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The Best App for Learning Languages


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Duolingo is one of the most well known language learning apps on the internet. With a free account, you can learn as many languages as you want and there is also a plus membership option ($12.99 per month) with no ads and you can use the app unlimited while free users have to take a pause from the mobile app if they get too many questions wrong in a certain time period.

Duolingo can help you develop a base level of knowledge for a variety of languages, but it’s limited in what it teaches, You get introduced to the vocabulary and the sentence structure of that language while grammar knowledge is not the real focus of the experience.

Completely freeYou can’t become proficient in a language just by using the app
Not only based on grammar rules learningIn the Duolingo mobile app, you start with five hearts. Every time you get an exercise wrong, you lose one. When you’re out of hearts, you can no longer do exercises until you earn some back 
Leaning Plan is Well StructuredA lot of push notifications



Babbel is one of the most language learning apps on the internet.

The Lessons are very well structured and you can reach a very high level of the Language since the lessons cover the whole wide spectrum of learning a language: grammar, listening, vocabulary and all the rest.

There are 4 pricing tiers: 1 month ($99), 3 months ($209), 6 months ($359) and 12 months ($599). I have to say, the 12 month tier is actually incredibly good value (an entire year of unlimited language lessons with a teacher).

Ease of High quality content and services offered A bit pricy
Covers a wide variety of languagesDoesn’t live up to well-marketed hype
Trial version  Lessons developed by in-house linguistsLessons might seem tedious sometimes


LogoImpara nuove lingue con Mondly - Scopri la migliore app per ...

Mondly is a languages learning platform provides short bursts of learning through fun and high-tech methods. You can choose among various languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Romanian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian and more. 

The daily lessons are more of a snap than a long lasting lesson, The learn part is stoed into an entertaining based concept; it is indeed featured with AR, VR and chatbots. While this makes for a unique and engaging experience, level differentiation and uneven language instruction hold it back from being the best in its field.

 High-tech, innovative features draw your attentionNeed an annual membership for access to multiple languages 
Leaderboards fuel competition and make learning funLack of differentiation between the different levels
All languages can be set as target or native languageAdvanced features can feel a bit forced and unnatural


Product Memrise
LogoUsing Memrise - Matrix Academy Trust

Memrise is a language learning app which is focused on vocabulary learning for the most part.

Memrise is basically a flash-card app is what the piece of paper with a word or phrase in your target language written on one side and the translation written on the other used to be, it is the modern version of it. Still is a very good tool to practice words from different subjects and fields.

The free version offers the same services.The exercises can get repetitive
 It uses a spaced repetition systemMemrise is only vocabulary focused
Plenty of programs, languages, levelsThe interface could be more user friendly


LogoLingoDeer - Corsi di lingua - App su Google Play

Lingodeer is the best language learning whose focus is on delivering a user friendly experience in learning a new language, it is an education app that teaches nine different languages through the use of fun, interactive games and activities.

Difficult Topics like grammar rules are very well explained and get secured into your mind through the designed exercises for each topic.

 Good lesson style varietyOverpriced
Variety of languages offeredThe content is not always fair leveled
You can use it offlineThe app has several bugs

Hello Talk

ProductHello Talk
LogoHelloTalk Review | PCMag

Hello Talk is mostly like a social network. it offers a different approach to acquiring a new language you can in fact chat live with native speakers from around the world to improve your skills.

So, if you are more on the social side of learning, you’ve just found an app that might fit your style. It is the best People who are looking to learn by socializing, making friends, joining communities, and exchanging cultural experiences and the community is already huge with 30+ millions members.

Gives you the chance to know a lot peopleThe chat part of the app has some bugs
Completely freeNot many sharing options
Built-in aids for translation, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections make conversations run smoothly. Learning is as simple as chatting!Few UI bugs



Drops is a language learning app focusing on the visual side of learning, most of the knowledge offered is indeed through a visual course that involves illustrations, animations, and audio. Just like in a game, you can unlock achievements and join various challenges that the app suggests. You can learn words and phrases from 90+ topics that depict almost any real-world situation.

Apart from individual learners, Drops is also available for businesses who want to hold language learning courses for their employees and is the best for People who want to learn new words and practice a new language in simulated real-life situations via an easy-to-grasp visual interface.

Huge variety of topics to learn words and phrases covering almost any real-world situation.Not completely free ( you can try it out for seven days without being charged.)
Very well graphic designedDoesn’t teach every aspects of a language
Easy to useSome minor details that are not well-designed


LogoLirica - Learn Languages with music

Lirica is language learning app which stands out compared to the other ones cause it allows to learn languages through songs You download it for free, select a language, get to listen to hit songs in that language, and then get tested from your understanding of the lyrics/story.

Through Lirica you listen to songs whose lyrics are then explained by the app which also set up questions about the meaning of the song and grammar rules that are involved in the lyrics.

Fun way of learning Only covers english spanish and german
 Free trial, $8.49/mo, $19.99/quarter, $24.99/yearDoesn’t teach every aspects of a language
Very well graphic designedThe app only works for mobile


LogoBusuu Review: Comparing Its Features, Alternatives and Cost

Busuu offers several cool learning packages: personalized study plans, vocabulary, grammar, and practice with native speakers. The app courses cover the essential aspects of a language, including grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening, trying to be as complete as possible. The learning plan is suited to the user. 

It is the best for People who prefer a more formal, school-like approach to learning a new language. Even though the courses use sound and images for each lesson, they still follow a more traditional teaching formula. 

 It uses a more formal learning method and a less playful interface compared to similar appsLimited Language covering
The free version is offers almost the same features Lack of conversational practice
Lessons Incorporate Videos of Native Speakers Some minor details that are not well-designed

Rosetta Stone

ProductRosetta Stone
LogoRosetta Stone Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

If you’re new to a language and want to develop a strong base of vocabulary and grammar Rosetta Stone is what you need. It offers all the features you needed as language learning software.

The learning plan is designed to give you a solid fundamental knowledge of the language in any of its components like grammar rules as well as orthography and all the rest. The learning plan matches perfectly the well structured and clear interface, a real pleasure for the user.

Among the languages offered: Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Spanish, German and many more, 23 in total.

Clean and easy to use UINo placement test
Highly intuitive Lack of conversational practice
Optional online tutoring sessionsRepetitive at times


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