Last updated: December 4, 2022

1) Blender

WebsiteBlender’s Website

Blender, which stands out as an open source and completely free video editing program, is a popular application developed for 3D animations and also offers video editing tools at a sufficient level for simple use. It provides easy access to 3D videos and many other essential features. Blender is recommended by many users as a successful beginner program for those who want to make quality videos and specialize in editing programs and editing programs for pc. Blender video editor offers basic but effective tools. You can perform basic operations such as video cutting and pasting, and more complex operations such as video masking.

It’s totally free for video editingThere are only basic video editing tools compared to other dedicated video editors
Flexible and customizableIt can take a very long time to learn how to use it
Visual effect featuresBugs

2) VDSC Free Video Editor

ProductVDSC Free Video Editor
WebsiteVDSC Free Video Editor‘s Website

Aiming to be the best video editing program for everyone with its paid and free version, VDSC Free Video Editor is supported by the Windows operating system. Although it has limited access to many features on the program for free, it is considered sufficient for daily social media video sharing. Some features that can even be considered semi-professional attract attention. VDSC, which has achieved an important place among video editing programs, contains many important features such as green screen editing, masking, cutting and adding. You can choose VSDC Free Video Editor for multi-purpose from color editing to effects, from masking tools to creating video formats compatible with social networks.

Exclusive visual effectsLimited access for free use
Provide all kind of video editing toolsNot beginner-friendly
Faster than other free softwareNo video stabilization tool

3) OpenShot Video Editor

ProductOpenShot Video Editor
WebsiteOpenShot Video Editor‘s Website

OpenShot, which has turned into a suitable video editing tool for everyone with its support by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, enables its users to master the program in a short time with its easy interface. Many basic features such as adjusting video durations, adding watermarks and adding audio files can be done using the program. It is an important element that the green screen drawings are also allowed to be edited. It is successful in presenting attractive options for professionals or beginners. It has managed to be among the best video editing programs that can be used thanks to some basic features and tools that will not even look like professional jobs to be performed with a video rendering program.

Totally freeLimited Editing Features
Easy to useOld-style interface
Enough feature for beginnersUnstable performance

4) Shotcut Video Editor

ProductShotcut Video Editor
WebsiteShotcut Video Editor‘s Website

Shotcut video editor is a free, open source and cross-platform video editor first released in 2011. Although Shotcut is a safe and easy-to-use video editor, it has no ads, bundled adware, viruses, malware or hidden purchases. You can download the Shotcut video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux for free. With its advanced audio editing options, it ensures that the videos have the best audio and video formats. Alternative features such as adding dynamic compression from bass and treble adjustments are also included in sound editing.

Easy to useCannot export to YouTube and other social channels
High quality input/export supportMissing updated transitions and effects
Edit-friendly format supportNo export presets for devices

5) Movavi Video Editor

ProductMovavi Video Editor
WebsiteMovavi Video Editor‘s Website

Movavi, one of the best video editing applications that you can download for free, stands out as an effective program that enables easy editing and enhancement of videos. The application, where you can play and edit videos in an extremely wide area, has reached a wide user base with its compatibility with both Windows and Mac. With Movavi Editor, you can watch the changes you make while editing your videos, save or give up and delete everything. Movavi, an application that will not confuse with its ease of use, contains features for everyone’s taste.

Practical and fastUseless interface on uhd resolution laptops
Built-in training module to shorten the learning curveNoticeably slow processing of large video files
4K renderingLack of control

6) Avidemux

WebsiteAvidemux‘s Website

A free video converter that can satisfy you with filters and visual effects. It can help you convert videos to various formats without the need to learn a set of instructions. Moreover, in this program you can edit your videos, add/remove the video file, adjust the clarity, remove noise in the audio, process the images using various filters, add visual effects and improve the recording quality for additional encodings. This software is mostly best for amateur video editors, content creators and a few small-scale marketing people. 

Supports all popular formatsTo work with multiple video they must be in the same format
Quick setup, easy to master toolsNo longer updated
Possibility to edit video files without transcodingInterface is very legacy and needs remodeling

7) InVideo

WebsiteInVideo’s Website

InVideo is a cloud-based video creation tool that works seamlessly and brings the simplicity of online video editors right to your browser. It has extensive video editing features and its extensive collection of 5000 templates makes it an excellent choice for creating videos. Because it works with a simple drag-and-drop logic, it is a life saver even for an individual who has never made a video before. Thanks to InVideo’s 3 different size features, you can create beautiful videos suitable for YouTube, Instagram Reels, Twitter and even any platform you can think of.

It takes less than 5 minutes to create the perfect videoDoesn’t work without a stable internet connection
5000 fully customizable templatesPoor search functionality
Ability to work with many people on a single project at the same timeLagging

8) Cinelerra

WebsiteCinelerra‘s Website

Cinellerra has all the features you would expect from the best free video editing programs, including real-time visual effects, video capture and FireWire output, video capture from Video4Linux devices, DVB cards and computer screens. The program supports HDTV video and popular video and audio formats. In addition, Cinelerra has a pretty good collection of real-time video and sound effects. Moreover, the effect parameters can be automated. There is no limitation of the video quality in Cinelerra as it supports high-quality videos and audios with the use of 64 bits precision along with standard video quality. 

Project backup featureUnsystematic functionality
Ability to undo and redo actionsLack of flexibility
Numerous audiovisual effectsDoes not support every codec

9) Lightworks


Like any other good video editing program, Lightworks supports all popular formats, lets you cut videos, add various effects, text, etc. allows you to modify recorded clips and optimize the quality of video clips. Features are limited in the free version. So when you buy the pro version, it allows you to produce videos up to 4k resolution. In the free version, this is limited to 720p. However, it would not be wrong to say that it is still one of the top quality free applications. With this program you can learn how to edit short movies and standard YouTube videos directly on your personal laptop.

User-friendly interfaceHigh system requirements
Tutorials available on the official websiteMore option on paid version
Possibility to upload videos directly to YoutubeIt only provides 720p video support if you don’t pay

10) Davinci Resolve

ProductDavinci Resolve
WebsiteDavinci Resolve’s Website

As a popular video editing program, DaVinci Resolve, which managed to get full marks from many users in a short time, offers functional features for those looking for a free program. Thanks to this program, which is effective in creating video content suitable for almost all platforms, it has become possible to redesign videos in many ways. Drawing attention with its many professional tools, DaVinci draws attention with its user-friendly interface. Offering more options for video editing, DaVinci can also be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Easy to useNo dynamic linking
Reasonable system requirementsNot as well integrated with outside software
Multiple formats and resolutionsLots of customizations that can be dazzling for first-time users

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