Last updated: November 7, 2022

Overview: the best free video editing software

Number 1: OpenShot

ProductOpenShot Video Editor
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OpenShot is compatible with Linux (the vast majority of distributions are supported), Windows (7, 8, and 10+), and OS X (10.15+). Video projects saved in one operating system can be viewed in another due to cross-platform compatibility. OpenShot, built on top of the robust FFmpeg library, is capable of reading and writing a wide variety of video and image formats .One of OpenShot’s most appealing qualities is the seamlessness with which it can be integrated into the user’s existing desktop environment.

There are built-in file managers, window boundaries, and drag-and-drop functionality, all of which work with the native file system. You can use tracks to add many layers of media to your work, such as a video, audio track, and image. Add as many watermarks, audio tracks, videos, etc. to the background as you like. It is also possible to raise, lower, and lock the tracks.

No WatermarkInterface seems obsolete
Supports 3D animationFrequent Performance Issues
Completely free and open-sourceLimited Features for Editing

Number 2: DaVinci Resolve 18

ProductDaVinci Resolve 18
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Product description (80-120 words): Da Vinci Resolve 18 is the latest release and its is a freeware. When it comes to working together remotely, nothing beats the cloud-based workflows available in DaVinci Resolve 18. Blackmagic Cloud allows people from all over the world to share and access their project libraries and work together in real time on the same timeline.

Managing and generating proxies is a breeze with the help of the Proxy Generator program. Support for Apple’s Neural Engine boosts playback speed on M1 Apple computers by as much as 30 times. Fairlight fixed bus to FlexBus conversion, New to DaVinci Resolve 18 are Resolve FX like ultra beauty  enhanced subtitling tools for editors,  and and 3D depth maps, and many more.

Most advanced color-correction features availableLess Plugins available for Resolve Editors
Cheap FreewareDynamic Linking missing
Wide User-base with regular updatesA little more effort needed to learn the software

Number 3: VSDC Free Video Editor

ProductVSDC Free Video Editor
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This free software package provides a complete multimedia solution, including tools for video and audio editing, audio enhancement, recording voice overs, screen capture, and more. It has more than 5 million satisfied customers all over the world by providing low-cost visualization tools for artists and designers.

Non-linear editing software like VSDC makes it possible to create seamless, high-quality videos using many camera angles and layers. Color blending is another option for customizing the visual style of your video. Your movie can have its own distinct professional look applied to it using a broad variety of tunable factors. Simple, attractive filters similar of Instagram may be applied with a single click, making it ideal for beginners. 

FreeSometimes technical glitches occur while opening
No watermarkMotion tracking missing in free version
Availability of Technical support serviceSome clips may have text that overlaps and bleeds into others

Number 4: Lightworks

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You may load in just about any common media format you can think of. Send your films over to any social network. The same usability, features, and performance are available on all supported operating systems. Bring in a video of any frame rate and see it in its original size and form. Proxy files optimized from HD, 4K, and 8K media increase performance. Keep all of your projects and documents safe at all times.

Each activity is automatically saved in Lightworks, so you never have to worry about losing progress. One of Lightworks’ many strengths is the sheer number of pre-made graphics at one’s disposal. One click editing from your cloud storage! It’s as easy as linking, browsing, and dropping clips onto a timeline. Easily share your sequences with others and know who has access to them in real time.

FreewareFrequent crashes
No watermarkAudio syncing issues
Works on multiple platformsVideo uploading ,importing takes a lot of time

Number 5: Blender – Open-source 3D creation

ProductBlender – Open-source 3D creation
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The Blender 3D creation suite is available for free and open source. The full gamut of 3D production processes, from modeling and rigging to animation and simulation to rendering and compositing and even motion tracking, are all supported, as are other media editing and game development tasks.

