Last updated: January 4, 2023

Overview: the best freelancing app

Number 1: Fiverr


A freelance marketplace called Fiverr connects companies with independent contractors in a variety of industries, including graphic design, marketing, and more.

With 3.42 million active clients as of 2021, they make it simple for both seasoned and inexperienced freelancers to find opportunities.

Due to their extensive opportunities and simplicity of use, Fiverr’s service fees are greater than others at 20%. Additionally, it may take up to 14 days, depending on your rank on the website, to receive your refund.

They are one of the more competitive marketplaces as a result of their enormous popularity (and for good cause). The pressure to cut your prices that comes with increased competition can make it difficult for you to charge the prices you may wish.

Easy-to-use websites and appsLong delay until payment is cleared
Easy to package and price your servicesHefty service charges
Certification programmes

Number 2: Upwork


With over three million jobs posted each year on Upwork, the largest freelancing network, you can get in and start receiving chances right now.

On Upwork, you can engage in a variety of freelance endeavours and select from short- to long-term contracts, fixed or hourly pay.

Your payouts from Upwork include a sliding service charge structure, with the highest percentage taking 20% off of income of $500 or less.

The cost of applying is another consideration. Upwork employs a feature called “Connects,” which you may think of as credits that independent contractors use to make bids for open positions.

Payment securityHighest service fees
Stops customers from requesting free workSending proposals requires connections
Opportunities abound for both novices and specialistsIt takes time to establish a reputation

Number 3: Thumbtack


Thumbtack offers businesses and freelancers an immediate and simple way to connect with one another, similar to other freelancing platforms.

Thumbtack approaches things differently by emphasising local neighbourhoods and small businesses. Their platform is designed to make it easier for you to find job whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or lawnmower.

Additionally, there is no charge for freelancers to sign up, and they provide refunds and protection to assist you if a work is not a suitable fit.

The unique job pipeline offered by Thumbtack is an additional perk. Clients will contact you with opportunities that fit your criteria when you enter the types of work you’re interested in.

You will need to pay for your client leads, which is the only negative.

Convenient website and appEven if they don’t hire you, you pay for leads
Performance statistics and insights to help you understand your competitionHigh competition
Using preferences to your advantage will help the right clients find you

Number 4:

Another sizable freelance marketplace that can offer you a variety of chances is

In-depth employment boards run by freelancers are available for browsing and job bidding. Once employed, you may quickly track your progress and engage in live customer chat. also offers the chance to participate in competitions for extra cash and reviews to make your profile stand out.

The portal charges a 10% fee on all projects and contest prizes.

Team of consultants to aid in your employmentFake/spam jobs and clients
24/7 client assistanceComplex interface
Competitions to gain more money

Number 5: Behance


Despite being an Adobe-owned social media site with a creative bent, Behance has a complete job board with sections for logo design, photography, illustration, and more.

Additionally, freelancers can greatly profit from the social aspects of the website. Behance strongly encourages networking and gives you the opportunity to form relationships that could result in new job chances.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic venue for hosting and showcasing your portfolio to their 10+ million members.

When it comes to their job board, you may quickly browse through hundreds of openings or use their search option to enter a specific term, choose “freelance,” and add a location and creative category.

It’s free to use and post jobsPlatform with fierce competition
Exposure to portfolios and networkingProblems with image compression and loading
Individual job recommendations

Number 6: Flexjobs


One of my favourite online job markets for remote and independent work is Flexjobs. There are more than 30,000 jobs available right now across more than 50 categories.

There are a few significant reasons Flexjobs stands out from other freelance websites while looking for the top ones.

Most significantly, they give job validity a lot of consideration. To provide a reputable work environment for independent contractors, they are reputed to hand-screen each and every assignment and business.

They also feature a highly customised, sophisticated search function that can help you save a tonne of time. You can focus your search on positions that precisely fit your interests for the type of work you do rather than scrolling aimlessly through useless positions.

Ad- and fraud-freePaid service
Dependable client serviceIt can be difficult to navigate a website
Coaching services for careersOn other websites, you can find some premium listings

Number 7: Guru


Another well-known freelance marketplace is Guru, which claims to have 800,000 clients globally and a 99% client satisfaction rate.

Programmers, designers, writers, and other types of freelancers are all welcome on Guru.

The opportunity to communicate and grow your freelance staff with a progress tracking function is one of Guru’s special advantages.

You can put out ten bids every month with their free membership, however a 9% service charge will be deducted from your reward. Free members are unable to discuss jobs in advance with clients, nevertheless.

24/7 assistancePriority is given to premium monthly subscribers over free members
Lower costsHigh competition
User-friendly website

Number 8: Dribbble


Similar to Behance, Dribbble is a top global community where creatives can interact, find inspiration, and create their portfolios.

Freelance designers, illustrators, and others can simply showcase and market their work to attract the attention of potential employers.

The more “shots” in your portfolio receive likes, the more your work is elevated above that of competitors.

Their job board is really simple and offers helpful search filters to locate positions that fit your requirements.

You may filter your search by project budget on their job board, which is a great option that will save you from wasting time on tasks that are below your rate.

Exposure to portfolios and networkingThe freelancing job board is exclusively accessible to subscribers
Rapid access to lucrative employment
User-friendly website

Number 9: 99 Designs

Product99 Designs

A graphic design network called 99designs links independent designers with clients worldwide in over 90 different design categories.

On 99designs, there are two methods to find work: either you can compete with other designers in contests to win cash and gain new clients, or you can work directly with clients on a 1-to-1 project with upfront payment.

One advantage of 99designs is that they promote long-lasting relationships between independent contractors and designers.

You can easily go on working with the client on the platform after working on a project or taking part in a contest.

Pricing policy that discourages lowball offersDesign theft complaints
Ability to work togetherHigh service fees
Quicker payoutNo live chat assistance

Number 10: Toptal


The top 3% of freelancers worldwide are connected to clients through the freelance marketplace Toptal.

Due to this, their complex and challenging application screening process for freelancers makes it challenging to get authorised and undoubtedly not beginner-friendly.

But once you have the go-ahead, it’s totally worthwhile.

You have the chance to secure profitable freelancing jobs thanks to Toptal’s partnerships with leading companies like Airbnb and Shopify.

Additionally, they have a very hands-on strategy, pairing their clients with independent contractors from five different categories: project managers, designers, finance specialists, developers, and product managers.

Opportunities with high compensationRigorous selection procedure
Freelancers are not chargedToptal participates directly in all stages of your initiatives
Wonderful for specialists


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