Last updated: December 13, 2022
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DescriptionIt is a content management system that allows you to create manage and publish your content with ease with an intuitive interface that helps you keep track of your website and allow changes.It is a builder software enabling users to create and manage their own websites enabling users to create simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites.
Gitnux RatingGreat productTop-notch
Pricing ModelFreemium/ Tiered pricingFreemium/ Tiered pricing
Pricing RatesStarter(free)
Could be betterCustomer support, missing featuresVulnerable to hacking, defective plugins
Key featuresEasy content authoring and content scheduling as well as content management, rich text editor, large and interactive user communityWeb builder and content management, ready made templates, wordpress tool, option to purchase unique domain name.
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Best forSuitable for business of all sizesAnybody wishing to create or require a modern web presence.
Website managementYesYes
E-commerce integrationYesYes
Content ManagementYesYes
Pre-built templatesYesYes
Hosting servicesYesYes
User communityYesNo

Website management

Drafting, publishing and managing content in webflow is intuitive and non technical. The intuitive interface allows you to keep track of your website and allows changes to be made if required. WordPress provides easy to use features ideal for beginners as well as for experienced web developers helping you create and manage simple blogs to complex e commerce sites.

E-commerce integration

Webflow provides its users to install e commerce tools such as shopping cart. However these additions can incur a fee. WordPress provides e-commerce capabilities to its customers thus allowing you to turn your website into an online shopping site.

Content Management

Webflow manages contents such as blogs, marketing tools and offers wide range of features with plenty of templates to choose from a ideal for managing small business website. It also provides web dedicated content management capabilities. WordPress allows you to easily change and manage content with the built-in blogging feature making it the go-to tool if you’re a blogger. In the analytics of your blog’s section you can view from which part of the world your readers are from thereby allowing you to assess your reach and publish/change content accordingly.

Pre-built templates

Webflow provides a range of free and purchasable pre-built templates which you can customize to your need. This enables even a beginner to develop sophisticated design-centered web products. Therefore even non-dev users with little or no knowledge of backend can maximise the features of Webflow. With WordPress pre-built templates it is a hassle free set up that does not demand technical knowledge. You can create a complete custom set up with the extensive and customizable templates.

Hosting services

Webflow provides free hosting with their own URL, however you need to purchase custom URL. As it is cloud-hosted there is no requirement for additional hosting and works well with medium-sized websites. The demand of WordPress hostingis so high that nearly all reputable companies offer WordPress hosting with several options available for range of requirements and budgets.

User community

Webflow has a large and interactive user community. There is a vast variety of video lesson and tutorials for each question posed and if you do not know how to build something there is alraedy a library of video lessons available. It provides university support documents to help users and there are community provided templates available as well.

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