Last updated: January 5, 2023

Overview: Best Stargazing Applications in 2023


Website:AstroGrav | Astronomy Software | Gravity Simulations | About

The software is open-sourced and free to download and it operates on donation. The software is information-packed and claims to be useful from students to researchers. The website has a retro look and does not have unnecessary information. It records significant celestial events in its “Movies” section. And it provides the visualization of astronomical claims/events like “The Ninth Planet”, comets, eclipses etc.

Suitable from students to researchersOnly for Windows and Mac
Available in Multiple LanguagesWebsite is not secured
Entirely free(runs on donation


Website:Stellarium Astronomy Software

It is a free open-source software that is used in commercial planetariums. This software has a realistic 3D panoramic view. It can show constellations from 40+ different cultures. It helps in visualizing and customizing, as it gives the user flexibility to add made-up objects from online or local resources to observe the interactions.  The web version of it, Stellarium Web Online Star Map ( gives the user a look at its features. It does have some minimum requirements but are quite nominal.  It also has a discussion channel on its website for its users.

Suitable for commercial useHas a limited version for mobiles but requires the Premium version to expand its functionality
Can add our own objects in the deep skyWebsite is not secured
Has a web versionCan only make sharp objects


Website:MetaGuide – Index page (

The software’s website gives the impression of some advanced tool. The website has not put-on any irrelevant pages and is quite clear in its messaging. It gives access to tools which are unheard to common people, but looks quite sophisticated. It does have something for ameature observers which is access to other’s work, which in-turn is very informative with data and quality images. There are many guides and paragraphs to read on it. It has a well-sorted majority of images against various equipment categories like cameras, sensors, mounts, filters etc.

Advantages Disadvantages
Has many advanced toolsSuitable for Astrophotographers
Can view images taken by other usersFor professional use
Site is securedNeed to register in order to access additional features

SkyView Lite

ProductSkyView Lite
Website:Terminal Eleven – SkyView – Explore the Universe

The app seems to have a narrow functionality. It provides users with data regarding the star’s trajectory in past, present and future. It also shows about 88 constellations and has vision protection as a red or green filter. Users have the flexibility to adjust the brightness from the night sky in order to see the stars in the background. It gives a short description about the objects like planets, stars etc. that are visible in the moment. All in all it seems like any other “Night Sky” tool available across the software store.

Imbedded with AR to see star’s trajectories and constellationsWorks only on iPhone
Works during night and dayLimited Functionality
Works without WiFi networkSome features are behind a paywall


Website:Solar Walk | Vito Technology

It started strong as an iOS app when the first iPhone was launched. From the public images of the application, it can be seen that image quality is poor. The app focuses on the children and is more about the basic knowledge of the solar system. It shows models of planets with their compositions. It gives the night sky data about the stars and various objects. It also provides the latest news of Space-Industry and space events. This application does have it’s successor and predecessors like Star Walk, Start Walk 2 etc.

Teaching VideosSuitable for only kids
Good for acquiring basic knowledgePoor image quality
Runs on Android and iOSLimited Information

StarSense Explorer

ProductStarSense Explorer
Website:StarSense Explorer Technology | Celestron

This app was specially designed for working with Celestron’s telescope. The company claims that they use a patent technology to sync the app and the telescope. This syncing enables users to have a clear picture of where they are looking at the night sky with their telescope. The app is free to download for both iOS and Android.  Also, with the Celestron’s telescope and app it is beginners friendly as it just helps you to navigate to the objects in the night sky manually. 

It is beginners friendlyNeeds a telescope from Celestron to work at its fullest
Helpful in finding the objectsYou have to target your telescope manually
Uses Sync-Technology to help you see what the telescope is looking at


Website:SkySafari – Astronomy App – Apps on Google Play

The app is succeeded and preceded by many. The normal app which is this is the most basic and only available for Android free of cost. There are alternative versions like SkySafari 6, SkySafari 6 plus, SkySafari 6 pro. They all provide different functionality and are primarily designed for iOS and Mac environments. They do have very good features and are well suited to Mac systems. For most part the app is paid but the most basic version can also be used by the Android users. 

Control the telescope with WiFiOnly the basic version is free for Android. For iOS and Mac it is paid
Supports voice controlSuccessor of SkySafari is available for desktops only for Mac, but paid
Helps to plan your viewing according to your location and equipments

Sky Tonight

ProductSky Tonight
Website:Night Sky Tonight From My Location — Stargazing App | Planets Visible Tonight | Vito Technology

The app is pretty well-designed and provides an immersive experience seamlessly. It provides information on events, accurate time of events and much more. Even though it has a premium version, there are many features available in the base version. It has a clear look and is easy to navigate. Ofcourse, there is information about the space objects. It is good for the beginners and basically has all the features for a night sky app. It is free to use across Android and iOS.

Provides immersive experienceIntrusive Ads
Minimalist Interface
Clear and good amount of Information

Where is M13?

ProductWhere is M13?
Website:Where is M13? – Download ( (not the official site)

Named after a global star cluster M13, this app does bring a new feature to the table. It is free but not open-sourced. The feature that it brings is perspective with distance. It shows the user how far is the object according to ”Sky View” and “Galaxy View”. The program is written in Java and because of it, this software can run across different OS. The software has detailed coordinates of the particular object and may be able to give a good perspective of the objects in the night sky.

It gives a good idea with perspectiveGraphics are not that good
Runs on Windows, Mac, LinuxInterface is plain
Has distinct filter functionality for differentiating similar-sounding objects


Website:SkEye | Astronomy – Apps on Google Play

This Android app is widely used across the stargazing community because it focuses on beginners and people who are serious as well. The app gives information about the objects and a little more information for people who want to learn more. It is also compatible with the telescope’s OTA. The range of its functionality is bigger than the rest of the typical stargazing apps. It also has a pro version which keeps track of the Satellites. The interface is loaded with all the information which can be perceived as messy at first.

Telescope Assistance(OTA)Only for Android
Gives detailed information about the object Satellite tracking is only available in Pro version
Helpful for serious beginners

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