Last updated: January 7, 2023

Overview: the best free small business accounting software

Number 1: Quickfile

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Over the last few years, a lot of effort has gone into QuickFile. I didn’t include it at first because I was having trouble with the layout. It now has a simple dashboard and is simple to set up. It also includes some features that are paid for in other apps. 

QuickFile is free until you have completed 1000 nominal transactions in a calendar year. A sales invoice is an example of a nominal transaction because it will record in both the customer and sales accounts, resulting in two nominal transactions.

Easy to useThere is an annual fee for automatic bank data import.
You can use it to upload documents  If your company grows, you will need to pay for the software, but it will still be less expensive than other options.
Can be used for estimates and purchase orders 

Number 2: Bokio


Bokio is completely free accounting software with the added benefit of being linked to accountants. It means that if you have a problem, there are people who can assist you, but at a cost. 

It is appropriate for small businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers. 

The dashboard is simple, with a breakdown of expenses and customers. I set up one of my clients on Bokio, and they quickly accepted it. They had previously used Wave Apps, but due to bank feeds and support withdrawal, they decided it was time to switch.

You can record as many transactions as you want for free. There aren’t many options for invoicing layout.
VAT returns are bringing tax into the digital ageThere aren’t many financial reports available.
Most banks feed automatic banks.If you require assistance, it can be costly.

Number 3: FreeAgent


If you have a current account with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, or Ulster Bank NI, FreeAgent is an excellent small business accounting software. Otherwise, prices begin at £9.50 per month for a sole trader and £14.50 per month for Limited Companies. 

The benefit of FreeAgent is that it is a fully integrated, user-friendly software package that can be obtained for free. It is a good alternative to paid software such as QuickBooks or Xero and has some advanced features. 

It may even be worthwhile to consider switching bank accounts in order to obtain the best accounting software for your company. If you’re thinking about switching, do your homework and look into the bank fees.

Number 4: Crunch


Crunch was founded in 2007 by Darren Fell in response to shortages in accounting firms. As a result, he made the decision to launch an all-inclusive service for freelancers, contractors, and small businesses. 

Crunch Accounting software is ideal for independent contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. They provide a free version that is simple to use. When I review the software, I don’t see any reports, which I believe are essential for a bookkeeper.

Free to use No financial reports are available
Set up is easy  Can’t set the VAT rate
Ability to upload bank statements Straightforward invoice template with no options.

Number 5: GNU Cash

ProductGNU Cash

GNUCash is a free open-source accounting program for small businesses that you can install on your computer. 

Because GNUCash is not a cloud-based software, it will only allow one user. 

GNUCash is not as visually appealing as some of the other accounting software we have reviewed, but it is functional and includes all of the features required by sole proprietors to manage their accounts.

Downloaded to your computer, there is no need for an internet connection. Others are more user-friendly. 
Software that is open source.Invoicing is very simple.
 Fill out sales invoices. VAT will be calculated, but tax will not be made digitally compliant.

Number 6:Manager Accounting Software

ProductManager Accounting Software

Manager Free Accounting is accounting software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is completely free and has a plethora of features. This business and productivity software installation is quick, and you’ll be ready to explore its extensive features in no time. This accounting software can handle a general ledger, cash management, remittance advice, and other tasks. This can also be used to process and compute taxes like VAT, GST, and sales. Payrolls can also be handled here. Email templates can also be customized using the software. Manager Free Accounting is a one-stop shop for all of your corporate accounting requirements.

Setup is simpleThe full version is costly. 
There is no need for an internet connection.Not compatible with Making Tax Digital, but this will be added in future editions.

Simple to use.

Number 7: Pandle Accounting Software for Small Business

ProductPandle Accounting Software for Small Business

Pandle is cloud-based bookkeeping software designed with real people in mind. Its capabilities are extensive while remaining simple to use. Pandle automates your most time-consuming bookkeeping tasks, such as importing and confirming bank transactions or sending payment reminders and recurring invoices. 

If you set up an account for a small charity in the UK, for example, after a couple of hours of training, everyone will understand it and be able to run it themselves. They’ve been using the software for a couple of years and it does everything they need.

Dashboard that is simple to use. A paid-for version is fed by the bank. 
Invoice your customers.There are fewer reports than in some of the more popular packages.
Maintain a list of outstanding invoices.

Number 8: WaveApps


Wave Apps was one of the cloud accounting software for small businesses that was highly recommended. In recent years, they have concentrated in the United States and Canada. 

They have closed all new UK and European customers and may discontinue customer support in the future. If you are a Wave user in the UK or Europe, you will also notice that the bank feed is not working. 

However, Wave assists small businesses by imagining a future in which small business owners manage their finances fearlessly and more aspiring entrepreneurs have the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Easy to set upNot available to Uk and Europe users
Free accessSome features are not free to use 

Simple to use

Number 9: Zoho Books 

ProductZoho Books 

Zoho Books offers a free version of their accounting software, making it an excellent starting point with the assurance that it will grow with your company. 

Zoho Books is a complete accounting software package that includes all of the expected features as well as mileage and time tracking. 

They have also created 40 integrated apps, so if you require another business solution, they may have something available.

Accounting software in its entirety.Bank fees are an additional cost.
On the free plan, you can send 1000 invoices per year. It may be more difficult to learn than others.
Tracking of expenses and mileage.

Number 10: FreshBooks


For service businesses, FreshBooks is the best small business accounting software. Freshbooks’ invoices were clean and professional, which I appreciated: 

Although Quickbooks has superior product and inventory management tools, Freshbooks excels in project management. 

When working on a project with a team or clients, it is much easier to find attachments, leave comments, and keep an overview. 

Freshbooks, in my opinion, is the best option for freelancers and service businesses because of this feature.

You can save time by automatically tracking expenses. The  mobile app is somewhat limited.
A fantastic collection of integrations to help you manage your business. Some users have expressed concern that the software is not suitable for larger businesses. 
It provides a free trial.There are fewer product/inventory management features than competitors.


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