Last updated: December 6, 2022

1) Duolingo

WebsiteDuolingo‘s Website

Among the language learning programs, one of the choice of those who want to learn a language is to download Duolingo. Thanks to the exercises that progress from simple to difficult, language practice is done easily. The application, which contributes to your language learning with a minimum of 5 minutes of daily training, also has a simple interface. It doesn’t promise to speak like a native language to anyone, but it teaches you enough to greet and make urgent conversations. The interface and the application, which is simple and fun to use, supports 23 languages.

All courses are available on the free versionLack of native speakers
Easy to useLacks a separate feature for speaking exercises
Tracks your learning processSeveral languages are not accessible in Duolingo

2) MemRise

WebsiteMemRise‘s Website

Memrise seeks to bring a more playful dimension to learning a foreign language, by making the language skills of its user “superpowers” to be obtained. By using the Memrise application, you can learn the sentence patterns that are used frequently in daily life, and you can make your learning more effective by learning how the sentences are pronounced and used in sentences. In addition, by watching the videos prepared by the people of that country, you can get an idea of ​​how they speak or how words come out of people’s mouths.

Free version offers everythingExercises can get repetitive
Plenty of programs, languages, levelsOnly vocabulary focused
Spaced repetition systemNot meant for advanced

3) Babbel

WebsiteBabbel‘s Website

Babbel is the world reference for learning any language. The application allows you to learn English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian and Russian. Equipped with a fun interface, Babbel is gaining notoriety year after year, and offers two training modules for learning: vocabulary or tools. Whether you have a basic or advanced level in any language, Babbel’s mission is to make you a perfect bilingual. To do this, the application uses interactive activities articulated around oral and written exercises.

Personalized learningLack of a community
Lots of explanationsRepetitive exercises
Lessons progress logicallyNot as many features to keep you motivated

4) Busuu

WebsiteBusuu‘s Website

The name of the app and the company was inspired by the southern Bantoid language which is on the verge of extinction, with only 8 native Busuu speakers in the world. In addition to the comprehensive courses that Busuu offers in a dozen languages, it also offers the possibility for users to learn the Busuu language, an endangered language. Busuu offers a free version and a premium version. However, the free content it offers includes interactive exercises and quizzes designed to be as fun as they are effective.

Correction from native speakersGaps in some of the language lessons
Encourages you to practice speaking exercisesLimited grammar lessons for Busuu free version
Uses AI technology for your language learning journeyIt doesn’t fit advanced learners

5) HelloTalk

WebsiteHelloTalk‘s Website

While most language learning apps focus on creating self-guided lessons, HelloTalk takes a totally different approach. Instead of choosing from pre-determined lessons, learners are matched with native speakers of their target language. Users then communicate conversationally using text and/or voice messages. With an in-app correction tool, users can make corrections to others’ posts in real time. There is also a translation tool to help you when you don’t know the right word to convey what you want to say.

Options for in-chat translation and transliterationMessages every hour when online
Community is so broadRapid battery drain
Native speakers can correct grammatical errorsLanguage exchange partners might be impatient or disappear at any time

6) 50languages


50languages is a much less known application for learning a language. As its name suggests, 50languages ​​offers the opportunity to learn 50 languages ​​such as Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, English, French, Dutch. And other less common languages ​​too: Hindi, Persian or Afrikaans. 50languages ​​applications contain more than 100 lessons to learn or start in a second language. In addition, they allow working offline. The learning method is based on the levels of the European framework (CEFRL). It combines texts and recordings to improve reading, pronunciation, expression and written and oral comprehension.

Diversified offersLessons are very basic
High-quality contentLessons lack clear descriptions
No data collection; anonymous usageProgress not saved in the cloud or synced across devices

7) Tandem

WebsiteTandem‘s Website

Here is an application option which is very different. On this app, you fill in the languages ​​you already know, then those you want to learn. Then, you indicate some of your centers of interest, topics of discussion that you like to discuss on a daily basis. Finally, Tandem will offer you profiles of people who want to learn your language, and who master the one you want to know. The advantage here is that you can chat with people from all over the world, and thus discuss your cultural differences.

You can chat with people from all over the worldThe pro version is pricey
Good features for mastering different foreign languagesIt does not have a structured lesson guide
Interface of the app is easyLots of personal information required to create an account

8) QuizLet

WebsiteQuizLet‘s Website

QuizLet is an online platform that facilitates learning. This solution is particularly aimed at students and teachers. You can study various subjects in the form of games. Using the app is simple. All you have to do is create a list of the concepts to be learned. You can add a title, a description and an establishment so that this list appears in the inventory of the school concerned. Then create cards of notions to learn which present on one side the term, and on the other side its definition. You can also import these elements from a Word, Excel or Google Docs file.

Easy to useAds
Fun learning experienceThere is no guarantee the information is accurate
Great for online and hybrid coursesMore function on paid version

9) Mondly

WebsiteMondly‘s Website

Mondly, a freemium language application, uses the deductive method to teach the language as quickly as possible. The structures you need to learn with example sentences are shown to you as a whole. In addition, you can strengthen your vocabulary by working with word cards with images on them. In the application, which is dialogue-oriented and aims to speed up the conversation, there is also a stage where you can animate the conversation and record your voice. At this stage, they used a chatbot. Through chatbots and voice recognition technology, Mondly helps you correct your mistakes by recording your voice and listening to yourself.

Fun “gamified” learning experienceNot emphasis on grammar or speaking skills much
Short & engaging lessonsLessons are pretty basic
Uses words and phrases spoken in real-world situationLimited free version

10) Beelinguapp

WebsiteBeelinguapp’s Website

Rather than offering abstract exercises, Beelinguapp lets you learn 13 languages ​​through audio books. By listening to the texts read in a foreign language and having the transcription and the translation in front of you, you can follow a story while assimilating vocabulary. This originality of Beelinguapp, in addition to being an interesting approach, will also appeal to lovers of novels. Although this is not the best way to learn a language quickly, it is an excellent complement to work on your listening without feeling like you are working.

A big variety of audiobooksNo desktop version
Excellent to improve your listening skillsNon practicing and writing exercises
Great free versionComplicated prices and plans

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