Blender’s API for Python scripting allows for extensive customization and the creation of new, specialized tools for the program’s power users, many of which find their way into subsequent iterations of Blender. Blender’s unified pipeline and reactive development approach make it ideal for individuals and small studios. The three major operating systems (Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux) can all use Blender without issue.

FreeSometimes becomes too slow
Open SourceNot having a niche
Plethora of Learning materials availableUser interface not smooth to interact

Number 6: Kdenlive

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Kdenlive is a free software option for editing videos. Multiple video and audio tracks can be used and arranged in Kdenlive, and individual tracks can be muted or locked for privacy. Kdenlive, because of FFmpeg libraries, supports a wide variety of audio and video formats without requiring conversion or re-encoding. Your interface can be rearranged and saved in a variety of ways to better suit your needs.

In addition to the usual assortment of transformation choices, you also have access to dozens of special effects, such as color grading and audio editing. You can get render profiles, wipes, and title templates right in the interface.

FreeResponse time is slow
No watermarkStability issues on windows
Choice of where and how to display subtitlesVery limited output options

Number 7:Shotcut

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Shotcut is a great video editor. It has several features seen in paid video editors. The effects menu includes blurring, masking, color grading, and other creative choices. Drag-and-drop makes adding source clips to the timeline easy. The timeline enables numerous levels for complex modifications.

You can Set a custom video size to make square or vertical videos from horizontal source clips for social media or mobile phone viewing. Users with small screens may have trouble viewing some of the panels in the default layout, thus the changeable panels are a welcome touch. 

Free & Open Source, Cross PlatformPreview mode not available
Functionality of Drag & dropLag in applying affects like color grading
No WatermarkAdvanced editing features missing

Number 8: iMovie

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As a piece of software for editing videos, iMovie was made by Apple for use on both iOS and macOS. iMovie was developed exclusively for use with Apple hardware. Apple is aware that not everyone has the same level of technical knowledge. Apple gives you a very user-friendly interface because some people have no prior expertise or understanding.

This means that any regular user can make and modify videos with the help of this program. Movie simplifies the process of showcasing one’s abilities and sharing one’s experiences with others. To get their videos seen by more than just their immediate networks, users will need to make use of services like iCloud Drive, AirDrop, and social networking.

Free for Apple UsersMedia Requires a lot of storage space
No watermarkImporting some video files(e.g.mp4) is complex
Easy to learnPlatform is a little slower

Number 9:Hitfilm express

ProductHitfilm express
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HitFilm is famous for how quickly it processes files. It’s rumored to be twice as quick at exporting as rivals and eight times faster at playback, and its user-friendly interface encourages you to cut, copy, slice, and sync with zero lag.

The tools are simple but powerful, allowing you to quickly and easily produce professional-grade media through the use of drag-and-drop transitions and premade templates. It is quite easy to fine-tune the sound using auto-audio sync. To really take your social media video editing to the next level, try adding lighting effects like light leaks and glows to your clips.

FreeHas Watermark
Works on both windows and macHigh system requirements
Quality features for freePreview unavailable for some effects

Number 10: Avid Media Composer

ProductAvid Media Composer
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It is a freeware.It is a simple to use video editing solution and competitive with industry giants like Adobe and Apple. You can anticipate a high-quality, feature-rich, professional tool that’s ideal for making both professional and amateur videos for sharing on YouTube and at home. You can use Media Composer First, the free edition, for personal usage.

By giving both students and amateurs access to professional-level equipment, this edition serves as a solid stepping stone on the path to a career in filmmaking. Avid DNxHD codec, FrameFlex, Audio Dupe Detection, Edit 3D, visual feedback during editing, multi-cam editing, editing high-resolution and native HD media are just some of the professional capabilities users can anticipate from Avid Media Composer. Users can also preview clips before finalizing, edit HDR projects, and work in any aspect ratio and resolution supported by the software.

Works on Mac and PC’sHeavy system requirements and graphics card
Most options available for freeComplex downloading procedure
Loaded with professional options and effectsInterface is not so user friendly

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