Last updated: December 17, 2022
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DescriptionFlodesk allows team members to create emails with custom images, GIFs, fonts, videos, numbered lists, logos, and other template elements. With the built-in email analytics tools, employees can monitor sent emails, deliverability rates, bounces, unsubscribes, click-through rates, and overall customer engagement.Mailchimp is a software that helps businesses with their email marketing campaigns. It allows users to create beautiful newsletters, manage their contacts, and track their results. With Mailchimp, businesses can send out automated emails to customers based on certain criteria, such as when they sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase. Additionally, Mailchimp provides detailed reports so businesses can see how well their email campaigns are performing.
Gitnux RatingN/AGreat product
Pricing ModelFlat-rate Pricing User-Based Pricing
Pricing Rates35$/month for ’email’ plan
35$/month for a ‘check-out’ plan
59$/month a combined ‘check-out + email’ plan
Free plan
€12,31/mo for Essentials 
€18,93/mo for Standart 
€331,32/mo for Premium
Could be betterThe biggest drawback of Flodesk is the lack of flexibility.Because of this, what you can accomplish with Flodesk can be quite limiting – especially if you need more advanced automations or you need integrations with other platforms and tools. Some of the templates are very visual which can be excessive and scare way customers rather than draw them in.The waiting time for a response from the support service should be reduced. A quick response to customer support ticket will make using mailchip easier. Currently there were a long ticket queue that made users wait for a the response larger amount of time.  Pricing can get steep at certain stages of business growth. Switching to business and pro tiers incurs a sharp increase in monthly pricing, and in addition you get charged more as your list grows.
Key featuresDrip Campaigns
Landing Pages/Web Forms
Mobile Optimized Emails
Template Management
Subscriber Management
Drip Campaigns
Mobile Optimized Emails
Landing Pages/Web Forms
Dynamic Content
Template Management
Customer Surveys
SupportEmail/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
24/7 (Live Rep)
Extended Review
Best forFor small to medium-sized online business. Flodesk is user-friendly, easy to understand and operate. Their designs are easy to customize and do not require you to know CSS. They offer analytics that is easy to understand for beginners. Providing service to small and medium scale businesses (SMBs). Mailchimp is more suitable for marketing executives who have experience in using such email marketing tools. Mailchimp is not beginner-friendly and requires the user to be well versed with CSS and HTML if they wish to make more customizations to emails and their designs.

Feature Comparison

Drip CampaignsYESYES
Customer SurveysNOYES
Template ManagementYESYES
Subscriber ManagementYESYES

Feature description

Drip Campaigns – Create a path to complete a specific goal of your business and guide leads based on the time between actions. Following those actions would also allow businesses to forecast the user behaviour and to enhance particular areas of the product/service and deliver a better experience to the customer.

WYSIWYG Editor – “What You See Is What You Get” – see how recipients will see your email formatting while creating the email (no html coding, etc). Is an easy way for all-level businesses, who do not possess programming resourses and specialists.

Auto-Responders – Create and automatically send premade copy in response to customer’s messages. These templates will help to optimize business mailbox and help the end user to understand that his email was received or the status of the email was updated.

Customer Surveys – Tool to send questionnaires to customers to gauge feedback and forecast what areas of the product/service can be improved for the customer. This likewise allows other users to understand the worth of the product and convince themselves in its quality.

Template Management – Create, save, and re-purpose formatting for emails, forms, and other campaign elements. Helps to save a large amount of time and to target various groups of email recepients, providing more personalized content to the customer/other businesses.

CAN SPAM Compliance – Ensure all of your emails are compliant with anti-spam guidelines. This contributes to an increase in the rate of receipt of the letter by the end user, which in turn will assure us that business letters with their offers will be received by those they were targeted at. 

Subscriber Management – Add or remove contacts from your mailing list. This feature allows you to control in detail who will receive emails, creating interest groups, filter subscribers and keep the whole subcriber list more orginized.

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