Last updated: December 22, 2022
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DescriptionTeamViewer is a remote access software that enables you to connect to and control another computer from anywhere in the world. With TeamViewer, you can provide support or access files and applications on any connected device, regardless of its location. The software is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation or configuration. Simply download it onto your computer and run it to get started.AnyDesk is a remote access software that allows you to connect to another computer or device and control it as if you were sitting in front of it. It’s perfect for when you need to access files or applications on another machine or provide support to someone who is having trouble with their own computer. AnyDesk is fast, secure, and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for all your remote access needs.
Gitnux RatingGreat ProductGreat Product
Pricing ModelTiered-PricingTiered-Pricing
Pricing RatesSingle user:
-Remote access
Business Teams:
Corporate Enterprise:
Could be better-Newer versions of the software are not compatible with the older ones (older versions used a “single payment” model)
-More expensive than similar products
-customer support very slow to respond
-recurrent stability and connection problems
-poor mobile support
-no feature for audio communication
-Weaker internet connections often cause stability problems
-Slow customer support response
-no feature for audio communication
Key features-Remote Device Control
-Cross-Platform Access
-File sharing
-Remote Device Control
-Usage Information
-Cross-Platform Access
Support-Email/Help Desk
-Knowledge Base
-Phone Support
-Email/Help Desk
-Knowledge Base
-Phone Support
Extended Review
Best forTeamViewer grants users Remote desktop access with the possibility to offer IT support to any team. Moreover, the software allows web monitoring and Web conferencing.AnyDesk allows the users Remote Desktop access on any Desktop PC with the ability to directly perform IT support. The software also offers the possibility to host Web presentations.
File Transferyesyes
Local Self-Host Optionnoyes
Integrated Audio Chatyesno
Multi-Device Accessyesyes
Remote Printingyesyes
Cybersecurity featuresyesyes

File Transfer

TeamViewer and AnyDesk both allow the possibility to quickly transfer files to any device connected to the software. This feature allows teams to share files without the use of third-party software. Moreover, both services allow the transfer of bigger files that would be considered too big to share on other conventional channels such as emails.

Local Self-Host Option

AnyDesk allows users to run their remote access service on-premises by using local servers. Currently, TeamViewer allows its users to run the service exclusively cloud-based.

Integrated Audio Chat

The inability to communicate through audio calls during sessions is mentioned often in the negative reviews of AnyDesk where users have to rely on third-party software to communicate efficiently. TeamViewer offers a built-in audio and video chat option that allows for easier communication and online conferencing in the software.

Multi-Device Access

TeamViewer and AnyDesk both allow cross-platform access on multiple devices. This allows teams to connect across different devices such as desktop PCs, servers, mobile devices, and other machines. TeamViewer and AnyDesk both allow mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to take control of desktop PCs. While both programs grant access to this feature, TeamViewer currently offers a greater variety when it comes to compatible device manufacturers.

Remote Printing

Both TeamViewer and AnyDesk allow remote hardware access to grant functions such as remote printing of documents

Cybersecurity Features

Both AnyDesk and TeamViewer come with security features that serve to protect team and user devices, including their data and credentials. Both softwares use Advanced Encryption Standards to encrypt connections.TeamViewer includes malware protection, while AnyDesk has solid privacy mode and permission management.

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