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Overview: Best free workout app



If you are looking for a free workout app where you can track your progress and create your own workout plan, Strong is for you.

The app offers you fitness plans, the possibility to create your own workout and customize your rest time. If you are not sure how to do an exercise correctly, you can look into the app for instructions that come along with images or short videos.

The app also has a premium plan, if you want more details about your workout and nutrition. 

1. Custom time1. Limited workout templates
2. You can include this in your workout: warm ups, failure and drop sets2. No access to nutrition
3. You can add notes to each workout3. Don’t add new features



Jefit is a workout app that comes with exercises and plans already created, but you can also design your own plan and customize your rest time. The app is great for every fitness level and even has a community where you can communicate with other people and use the workout plans that they have created.

Jefit gives you the possibility to track your workouts and your progress over time, but you have limited stats for the free plan. It can also record your weight and body measurements. If you want more information about your workout, you will have to pay for the premium plan.

1. Good for beginners
1. Limited graphs and charts for progress tracking
2. Customize plans2. Ads
3. Custom rest time3. No instructions on how to properly do the exercise

(3)Nike Training Club:

ProductNike Training Club

With Nike Training Club, you can target more categories such as: yoga, endurance, strength and mobility. The app has over 200 free workouts and targeted training programs and you can also create plans according to your goals. You don’t have to worry about your fitness level, because the workouts are marked as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Nike Training Club also includes videos with professional trainers, who will show you how to properly do an exercise. At the end of your workout you will be asked to rate your training so that the app could select the best workouts for next time.

1. Available for every fitness level1. Workout planner only available for IOS
2. Warm-ups and cool-downs included2. Limited tracking
3. Workout suggestions based on your training history3. You have to download videos on your phone, which takes space



Strava is one of the most popular apps for those with a competitive edge. The app is used for running, swimming and cycling activities. With help from this app you can track your runs, analyze your performance and progress over time. The app has predefined running and cycling routes, and there are also monthly competitions and challenges to keep you motivated.

Strava also has a community where you can upload workouts, share your progress, follow people, and give “kudos” on each other’s posts.

1. You don’t need a GPS watch1. Lack of privacy
2. Discover running routes2. Fear of judgment
3. Track speed, altitude, distance and calories burned3. Too competitive



MyFitnessPal is a user-friendly app where you can count your calories. The app can scan barcodes from products that you have eaten.

MyFitnessPal has over 14 million foods available and you can add food that doesn’t exist on the database. With MyFitnessPal you can keep a food diary in order to understand your habits and increase your chance of hitting your goal.

The app even has a community where you can share your experience and ask for advice, tips, and support 24/7. 

1. Link your account with other apps1. Inaccurate weight loss or gain predictions
2. Use various types of measurements2. Inconsistent updating
3. Big database of foods3. Can’t log on if you don’t have access to the internet



MapMyFitness is a workout app from which you can choose different activities such as walking, running, cycling, resistance exercises, swimming etc. The app has a variety of features, from tracking, to recording your workouts retrospectively and using your device’s GPS to customize routes, customize your own workouts and challenges.

MapMyFitness has a Nutrition section as well, where you can input data such as weight and foods you eat. This is a great way of keeping you updated to different aspects of your health and fitness journey. 

1. Use GPS to create pre-planned routes1. Support widgets
2. Connect with other users2. Ads
3. Take part in challenges3. Doesn’t suggest recipes



FitOn is a great workout app if you are looking for a variety of activities such as strength, yoga, cardio, hiit, stretch, pilates or workouts with no equipment. The app is user-friendly and can be used by people with different fitness levels.

FitOn has videos with live trainers who will do the exercises with you, so you will be able to do them properly. The app can be connected to your music and to your IOS or Android health apps.

1. Easy to use 1. Limited workout programs
2. Live trainers2. Some “beginner” classes aren’t suited for beginners
3. Can be connected to other apps3. Doesn’t include meal plans

(8)GymShark Training and Fitness:

ProductGymShark Training and Fitness

GymShark is a clothing brand, but recently they have created a workout app named GymShark Training and Fitness, which is free. The app is available for IOS and Android. With this app you can target different body muscles, it doesn’t matter your fitness level because the app has videos with trainers who will teach you how to properly do an exercise.

GymShark Training and Fitness offers you the possibility of creating your own workout/plan where you can add supersets, giant sets and circuits. You can also  customize your rest time and record your weight.

1. 100% free1. Only available in English
2. No ads2. Not available on fitness watch
3. Doesn’t require WiFi3. Doesn’t have a calendar to track your workouts

(9)7 minute workout:

Product7 minute workout

You can guess from the name of the app that the workout lasts for seven minutes. This workout app is designed for people who just want to move a little every day to feel better, get motivated or for people who don’t have time to go to the gym and spend around 45 minutes working out.

The 7 minute workout has a variety of workouts which target what body part you want to work with, and you can also create your own workout based on your preferences. The app has an instructor as well, who will show you the exercises.

1. Get motivated1. It’s more for beginners
2. Custom workouts2. More cardio
3. Doesn’t require a lot of time3. Too intense for some people



Fitbit is a wrist-based fitness tracker. This app will track all your activities from walks, workouts, steps taken, climbing stairs etc. to even nutrition, calories burned and consumed, water consumed and weight loss or gain. Some of these are tracked automatically, others need to be entered manually.

Based on your data that was recorded by Fitbit, you will get personalized recommendations and customized workouts. With this app you can connect with your Fitbit friends to cheer or to challenge each other.  

1. Has exercise diary1. Can miss some tracking information
2. Increase awareness2. Needs connection to a smartphone or computer
3. Ad-free3. Doesn’t have a food diary


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