Last updated: December 20, 2022
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DescriptionMailchimp is a software that helps businesses with their email marketing campaigns. It allows users to create beautiful newsletters, manage their contacts, and track their results. With Mailchimp, businesses can send out automated emails to customers based on certain criteria, such as when they sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase. Additionally, Mailchimp provides detailed reports so businesses can see how well their email campaigns are performing.Klaviyo is a marketing automation software that enables companies to create, track, and optimize their marketing campaigns. It provides users with the ability to segment their customers, create targeted campaigns, and track the performance of their marketing efforts. Klaviyo also integrates with a variety of other software platforms, making it an ideal solution for companies that use multiple software solutions.
Gitnux RatingGreat productGreat product
Pricing ModelFlat priceUsage based
Pricing ratePremium,
Email and SMS
Could be betterRestricted to specific designs and formats only.
Billing system not well-designed.
Difficulty linking an online web page with a picture or sentence.
Email deliverability
Missing of essential features
Key features Reporting, Cart Management, Email Integration, ProductsSending Outbound Emails,Automated Email Responses, Performance and Reliability, Segmentation
SupportEmail/Help Desk FAQs/Forum Knowledge Base 24/7 (Live Rep) ChatEmail/Help Desk Chat
Best forBest for any size of business, assists through designing automating, and managing marketing campaigns through email platforms and ad channels.ecommerce stores
A/B TestingYesYes
Sending Outbound EmailsYesYes
Building and Personalizing EmailsYesYes
Manage Email DeliverabilityYesYes
Web AnalyticsYesNo
Basic ReportingYesYes

A/B Testing

Klaviyo’s tool offers more flexibility when it comes to variations and cadence. Mailchimp users can test three variations of each email on a standard plan, Klaviyo allows for seven variations, no matter your paid plan. Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp do the basics. Testing between 2-3 subject lines, sender names, or send times is easy on both platforms.

Sending Outbound Emails

Klaviyo is an excellent choice for eCommerce stores looking to grow their email list or send transactional emails to customers. It’s got robust features like product recommendations and abandoned cart notifications, which makes it easy for you to turn your site visitors into email subscribers.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is more suited to businesses that want to send marketing emails outside their website (like newsletters). It’s also great for sending emails at scale. However, if you want something that will grow with your business as it grows in size (and complexity), then Klaviyo might be better for you!

Building and Personalizing Emails

On Klaviyo your emails can be segmentet by behavioral or transactional data, taking information from Shopify and other CRMs. You can also segment based on events like when your customers make their first purchase.

Manage Email Deliverability

Klaviyo not only does it allows to build an email plan and create any type of flow, but it enables to use detailed audience segmentation to deliver the right message, at the right time.

Web Analytics

Klaviyo has one of the most advanced analytics environments, complete with automated integrations with your existing marketing tools, and predictive analytics.

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