Last updated: January 9, 2023

Driver Booster

ProductDriver Booster

This updater is compatible with all windows versions, it is very simple to use it for driver updates.

It finds automatically if the driver is outdated and can find support for around 6 millions drivers, it avoids going to the site of the driver and it can download it easily for next installation and update.

You can even have the possibility to create a restore point if ever you’ll need for some reasons to be back in versions or uninstall the new driver.

The download is not from external siteAds of other company products
Restore point creation possibility Suggests other products while installing
Offline updater included Some drivers are not within the free version

Snappy Driver Installer

ProductSnappy Driver Installer

It downloads many drivers at once and let you install them even without an internet connection.

The App is simple but inn the other side its utilization is not that easy because of the setup of some features, that is when you right-click it gives you some extra alternatives, copying the hard drive ID or find the INF file location, these features are for advanced users mainly. It is sometimes necessary to use a forum if we encounter troubles using the App

No AdsNo scan schedules possibilities
Driver download is inside the AppHard to use for some people
Offline installation possibilityNo restore point creation

Driver talent

ProductDriver talent

This App was called DriveTheLife, it avoids to users the search for drivers from several and different sources.beyond updating and downloading drivers it can fix errors in corrupted drivers, there is also the possibility to backs up files.

The App can show you for example in a peripheral area of the drivers if USB and printer drivers are well installed and working properly.

it gives information of the driver before downloading it, you can know about the size, the release date and the version number.

Advantages Disadvantages
Quick installationNo several downloads at once
Downloads are from inside the AppExtra features on premium version 
Easy useNo possibility to customize scanning scheduling



This App is very famous with its former name , maconfig, it was known during the early 2000’s and most people used it to update their PC drivers.

This App works using detection mode for outdated drivers, after installing it it can find your hardware devices and show outdated drivers t be downloaded and installed, it gives information about dates and versions of the drivers.After detection and option show recommended downloads for each part and each hardware; it is a very practical App.

Can locate beta drivers optionally Not fully automated
Displays all the system details Many Ads to see
Offline possible use also Lots of  information not easy to understand 


Product DriverIdentifier

Originally this App is a kind fo drivers checking, after this step of checking it open the browser to let you download and install required drivers, but the download  and the  installation operations must be done manually.

The App scans your PC for drivers even if the is no internet connection which is advantageous in some situations. The App works with the most popular versions of windows, even old ones like XP and there is also a portable version you can download.   

Works offlineThe checking can’t be scheduled
Existence of portable versionNo automatic download
Easy use No automatic install

Driver Easy

ProductDriver Easy

This app is very powerful as it can check outdated drivers on the basis of scheduled check, this scheduled can be daily or weekly or whatever period you want to set. The download of the drivers is done internally there is no opening of the browser, it is very efficient and cover around 8 million drivers.

It is also possible to identify network drivers if offline and have information about the hardware devices. it works with most versions of windows beginning from windows XP.

Automatic check up schedulingSlow download of drivers
Direct download from the AppNo bulk download
Quick installationExtra features only in premium version

Driver Hub

ProductDriver Hub

This App has a specific thing which consist of a section that is meant for recovery if every something goes wrong after downloading and installing  drivers. The interface is very simple and clear it has only necessary options display, like deactivating checkup and changing download folder. The programme gives you alternatives about drivers or you can run automatic download, if you do not want advanced options.

It also shows a special section called Useful utilities,  that offers some disk management and back-up functions tools.

Easy interfaceSome programmes are suggested while installing
Download in bulkNo schedule checkup for drivers 
Automatic installation of driversHigh speed download for premium version only

Ashampoo Driver Updater

ProductAshampoo Driver Updater

This App is containing a database of about 400 000 drivers for 150 000 devices, it can cover many hardware types. The App download and install drivers without manual intervention, it can backup and restore drivers if every there would be some troubles or wanting to go back to an older version.

It works with Windows 7 and newer versions only. You can also ignore the reminder if you do not want to download a new driver’s update, your just put it in an ignore list to prevent it from showing again.

Very easy to understandNo bulk download or installation
Possibility of backup and restore No setting change in the free version
No AdsDoesn’t work on windows XP

Quick Driver Updater

ProductQuick Driver Updater

It is a basic programme which doesn’t have specific features like other programmes, in its way of being simple it is very easy to understand and the drivers are downloaded from the App, there is no redirection to external sites. it allows checking updates on a schedule, you can set up the checking frequency as you like.

There is also the possibility of ignoring some drivers and putting them on the ignore list to prevent them showing constantly. This App works with most versions of Windows.

Quick installationAlways asking you to go  for pro version
The user can see driver’s version and date  No bulk installation
Restore point is made before installation step Many features are only in premium version



This app has limits in some features and some extra ones in others, it updates outdated drivers abd backups new ones, it can identify unknown hardware as it creates a restore point before new installations. Some other features like checking for drivers offline and can run automatic scan that is possible to schedule.

When updates are found you can install only  two  driver’s updates per day and this will  be done automatically and silently, unlimited installations can be in the premium version.

Automatic installation , no prompts occuringLimitation of downloads per day
No external sites for downloadsNo bulk download
Possible backup of all drivers Lots of features lacking

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