Last updated: November 19, 2022

Overview: the best free yoga apps.

Number 1: Yoga Studio.

ProductYoga Studio.

Turn your living room into a complete yoga studio with the free Yoga Studio app. Play, create, customize, and schedule easy-to-follow yoga classes with full teacher commentary.

Download yoga classes for easy access. After downloading, you can view the videos anywhere, anytime, without a data connection. Users also practice at their own pace. Choose one out of over eighty yoga and meditation programs with varying lengths, purposes, and intensities.

Pose blocks let you learn about popular combinations like a sun salutation. The app supports sessions between 10 and 60 mins long. Some other features of Yoga studio include tracking support, Chromecast support, and more.

The intermediary flows were carefully constructed.You receive an “unable to assemble video” error at an unknown moment.
Offers programs at various levels and the possibility to construct your curriculum.It dislikes using the blocks in combination with original positions.
There are so many new classes in the app for various categories.Even after deleting the software, a Google Calendar was established that cannot be erased.

Number 2: Simply yoga.

ProductSimply yoga.

The Simply Yoga free app is top-rated, and for good reason. This app has been featured in wired magazines and notched up an impressive review score.

It is a perfect application for beginners, as it offers six routines for first-timers. Each routine ranges from 20 to 60 minutes long. There’s a wide range of workouts for advanced users also. This includes steamed yoga classes from Yogis around the world.

The trainers on the Simply yoga free app are all professionals. Each video comes with simple instructions. Users can select how long they want their videos. 

Easy to use with great instructions for the poses. No custom program.
The routines are simple and basic. Sometimes, the instructions don’t align with the videos.
Easy to understand video tutorials.Poses may be too fast on the app.

Number 3: Yoga: Down dog.

ProductYoga: Down dog.

Down Dog is another famous yoga app. The Wall Street Journal has recommended the app. The app offers different types of classic yoga, including Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha.

There are twenty different practice areas, so you can expect a full-body workout. The multiple exercises are to relieve back pain, including flows for the upper and lower back. The dynamic music in the app is impressive. It rises and falls with the user’s breathing.

It gives this app an immersive feeling and helps users to focus. The exercise descriptions in Down Dog are available in different languages. You can build your yoga practice on the app with over 60,000 different configurations. 

The app is very good for beginners.The videos sometimes freeze at the beginning of a workout. 
You have control over what you’re doing and how you’re progressing.Workouts aren’t downloadable.
The voices in the app are good guides.The app cannot be used without a fast internet connection.

Number 4: Daily Yoga.

ProductDaily Yoga.

Daily Yoga also assists beginners in learning the fundamentals of yoga. Daily Yoga offers over five hundred asanas, seventy-plus yoga programs, and over five hundred yoga and meditation sessions.

It has the largest yoga pose library for men and women that suit Yogis from beginner to advanced. It provides health benefits for both your body and your mind. Twenty respected yoga masters will initiate the yoga styles. In Daily yoga, there is a focus on weight loss, better sleep, and full relaxation.

This app has multiple choices for session duration. It varies from 5 to 7 minutes to fit your schedule. The app also has various language configurations. 

The app is great for all fitness levels.The app is not suitable for beginners.
It shows timings and tutorials.There are no suggestions or modifications for individual needs. 
It keeps track of sessions.The app contains ads.

Number 5: Yoga for beginners.

ProductYoga for beginners.

This app offers a good range of workouts, with flows categorized according to the time of day and specialization. The easy-to-use category feature is useful for beginners who are unsure about suitable exercises.

The categories allow you to easily find a good morning yoga session or yoga workout to work your back and arms. This app includes a beginner yoga session that teaches users the fundamentals before progressing to more advanced workouts.

All workouts are free, which explains why the app has excellent reviews. Beginners will love the simplicity of the apps. 

The app is simple, easy to use, and quite slow.Users cannot create their routines.
Perfect for people with low mobility or illness.Sometimes, the app is hard to navigate.
The app is great for beginners and veterans.There’s no position explanation for the poses.

Number 6: Glo yoga.

ProductGlo yoga.

A top-ranked application. GLO offers four thousand classes led by Yogis, like Catherine Burdick. The GLO app offers personalized yoga routines to fit every lifestyle.

There are class suggestions that are designed for you. You can also view curated class suggestions and stay up to date on their latest classes and community favorites on the for you page. You can join your professional instructor with members from around the world with their live classes that you can schedule in advance.

The app has a search feature for guidance. You can narrow your search results by practice, duration, teacher, level, and more. 

You have control over how rigorously you train.Pauses in the middle of a lesson, delays.
This software has a gorgeous look and is easy to use.Cannot search using categories of filters like on the website.
The app has a guided meditation feature.Can be difficult to navigate or locate classes.

Number 7: Yoga 108.

ProductYoga 108.

Yoga 108 is an app that helps you learn with recorded audio. You can play the audio at a slower pace to facilitate easy learning. This app is for you if you want to go further into your yoga practice, are a budding yoga instructor, or are simply new to the practice.

It equips anyone looking to learn on their own with the resources they need to do it efficiently. For memorizing the Sanskrit name of the positions, this app has been helpful.

It’s a useful tool to be able to listen to them more gradually as well.

It covers so many topics, it’s excellent for beginning yogis.Users cannot keep track of sessions.
It aids users in pronouncing Sanskrit.The app lags sometimes.
It dissects yoga as a whole, not simply the poses.Requires a stable internet connection.

Number 8: Yoga daily fitness.

ProductYoga daily fitness

It is one of the better free yoga apps. Yoga Daily Fitness is a simple app with simple features. You get a variety of exercises, poses, and even a 30-day yoga program to follow.

Each pose comes with an image to show how it works, along with a written description of how it’s supposed to feel. It is a free app with advertising.

The advertising on Yoga Daily Fitness is not too annoying. This app is good for yoga fans on a budget. 

The app is good for beginners, they described even the smallest poses. Weak daily program.
Has regular sessions with great workouts.The interface on the app looks cheap.
The app allows you to tailor your approach to your time availability. There are pop-up adverts in the app. 

Number 9: 5-minute Yoga. 

Product5-minute Yoga. 

5-minute yoga is one of the simpler yoga applications. It focuses on short, 5-minute yoga sessions. The app features a daily reminder, a timer, and slightly different exercises every day.

In this app, there are no video tutorials, as the sessions are simple. Hence, the app does not require much data. 5-minute yoga boasts an excellent review on app stores.

It is very good for beginners as the workouts are beginner friendly. 

The app is simple and easy to follow. The app doesn’t have a lot of poses.
It has diagrams with written instructions for the pose.No warm-up or cool-down for workouts.
The app is easy to commit to.Voice instructions are absent in the app.

Number 10: Sunsa yoga.

ProductSunsa yoga.

Sunsa Yoga is a good yoga app for beginners. It is an app designed specifically for workouts. It scales up in difficulty as you get more experience.

The workouts help users slim down, tone up, and feel better about themselves. There is a decent selection of workouts, including a five-minute quickie in case you want a quick workout.

In sunsa yoga, your first few workouts may be rough as you try to pose along with your instructor. Once you get it, it works pretty well. 

There are classic poses present in the app. Routines on the app are quite fast.
The app contains useful video tutorials.There is no clear boundary between levels in the app.
It also has clear voice instructions.The workouts and poses may be difficult if you have no prior experience.


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