Last updated: December 7, 2022
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DescriptionNotion is a project management software that helps you keep track of your projects and tasks. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, and it also includes features like task dependencies, Gantt charts, and resource allocation. With Notion, you can easily see what’s going on with your projects at a glance, and make sure that everything is on track.Evernote is a note-taking app that helps you capture and organize your ideas. It’s easy to use, with a simple interface that lets you get started quickly. You can create notes, add images and attachments, and even record audio. Evernote syncs across all your devices so you can access your notes anywhere. And it’s free!
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Could be betterTricky Navigation, Set-Up Time, Text Formatting IssuesNot For Brief Tasks Or Short Notes & Limitations Of Free Plan
Key featuresA large template library & Easy-to-use “Blocks”, Drag-and-drop customizations & Real-time collaboration.Sync and Organize & Web Clipper, Document Scanning & PDF Doc Search
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Best forTeams and companies looking to manage knowledge, project, documents and collaboration can use Notion.Individuals who want to take notes and organize their lives can use evernote.

Feature Overview: Notion vs Evernote

Team workspacesYesYes
Web clipperYesYes
Calendars and remindersYesYes
Document scanningNoYes
Audio notesNoYes


A sketch may serve several purposes. It might record something that the person wants to quickly take as notes, it might record or develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principle. While Notion doesn’t have this feature you have to consider by usage.

Team workspaces

Workspace is the easiest way for you and your team to focus, share and get more done together. By creating a new space for each project, topic, or workgroup, your team can quickly view, share, and edit collections of related notes and notebooks in one place. Easily see what other members of your team are working on and what others have added or updated. Pin and highlight important notes for quick reference and easy access. Once you’ve created a space, invite others to join it and automatically access all notes and notebooks in that space and see updates.

Web clipper

If you want to capture the entire or only a part of the web page, then you can use the web clipper extension. It’s a simple extension for your web browser that lets you capture full-page articles, images, selected text, important emails, and any web page that inspires you. Both apps offer Web clipper option.

Calendars and reminders

Reminders are a great way to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information. You can set a reminder for any note, as well as add a date and time for time-sensitive reminders. Your reminders appear in a list pinned at the top of your note list where they can be sorted, and allow quick access to the associated notes. You can opt to receive email alerts on the day timed reminders are due. Once you no longer need a reminder for your note, click or tap on the reminder to mark it as done. Marking a reminder as done does not delete the original note.

Document scanning

Document sharing is a feature that you can use to scan everything that matters. Keep important documents anytime, anywhere. Never lose another name or contact detail by taking a picture with your mobile phone. Scan them once and store them forever. Stop chasing all the scraps of paper piling up in your life.

Audio notes

You are in a meeting, trying to focus on the discussion and take notes simultaneously. But it’s hard to multitask. So you find yourself drifting off and forgetting the key points. The audio notes is the solution for you. The audio notes feature allows you to create easy-to-use enhanced voice recordings by adding markers, text, images or colour-coded audio chunks while recording on your phone or laptop. When these enhanced audio files are added to the desktop version of the software, Audio Notes becomes the perfect multimedia reference tool for reviewing, reporting, or blogging. Check out the video above to see how this works in action.

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