Last updated: January 8, 2023

Overview: Best Remote Desktop Software in 2023


Website:TeamViewer – The Remote Connectivity Software

Teamviewer is one of the most widely used applications on an individual level, if people want to access other devices with a lot of flexibility. Talking about flexibility, this application provides flexibility across all the major OSs like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It allows the user to even control the desktop from a mobile phone and vice-versa. Also, it is free to use for individual users, but the business version is not free. The security includes two-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption.

Very easy to useIf the devices wants to connect both of them should have same OS
Can works in limited bandwidthFree version terminates a false commercial use
Good securityMore prone to cyberattacks


Website:Remote desktop client with RDP, SSH, SPICE, VNC, and X2Go protocol support. – Remmina

Remmina is a great option for Mac users, as the software is open sourced, it can be modified according to the version of the system. Remmina is highly technical and would be suitable for tech-savvy people. Other than Mac it runs on Unix, Linux and Raspberry Pi, the services support Windows but cannot be installed on it. It gives you the option to choose from VNC, RDP, XDMCP or SSH. The software is not currently capable of handling the load from a business but on an individual level it is a good option.

Completely free and open-sourceNot suitable for business
Uses few resourcesInterface is outdated
Offers various protocols like VNC and RDPCan slowdown busier helpdesk teams

Microsoft Remote Desktop

ProductMicrosoft Remote Desktop
Website:How to use Remote Desktop – Microsoft Support

Microsoft’s native remote desktop access is inbuilt in various Microsoft versions. It enable it’s

user to access upto 10 devices for free. It grants the access of OS such as Windows Professional, Windows Enterprise and Windows Server. It can also be used from a Xbox One or a mobile, if the mobile is running on the Windows version. This tool is also not suitable for scalable scenarios, for an individual it is a very good option. It does require a good understanding of the Microsoft environment to utilize it in a safe manner.

In-built with WindowsOnly one session at a time
Manageable via Active Directory and Group PolicyA misconfiguration can compromise the account
Free to useSome basic features are not supported

Chrome Remote Desktop

ProductChrome Remote Desktop
Website:Chrome Remote Desktop (

The browser-based remote desktop is also a viable option for a small-scale solution. Any device that can access Google Chrome can use this feature, if the target device has this extension downloaded on it. A Gmail account is required for using it and it uses HTTPS protocol to secure the connections. While it is great for long distances, the software is not suitable for businesses but for a small team of people.  

Free to useNot for business use
Easy setup
Helpful for home use


Website:RMM software for IT heroes | Atera

Atera is more than just a remote desktop, it offers Remote Monitoring Management as well. It is cloud-based and with its third party remote access tool Splashtop, The remote desktop is a subset of the main service that it provides. It provides services like chatting with the client, remote startup and shutdown, a dashboard for technicians etc. This software is really flexible and can help support a larger team. The application is paid but it offers a 30-Days trial.

Close to all-in-one solution for remote managementTransferring files is clumsy sometimes
Available as lightweight cloud serviceAutomated Remediation could be better
Offers many other features

N-able Take Control

ProductN-able Take Control
Website: Remote Control and Support Software – Take Control – N-able

N-able Take Control is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) that is oriented towards Technicians’s competence. It offers full-remote access to the client’s device and the client can choose to observe it or unattend the access. It also allows for the controller’s screen to be displayed to the other user. Take Control Plus allows a high-authority person to monitor the technician’s performance and a survey for the user to rate the technician. The pricing is based upon the rate per technician.

Offers in-built queuing and ticketing systemNot free, limited trial period
Suitable for almost every scale of users
Can help evaluate the technician

Zoho Assist

ProductZoho Assist
Website:Zoho – Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications

Zoho Assist is one of the applications that is rolled out by Zoho, and they supply IT infrastructure management software. Zoho Assist’s underlying theme is security for users. Users can give access to the controller with their consent and the user’s system can be secured because of various features available in the software. It allows the controller to open multiple sessions, display their screen to the user, and offer a live chat. Zoho Assist has a free version but is limited to one technician and five remote computers. The free trial for the paid version is for 15-days.

Can white-label productNot for smaller LAN networks
Offers mobile report support for iOS and Android
Cloud-based installation

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Product:ManageEngine Remote Access Plus
Website:Remote Desktop Management Software & Tools – ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

This SaaS can work on Windows, Mac and Linux. This software is available as Cloud-based and On-premise service. The technician can do a range of tasks on the client device manually and with script as well. The chart feature of this application also supports audio and video, and the controller can also turn the device on and off. It has a free version available and it is limited to 10 client computers, another two plans which are Standard and Professional have a 30-days trial available. 

Interface is simpleHas a learning curve for advance tools
Offers a range of tools for support technicians
Has a on-premise and cloud-based version


Website:Remote Desktop Software | ISL Online

ISL Online is available as On-premise and Cloud-based service. The ON-premise installation has a one-time fee to be paid and in the cloud version is by subscription. The software can be used across platforms like Windows, Mac and LInux and with mobiles it can be used in-between

Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. It is secured by 256-bit AES encryption and offers a live chat feature, apparently it can integrate with the existing access rights managers and will create a Single Sign-On environment (SSO).

Available for the major platformsNot free, 15-days trial
Intuitive Android and iOS application
Available for Cloud and for Installation

Dameware Remote Everywhere

ProductDameware Remote Everywhere
Website:Remote Access Software – Control PCs from Anywhere | Dameware

This software is particularly very suitable for scalability. The software has a Cloud and an Installation version. It is accessed through a browser that is why it is not OS-dependent, it can run on Windows, Mac and Linux and also on mobiles. It offers a feature to filter and group the remote devices The application is paid per technician and offers a 14-days trial period. The cloud version has a restriction of 500 users per technician but the Installation version does not have any limitations.

Supports multiple platformNot suitable for home use
Can sort, filter and group remote devices
Accessible via Application and Browser

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