Last updated: January 8, 2023

Overview: The Best Software for Diagram in 2023


Website:The Visual Collaboration Platform for Every Team | Miro

Miro brings quality and affordability together on the table. As a diagram-creating software it is an effective tool as it provides from useful features to good security. It has a range of features like integration with big services, ability to collaborate, various templates etc. which are suitable for small to big companies. The software runs on Windows, iOS and Android. For the pricing,  it has a free version which gives you 3 editable boards to work with. The subscription starts with 8 USD per month, for once you can use the online canvas to try it out with few features but to save it you have to sign-up.

Allows for multiple user viewNot integrated with other apps
Many templatesLimited editability

It is free to use software which is Web-based. It has a very simple and logical interface and background and anybody can just land on the page and start using it. It has a large library of templates and various shapes and tools that is needed to make a clear diagram. For making simple diagrams as a student, teacher, presenter etc. this can be a helpful tool. It needs the internet to work with and because it is on the web you have to save the file on the computer and if you want to edit it you have to reupload it. You can download your work in many formats. Overall this can be a go-to application for a quick fix and a simple diagram solution.

Many good featuresNot usable without internet
Simple to useNot suitable for Mobiles
Many useful templates


Website:Cacoo Diagramming Software Pricing | Choose a Plan | Nulab

Cacao is a multilingual free to use flowchart software which allows its user to create charts from mind maps to ER diagrams. It promotes collaboration as few of its features include inviting users through websites and E-mails and sharing your work. Program’s basic functionality can be used for free but it has a limit on the number of diagrams and sharing. It is integrated with other software including Google’s, Slack and one of developer’s own product TypeTalk which provides a collaborative workspace. Currently it is only available for desktops.

Promotes CollaborationLess pre-build templates
Available in multiple languages
Suitable for range of fields


Website:SmartDraw – Create Flowcharts, Floor Plans, and Other Diagrams on Any Device

SmartDraw is a widely used software for creating visual representations. The central benefit of this product lies in its templates as they have a library of distinct templates that are suitable for landscape gardening, seating plan etc. It also is integrated with big services, and is very sophisticated.That includes directly downloading your work into PDF and other formats. It can prove to be a good choice for big businesses. It is currently only available for Windows. Plans start from 9.95 USD per month and go to 2,995 USD annually.

Integrated with JIRA, Confluence etc.Navigating is not simple
Can export files in multiple formatsOnly for Windows


Website:[OFFICIAL] Edraw Software: Unlock Diagram Possibilities

Edraw is a versatile and high-functioning software for creating visuals. For a user who uses it for the first time it can be overwhelming as it offers many functions, but because of its function it is a very powerful software. It offers a wide range of diagram templates which are suitable for the professionals.The software can run on Mac, Window Linux, iOS, On-Web etc Pricewise, it is a bit costly but they offer lifetime plans as well, but users can tree any version for free. Not for the independent users but can be a good option for medium businesses to enterprise.

Supports 280 Diagram typesExpensive
Can run on Mac, Linux and Windows
Very versatileLow photo quality in the app

ConceptDraw Diagram

ProductConceptDraw Diagram
Website:Diagram Software and Drawing Tool | ConceptDraw DIAGRAM | ConceptDraw

ConceptDraw Diagram is a very flexible software that enables its users to do Diagram, Mind Mapping and Project. It is highly compatible with other products which further enhances its effectiveness. It can draw versatile graphs for businesses, students, teachers etc. You can design your own stencil element from the beginning and integrate it in your diagram. Interface is intuitive but for the people who use a lot of shortcut keys for them it can pose a learning curve. It is a bit on the pricey spectrum but it provides an educational version upon connecting them.

Interface is intuitiveKeyboard shortcuts changes
For Windows and MacExpensive
Has tutorials


Website:Visual Communication Software To Make Pro Diagrams – OmniGraffle – The Omni Group

Omnigraffle is a multilingual smart diagram building software. This software is only available for Apple and as it runs on an ecosystem this enhances its flexibility. This app utilizes mathematical definitions that helps to create smart diagrams with complex shapes and calculations and because the interface is so friendly it is intuitive to Apple users. The app sometimes faces issues with importing and exporting files, with that it is paid an expensive app and the starting price is 59.99 USD. The trial version of the app is for 14 days and has a 30-day return policy. The app can be a good option for Apple users.

Has in-built mathematical function for designing an objectImport/Export issues
Easy-to-useOnly for Mac and iOS
Helps in doing complex calculations



Lucidchart is a popular option for visual-data-representation solutions. Overall, the plans are cheap for individuals but can be costly for companies. It has a pretty clean interface, well integrated with most of the major services like JIRA and JIVE; Confluence, Google etc. It can retrieve the data from AWS, GCP, Azure etc and can directly represent them in charts. The trial version for the app is not bound by time but by the number of projects which currently is 60 diagrams.

Auto-savingCan be costly for medium-sized businesses
Can collaborate with team
Works with most of the OS


Website:Creately | Visual Tools to Get Things Done | Connect People, Docs, Projects and Data. | Creately

Creately is primarily a Visual Workspace software/company. They emphasize on visual data representation. They also bring some business-oriented features for their charts and graphs.Not just those they also can create Gantt charts, Infographics, wireframes etc. They also claim that the software is capable of making maps. Before using them you can try out their templates on their site. The software is available for both Windows and Online. Their plans are affordable for personal users as well as businesses.

Clean InterfaceCan only cancel the subscription by email
Cheap in pricingOnly for Windows
Integrated with other Services


Website:Diagramming Software & Team Collaboration Tools | Gliffy Diagram Apps

Gliffy is also a good product in order to create charts and graphs. The aspect in which it shines is Integration. It is widely integrated with JIRA, Confluence, Google Drive etc. But specifically it compliments Confluence very well. It is easy-to-use but it lacks object customization. There is no pricing model for an individual, and it has two separate plans for JIRA and Confluence respectively. Its annual plans provide discounts and if measured they are a bit cheaper than monthly plans. It is free to use for 14 days.

Well integrated with JIRA and ConfluenceLimited customization
Easy-to-useNo plan for an individual
CollaborativeCurrently only for Windows/Web

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