Last updated: November 11, 2022
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DescriptionTruebill is a utility billing software that makes it easy to keep track of your utilities. With Truebill, you can see all of your bills in one place, set up automatic payments, and track your spending. Truebill also offers budgeting tools to help you save money on your utilities.Mint is a free online personal finance software that enables users to track all their money in one place. It provides an easy way for users to see where they are spending and where they can save money. Mint also offers a variety of features such as budgeting, goal setting, and investment tracking.
Gitnux RatingFairTop-Notch
Pricing ModelTiered-PricingTiered-Pricing
Freemium AvailableYESYES
Pricing RatesFree
Could be betterSome features are available just for the premium subscription
The success fee is paid upfront
No Joint Accounts
Many Adds
Limited features with the free plan
Key featuresManage Subscriptions
Autopilot Savings
Spending Insights
Credit Scores
Bill Negotiation
Net Worth
Manage Subscriptions
Bill Negotiation
Bill Payment Tracker
Free Credit Score
Budget Categorization
SupportEmail Support (M-F 9am-5pm ET)
Phone Call Support
Chat (App Premium Plan)
Article/Video Tutorial
Chat (5am-9pm PT 7/7)
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Best forIndividuals who want to keep track of their savings, have access to a complete credit record, budget and negotiate invoices and bills.Individuals who want to administer budget and expanses, achieve saving goals, and keep track of their credit scores and investments.

Features Overview: RocketMoney Vs. Mint

Bill NegotiationYESYES
Free Credit ScoresNOYES
Investments CalculatorNOYES

Bill Negotiation

This feature allows users to keep the bill overpaying under control. By uploading a copy of the bill or by connecting to the online account, the app will negotiate a lower rate and find the lowest amount for the services. It is very useful also for organizing payouts and paying automatically recurring bills, saving money and time.


Both apps provide the possibility to set up a budget and help users to monitor inflows and outflows in the bank account, divide expenses by category, and determine their target’s total cost. This tool facilitates the achievement of economic goals by optimizing savings.

Free Credit Scores

By this feature users can have access to a complete credit report and history and monitor their score. Apps keep tabs on their users’ credit behavior and warn them about possible changes that could impact them. This credit score influences the possibility of getting new credit and these applications are helping also in checking the interest to be paid.

Net Worth

Both apps calculate users’ net worth, which means the total amount of money they own, by adding up every possession they have and subtracting liabilities. All of this has the sole purpose of understanding and maintaining financial health, planning better the future, and cutting unnecessary expenses.


This feature meets the needs of users to automate and speed up the savings process. It is indeed possible to accomplish several tasks that used to take a long time: users can automatically and effortlessly pay bills online, auto-save when they receive their salaries, figure out the daily spend number and/or make automatic contributions for retirement.

Investments Calculator

This investment calculator is a simple tool to monitor and understand better investments. By entering a few key figures, users can set investment goals, check growth and boost their financial success.

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