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Overview: Best Free Text App

Number 1: WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a universally accessible freeware, cross-stage, concentrated texting, and voice-over-IP administration possessed by the American organization, Meta. It permits users to send message and voice messages, settle on voice and video decisions, and offer pictures, records, client areas, and other substances.

With north of 2 billion dynamic users, WhatsApp is particularly famous among loved ones who live in various nations and need to keep in contact.

WhatsApp’s worldwide fame is to a great extent because of its openness, cross-stage usefulness, and basic, clear elements.

Very friendly user interface Security breaks
No advertisements.Feeble information security
Contains other fantastic features such as voice call and video call.Does not adapt quickly in response to users.

Number 2: Facebook Messenger

ProductFacebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a free versatile messaging application utilized for texting, sharing photographs, recordings, sound accounts and for bunch visits. The application, which is easy to download, can be utilized to speak with your companions on Facebook and with your telephone contacts.

A portion of the fundamental elements of the application are texting, photograph/video sharing, bunch visits – users can talk with their Facebook companions and telephone directory contacts, capacity to record voice messages, live video talk and video calling.

Chatting is made easier and more straightforward.It can rapidly deplete the battery of your gadget.
It doesn’t involve and subscription at allUsers are compelled to utilize Messenger provided that they utilize the Facebook application.
Allows features like video call, audio messages and others.It’s challenging to safeguard your security totally.

Number 3: TextMe


TextMe is a free telephone number application that allows you to promptly begin sending instant messages (SMS), photographs and recordings (MMS), voice messages, and calls however much you need by utilizing just Wi-Fi or portable information. As this apparatus uses virtual burner telephone numbers, it is difficult to be followed which incredibly safeguards your protection. In any case, it isn’t encouraged to be utilized by kids as it could endanger their security.

This messaging platform permits you to send instant messages, make VOIP, and video-conferencing calls for nothing. You can either buy credits for it or procure free credits by finishing offers at no expense.

Very friendly UI Contains lots of adverts
Good voice and video call qualityNot ideal for international calls.
Easy texting from anywhere in the worldNot completely free

Number 4: Telegram


Telegram is a texting tool that permits you to send and get messages from your contacts even without sharing your telephone number. The application saw an unexpected flood in prevalence in 2021 after WhatsApp reported changes to security strategy would permit it to impart information to parent organization Meta. It offers its users various highlights, remembering no restrictions for media sizes, start-to-finish encryption in “secret talks” and a gigantic 200,000-man limit with regards to bunch visits. Telegram is accessible across a scope of portable and work area stages, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

Elevated degree of safetyA strong and stable network connection is highly needed.
Start to finish encoded secret chatsScanning things for old information or explicit data needs little improvement for simple following.
Safeguards messages from digital assaults.A few nations do not permit the use of Telegram, so this limits the opportunity to talk with companions in specific nations.

Number 5: Slack


Slack is a working environment through which you can send messages and documents, meaning that the Slack Application is an instant messaging tool. The add-ons are not significant as the primary purpose is speaking with partners. Communication via Slack allows for one-to-one conversation between team members, commonly known as DM (direct message), and general discussion platforms, called groups or channels.

Slack can assist your group with imparting all the more successfully by supplanting email, text informing, and moment visiting with one programming.

Slack can help your team communicate more effectively by replacing email, text messaging, and instant chatting with one software.

You can make channels inside the organization.There is very little space for storing documents.
Channels can be public, private, shared, or multi-work areas.Your discussions get erased following 14 days, so if you are sent something significant inside a channel, ensure you make a note of it.
Your information inside the stage is constantly safeguarded thanks to incredible security.During delayed use, the application freezes and restarts.

Number 6: WeChat


With more than a billion monthly users, WeChat is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world, especially in China. WhatsApp is not readily available for use in China, hence WeChat was made an alternative.

No matter what country you’re in, WeChat is easily accessible and free to download at no cost.

WeChat supports the basics like voice chatting, picture messaging, and video calling. You can also share your real-time location with friends, play mini-games with each other, and post to a Story-like feature called “moments.”

Absolutely freePrivacy issue
File sharing is easySecurity concern
Added features like game play with friends.Highly stable internet connection is required

Number 7: Textfree


Textfree Application, previously known as Pinger is a unique free messaging application and wifi calling application that permits you to message/bring over the web. With Textfree, you can send free SMS informing, bunch messages, MMS picture messages , global messages (and calls), as well as voice messages, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – all liberated from cost. The application gives you a genuine US telephone number, and best of all, you can message anybody (through Textfree) regardless of whether the other individual has the application.

Simple to utilizeIt’s not absolutely free
Makes it simple for you to stay in touch with individuals you would truly prefer not to have individual telephone numberContains an excessive number of adverts.
Has different features aside from texting, like voice call service.Call quality is low

Number 8: Signal


Signal is a start to finish encoded texting and SMS application. Users of the signal messaging app can send direct or bunch messages, photographs, and voice messages across different gadgets. The key benefit that it offers over comparable applications is serious areas of strength for security and protection.

Anybody in any profession that requires safe communication will profit from Signal. To be sure, anybody at all can utilize Signal to their advantage, as it will fundamentally decrease both your network safety weaknesses and your information impression.

Completely open source.Not broadly utilized or known.
Intimately acquainted, instinctive interface.Requires your telephone number for contact revelation.
Permits sound chats, with confirmation.Anybody who follows your web use can see you’re utilizing Signal. In any case, they will not have the option to peruse your messages.

Number 9: Nextplus


Nextplus is a remarkable cell phone application that goes past typical messaging. It is one that allows free cordial and approaching calls from a devoted telephone number. Nextplus permits users to send and get a limitless measure of SMS messages. There are no agreements and no secret charges inside this bundle. It is viable with tablets as well as cell phones. Users are not expected to have a current cell plan to use this help.

Nextplus gives total telephone service all embedded into an application that is allowed to download and enjoyable to utilize!

Allows unlimited messaging with just internet connection.Contains lots of adverts
Provides a great user experience on both tablets and mobiles.Some services involve paid subscription.
There are no hidden charges.

Number 10: TextNow


TextNow is a communication application that offers free and limitless messaging and calling services. It is a messaging application that stands as a less expensive choice compared with WhatsApp and other similar applications. TextNow looks like other messaging apps accessible today, with a clear UI and all fundamental informing components. The features include phone call transmission, sending messages, pictures, emojis, stickers, and recording video and voice messages.

TextNow is free, although some advanced services such as international calls involve costs. It is available for download on mobile devices.

Cheap and readily accessible.Heaps of tiring adverts
Consistent handoff between Wi-Fi and VoIP calls.Different features like calls have bad quality.
Easy setup.Loads gradually and application slacks in some cases.


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