteye called the smart alarm can assist users in getting up at the right time in their sleep cycles so they can feel alert and prepared to face the day.

It reduces stress as well as improves moodThe app has so many ads and pop ups making it inconvenient for users to use.
It wakes you up feeling refreshed and energizedAccording to users review, their phone battery life degrade significantly when using the app
It makes users fall asleep faster and sleep longer The app crashes most of the time due to recent update



 Rem is an autosleep tracker that gives you the most accurate sleep analysis possible by using an AI-Machine Learning algorithm.

The REM app will automatically record your sleep rhythm and display it in an understandable diagram. Rem’s features include a sleep tracker and an intelligent alarm clock that gently wakes you up from deep sleep.

Another aspect of the app is Trends, which uses a trend diagram to track how your routine affects the quality of your sleep. It discovers your progress by easily accessing your reports. 

It’s a well designed app and very effective according to User’s reviewLack of customer’s support when issues arises in the app
It’s the most accurate compared to other sleep tracking app according to feedback from usersIt has a limited development at the free version
It’s a good sleep app which is understandable and works greatAccording to user’s review, the app doesn’t differentiate a difference in the sleep mood



The Sleep Monitor app is a smart alarm clock and sleep monitor that wakes you up when it’s best for you, provides nightly data, and can even identify snoring.

It improves your quality of sleep, behavior monitoring, and the development of wellness-promoting habits. To let you know if you have sleep debt, Sleepzy even analyzes your sleep pattern.

It also provides users with basic features like weather forecasts for their location to make planning of their day ahead simple, amazing insights into their sleep pattern and progress tracking, the ability to listen to their night sounds and determine whether they snore, and the ability to wake up rested to their favorite music at the ideal time.

According to review, the app is cool and useful Too much ads and bugs on the app which makes it inconvenience for users to use
A great app for waking up according to users reviewApp doesn’t respond and works as it’s supposed to
Users interface (UI) of the app is much more efficient and also, the visuals with the sleep quality helps you understand the date more clearlyThere’s an issue with loading the app and it’s not always accurate according to users’ reviews.

Apple watch sleep tracker

ProductApple watch sleep tracker

The app contains a sleep component that offers information about your sleeping patterns. You can estimate how long you spend sleeping by using sleep trackers and monitors.

By examining changes in physical activity, including movement at night, these gadgets calculate how long you spend in bed and how long you spend sleeping. By manually recording your own estimates of bedtime and sleep time, you can also keep track of your sleep.

Viewing your respiratory rate, looking at your sleep history, updating your whole schedule, changing your sleep schedule on your Apple Watch, and more are additional capabilities.

The Apple Watch app is free and accessible to all apple watch usersIt doesn’t have very developed features that other sleep track app has
The Apple Watch is currently one of the most precise sleep tracking gadgets available. It has a long history of use and, most importantly, it accurately estimates the length of sleep.It is unable to fully identify or diagnose sleep apnea.
Offers the most accurate result compared to other sleep tracker apps.Compared to other sleep tracking apps, it still lacks some basic important functions that users may like to see.

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