Last updated: December 6, 2022

1) Google Translate

ProductGoogle Translate
WebsiteGoogle Translate‘s Website

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to translation is Google Tranlate. It makes good use of data from almost all active world languages, which it obtains from “Google search data”. Even if it still has minor mistakes, these mistakes are understandable to those who are experts in both languages. For this reason, we can say that Google translate has taken its place among the best translation sites. While Google Translate supports a maximum of 5,000 characters, Google Chrome also has a plugin that automatically translates websites.

FastNot private
Uses a statistical learning approachGrammatical errors
Bases its logic on human translationErrors may increase depending on the language pair

2) Yandex Translate

ProductYandex Translate
WebsiteYandex Translate‘s Website

Developed by Russia as a competitor to Google, Yandex has been providing translation services for many years. The system has a dictionary. This dictionary has been created from the text analyzes made so far. To translate the typed text, the system first scans the database. After comparing with the words in the database, it compares it with the language models. As a result of the comparison in the language model, the translation is carried out by adhering to the overall text. The service can translate texts up to a maximum of 10 thousand characters at once and quickly. It provides mutual translation in 99 languages, especially in English.

Grasps language-specific nuances wellQuality of translation depends on language you are using
Simple and fastThe longer the text, the greater the probability of error
Clear translationsSpeech detection

3) Microsoft Translator

ProductMicrosoft Translator
WebsiteMicrosoft Translator‘s Website

Like Google translate, Microsoft translator is used to translate texts, voices and photos. It should be noted that the latter is intended for a specific use. You will be able to translate more than sixty languages ​​with this digital tool. It is highly recommended for people who travel to foreign countries. The application is easy to use and it can help to do without a guide to hold a conversation in an unfamiliar language. Similarly, it is possible to pin certain phrases that are used frequently. With its simple and neat interface, Microsoft Translator can be used even without an internet connection. The platform also displays a history of the latest translations.

Simple interfaceLimited languages
Can be used without internet connectionNot always accurate
Excellent chat-based translationLimited tools

4) Reverso Context

ProductReverso Context
WebsiteReverso Context‘s Website

Reverso context is a translation application offering various results. It adapts to the context and suggests proposals for each translated word. This application is an optimal choice when you want to deepen your vocabulary. There is also a tracking system that allows you to assess progress. The section called “ My vocabulary ” allows you to save translations. The free version of this language translation program is complete and includes most of the features expected on such apps.

Opportunity to learn words in contextNot a good option for long text translations
Grammar check optionLimited languages
Option to see synonyms and definitions in multiple languagesYou need to pay to see other translation options

5) Linguee

WebsiteLinguee‘s Website

Linguee is a bilingual dictionary that allows you to translate texts and files. In total, more than 21 languages ​​are available for word translation. It allows for example to translate content from English to Chinese and vice versa. This translator is suitable for finding the right words to place in a specific context. During a search, Linguee suggests various similar terms. Apart from the proposals, there are frequent definitions of searched words. Its completion tool is also used to save time during searches. Many suggestions appear on the screen when you type a letter in the search bar.

Perfect for capturing word nuancesLimited languages
Fast page loadsNot suitable for longer texts
Perfect for idiomsWhile the translations are highlighted in each paragraph so you can compare, it can be difficult to navigate quickly

6) iTranslate

WebsiteiTranslate’s Website

iTranslate is an award-winning translation app that supports over 90 languages. The basic app is free, the Pro version is available for a monthly subscription. In addition to the translation function, iTranslate offers dictionaries with synonyms of the entered terms and recognizes different dialects and languages. The paid Pro version of the app allows using the translation app even when the user is offline. Other functions such as the immediate translation of panels or menu cards are possible, as well as the translation of conversations.

Award-winning designSome features are chargeable
Apple Watch supportText-to-speech requires internet connection
Dictionaries with synonymsOffline mode not always contextually accurate

7) Deepl

WebsiteDeepl’s Website

DeepL offers an online translator which. Deepl is also available as a free translation app. 26 languages ​​can be translated with correct grammar and natural sentence turns. To enter the text to be translated, you can use the keyboard, copy-paste, the microphone or a photo. The source language is recognized automatically or can be defined. Text output is fast and happens while you type. Voice audio output is also possible for source and target language. In the free version of the app, however, it is only possible to translate texts with a maximum length of 5,000 characters.

Makes improvements based on user experienceLimited languages
Fast language recognitionNo offline mode
Very accurate translationFew languages ​​supported

8) PONS Translator

ProductPONS Translator
WebsitePONS Translator‘s Website

PONS Dictionaries also offers free translation services. Now there is also a free translation app. To be able to use it fully, you must take out an annual subscription for different languages. In addition to the translation of single words, the translation app offers sample sentences that can help find the right translation. Offline use is also possible. If the application does not find a search result in the PONS dictionaries, the appropriate result is found with the integrated text translation function. You can also search without entering words. For this, your phone’s camera menus, signs, etc. You can instantly translate by holding it on.

Example sentences for each translationSome features only available with paid subscription
Languages ​​like Latin also supportedTranslation of complex sentences not always accurate
Detailed information for each translationAds

9) SayHi Translate

ProductSayHi Translate
WebsiteSayHi Translates Website

With its easy usage, Say HiTranslate is a reliable and efficient interpreter. It makes it easy to translate a bilingual conversation. It is important to specify that this software is more specialized in the translation of texts and words. With the microphone, you have the possibility to speak into the phone and get an instant translation. When the words are not well articulated, the result may be wrong. One of the features of this digital resource allows you to choose the type of voice with which the reading of the result will be done. The settings offer the choice between a male voice and a female voice.

Simple usageSpoken translations can sound a bit robotic
Voice recognition and text-to-speech functionNo offline mode
Wide language rangeSpeech synthesis not very natural

10) Naver Papago

ProductNaver Papago
WebsiteNaver Papago‘s Website

Naver papago is an application based on the translation of popular languages. It takes into account a dozen languages. This app translates images as well as voices and texts. The interface provides access to a text area for entering the sentences to be translated. Failing to enter text, the voice command is used to dictate sentences. Some expressions are pre-written and available on the application. Frequently translated sentences are saved in the favorites section. With Naver papago, it is possible to translate an entire website. A history section allows you to consult your research on the application.

Translates very clearlyBad updates
Function to translate websitesBugs
Easy to useOffline mode doesn’t work well

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