Last updated: November 11, 2022
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DescriptionSlack is a team communication software that helps teams stay connected and work more efficiently. With Slack, team members can easily communicate with each other in real-time, share files and collaborate on projects. Slack also integrates with a variety of other tools and services, making it even easier for teams to get work done.Microsoft Teams is a collaboration software that helps teams stay organized and connected. With Microsoft Teams, team members can chat, share files, and work on projects together. The software makes it easy for teams to stay in sync and get work done.
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Freemium AvailableYESYES
Pricing RatesFree
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Microsoft Teams (Free)
Microsoft 365 Personal
Microsoft 365 Family
Microsoft Teams Essentials
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Microsoft 356 Business Standard
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Limited Storage
Reading Confirmation
Overwhelming Notifications
Microsoft Exclusivity
Lack of Notifications
Storage Consumption
Limited Number of Channels
Key featuresChannels/Groups
Team Connection/Collaboration Messaging/Conferencing
Huddles and clips
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Task Management
File Sharing
Calendar Management
Screen Sharing
Document Storage/Sharing
Task Management
Cooperative Writing
Project Management
Group Calendars
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Contact Center Platform
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Best forOnline teams and enterprises that need a valuable and easy-to-use communication platform. It is a very useful tool for projects and task management, collaboration with team members, delegating duties, and keeping track of progress on a calendar.Teams and enterprises that need a platform to manage teamwork and meetings between members. Furthermore, it is the perfect tool for those already using Microsoft and those who need to share files, manage projects, share ideas and plan online meetings or conferences.

Feature Overview: Slack Vs. Teams

Task Management AppYESYES
Threaded MessagesYESYES
Cooperative WritingNOYES
Screen SharingYESYES


Channels are dedicated spaces where teams can better organize their job and conversation by topic or goal. They provide the possibility to clearly manage projects through a shared view of the work being done as anyone in the team can access the same information and work in synchrony. It’s a valuable tool for increasing productivity, accessing files and previous conversations, and bringing order to work. There are two kinds of channels: the public one, open to anyone in the company, and the private one, for confidential conversations.


Both software provide their users with the audio-video conferencing option to keep their members connected whenever they need to. With one simple gesture, it is possible to connect members for short conversations or co-working sessions. Among other benefits, teams can make use of multi-person screen sharing, shared links and chats, and recording options.

Task Management App

Both software integrates with task management apps, in order to ensure maximum productivity and clarity in the organization of work. By using these apps users can receive reminders and up-to-date notifications, track To-Do Lists, delegate tasks and keep everyone moving simultaneously.

Threaded Messages

This tool keeps the chat clear and organized and allows members to avoid interrupting the flow of conversation, especially when you are working with a very large group of people. Instead of slowing down the conversation between other chat participants, it is possible to create organized discussions around specific messages or topics, make questions, give feedback and easily track information.

Cooperative Writing

In addition to sharing files, it is possible for a team to collaborate on them by viewing and editing. By uploading a file or creating a new one, the document is accessible to every member of the team and available for co-editing.

Screen Sharing

By sharing the screen, users can show content, like presentations or browser windows, during a meeting. This feature provides increased productivity and focus, enhances clarity and improves online meeting quality.

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